Bristol Palin, you are not a disappointment

Bristol Palin in 2011. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

My Patheos colleague (if I can call her that), Bristol Palin, is pregnant again, and I don't like any of the reactions I'm seeing. I loathe the choruses of schadenfreude from my fellow atheists and ex-Christians, jeering her hypocritical advocacy for abstinence, for which she reportedly earned close to $1 million. I hate the rush to judgement from those who think she's a sinful slut, and I hate the head-in-the-sand wilful stupidity of those purity culture advocates who will not see that this is … [Read more...]

“Why didn’t Allies do more?” demands organisation that sent Hitler a birthday card


The head of an organisation which vigorously opposed the Third Reich by providing no official resistance has criticised the Allies for failing to stop the Holocaust."Why didn't you bomb the railway lines to concentration camps?" asked Pope Francis, adding "The Holy Roman Church made an uncompromising stand by sending birthday greetings to Hitler in 1939 in the name of all German Bishops."The Pontiff conceded that, following the war, Nazis were not excommunicated from the church but … [Read more...]

“You need to free yourself from the influence of Satan”, said the schoolteacher.


The Bridge Schools Inspectorate (BSI), which allowed some private Christian and Muslim schools to choose their own inspectors, has ceased to be. It is an ex-inspectorate. The writing was on the wall after Ofsted's chief inspector totally slated it at the end of last year, although I'd written about it before.Reporting on the demise of the Britain's most obviously indefensible inspectorate, the Telegraph includes some quotes that undercover reporters had recorded teachers saying in schools … [Read more...]

Compulsory worship in schools is indoctrination, and it has to stop.

Parish Priest (image in the public domain)

Today the BBC reports that former Education Secretary Charles Clarke is calling for an end to compulsory worship in schools. The first reason given in the BBC's article is that the current requirement is, in practice, not enforced, but that doesn't actually tell us whether or not compulsory worship is a good thing.I don't think any regular readers of this blog will find it controversial for me to say that compulsory worship in schools is a bad thing, but I haven't seen anyone else advance … [Read more...]

It’s time for Christians to admit Jesus doesn’t change people


Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17Growing up, I was always taught that the blood of Jesus washes away our sins. It was not simply that we were forgiven—God actually made it so that it was as though the sin never happened. On top of that, once we were Born Again, the Holy Spirit began a transforming work in us. Unbelievers were in bondage to their sin natures, unable to control their base desires. Wit … [Read more...]

Virginia home schooling chief praises child abuser Duggar as ‘exemplary’

Much to my amusement, this image came up when I searched for copyright-free images of HEAV. I'm pretty sure Boyer would say this woman is dressed like a harlot.  Image by, creative commons.

This is a guest post by R.L. Stollar, Homeschoolers Anonymous Community Coordinator. It is reposted with permission from Homeschoolers Anonymous.“Jim Bob just radiates Christ.” ~ Doug Phillips at the 2009 Men’s Leadership SummitRick Boyer, board member of Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) and recent partner with HSLDA (what's that?) for HEAV’s March 2015 Leadership Conference, has publicly defended Josh Duggar, the oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who was accused o … [Read more...]

Had Josh Duggar been prosecuted, Duggars would have lost the right to home school.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

In the state of Arkansas, where the Duggars reside, it is illegal to homeschool if there is a sex offender present in the home. Yes, it turns out Arkansas has at least one very sensible home schooling law. The Act in question is No. 1787 of 2001 — passed one year before the reported start of Josh Duggar's crimes.It is alleged that Josh began molesting girls in 2002. The crimes were not investigated until more than three years later, after the Arkansas statute of limitations for his off … [Read more...]

Ray Comfort’s fans line up to normalise child sexual assault

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.03.55

In the wake of the news that Josh Duggar sexually assaulted his sisters—sometimes while they slept—evangelicals have a choice. They can either look very hard at the situation and themselves, and ask what can be done to make this type of thing less likely to happen again, or they can pretend this is normal.Guess which option is proving more popular?Ray Comfort announced that he would be refusing to watch TLC, the channel which broadcasted 19 Kids and Counting, until they put the show back … [Read more...]

Josh Duggar apologised. So what?


If you follow other blogs on Patheos or other blogs about the Christian patriarchy movement, you'll have heard the news about Josh Duggar. For everyone else, some context: Josh Duggar is the eldest of the Duggar children, the quiverfull family who star in the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting. This week it came to light that Josh was named in a police report as having been accused of child molestation. Yesterday, he resigned from his job and publicly apologised for his actions.I'm not l … [Read more...]

Don’t like the UK election result? Here’s what you can do about it.

FPTP explained

Today, my Facebook timeline is, um, less positive than usual. There are several statuses that contain more swear words than all other types of word combined. Most are lamenting the election result and predicting dire things for the next five years.I'm not sure about the political leanings of my blog readership, but I suspect they're similar to my Facebook friends'. If I'm right about that, we're a bunch of people who believe we can change things for the better. We are optimists. We know the w … [Read more...]