Jesus Camp: Where are they now?

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“No sex education, just scorn and disapproval”: Life in Christian school

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Brexit: Now shall the Antichrist arise!

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Michael: A short story

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Leaving Fundamentalism now on Facebook Live, Pinterest, Google+ and more

Fans of this most excellent blog will be delighted to learn that you can now have it stuffed in your face in various new ways! First up, Facebook has a cool new feature called Facebook Live, where I can do a live video and answer your questions. Some of you may have tuned in to [Read More…]

The sacrifice of reason

Some children never stop asking questions. I wish I’d been one of them. [Read more…]

Like it or not, we need Christian allies

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Orlando: Muslims are people. LGBT people are people.

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The terrifying entry conditions for abusive Christian reform homes

Parents agreed to let their children be beaten while all incoming and outgoing communication was censored. And this is legal. [Read more…]

Christian Rock Thursdays: Pour Some Sugar on Me, Jesus!

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