Trump’s Character Counts Week can take a running jump

Character education sounds good, but it’s code for indoctrination in a nasty values system. Read more

Christian publisher replaces racist textbooks with new racist textbooks

Accelerated Christian Education has updated its US history course. Is it as racially problematic as the old ones? Read more

Creationism, abstinence, mental ill health: life for a struggling student at Emmanuel College

When a textbook or video mentioned evolution, the teacher would stop and dispute it Read more

A New Zealand school openly flouted corporal punishment law for years and no one cared

Drury Christian School continued to advertise corporal punishment ten years after it was banned Read more

Coming Out Queer at Emmanuel College, Gateshead

No thirteen year old should be taught their sexuality will kill them. Read more

No, Trump didn’t ask how balloons fly. Stop making fake memes, lefties.

How does a balloon stay in the air? Nobody knows. Trump didn’t say. Read more

Humanist court challenge over place on Religious Education council

It is time that non-religious views are treated equally with religious views in schools. Read more

A dictatorship which does not aim to teach but to control

I was desperate to be free from my cult-like surrounding. Only I wasn’t able to fly. Read more

How should skeptics view qualitative research?

Sometimes, anecdotes ARE data. What does this mean for skeptics reading qualitative research? Read more

Accelerated Christian Education survivors respond to PhD research

Dear god it resonates. Read more

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