No secularist I know supports the burkini ban

Secularism is about freedom of conscience and a religiously neutral state, not authoritarian diktats. [Read more…]

Christian teacher on ACE training: “I was being indoctrinated”

  Here, as far as I know, is the only first-person account of what it is like to ‘qualify’ as an Accelerated Christian Education supervisor anywhere in the academic literature. ACE supervisor training is much like ACE schooling: The staff complete workbooks at desks facing the wall, separated by vertical screens. They obtain permission to [Read More…]

Rebirth of Our Nation review: introduction

I have decided to review Donald R. Howard’s 1979 classic Rebirth of Our Nation. You have almost certainly never heard of this book, but if you’re interested in this blog, you’ll want to know about it. Donald Howard was the founder of Accelerated Christian Education, and Rebirth of Our Nation is his manifesto, not just for education [Read More…]

Christian website runs article “When God Sends Your Daughter a Black Husband”

Presumably the alternatives “When God Sends You a Racist Mother-in-Law” and “Help! My Mom Sounds Like a White Supremacist” were rejected in the editing room. The article begins: For years I prayed for a young man I had yet to meet: my daughter’s husband. I asked the Lord to make him godly, kind, a great dad, [Read More…]

How to indoctrinate your kids: A Christian curriculum guide

“It was God’s will” is not a useful way to explain historical events. [Read more…]

Two meaningless creationist ‘science’ lessons

These Christian ‘science’ lessons don’t just teach Genesis literally, they do it badly. [Read more…]

All meaningful atheist activism is social justice activism

Religion is not worth opposing if it’s going to be replaced by something equally bad. [Read more…]

Jesus Camp: Where are they now?

Two of Jesus Camp’s most famous alumni share their current views. [Read more…]

“No sex education, just scorn and disapproval”: Life in Christian school

A former student of a private Christian school in England shares her memories. [Read more…]

Brexit: Now shall the Antichrist arise!

Evangelical prophecies about the End Times tell us the EU is the home of the Antichrist. So… good thing we left! [Read more…]