It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so here’s an update for any especially loyal readers who might be interested in where I’ve been and the future of this blog. In December, a paper I co-authored with Michael Reiss was published in the Journal of Curriculum Studies about racism in the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. I didn’t blog about it here because I fully expected it to get media coverage, and the media are weird. They won’t write about anything that’s… Read more

Students from minority religious backgrounds should not be punished for their parents’ choices. Read more

A former student reminds us that campaigns against religious schools impact the students. Read more

A former ACE student tries to understand her life during and after Accelerated Christian Education. Read more

An article in the Oxford Review of Education finds that the ICCE fails to test its own objectives, and fails on its own terms. Read more

Character education sounds good, but it’s code for indoctrination in a nasty values system. Read more

Accelerated Christian Education has updated its US history course. Is it as racially problematic as the old ones? Read more

When a textbook or video mentioned evolution, the teacher would stop and dispute it Read more

Drury Christian School continued to advertise corporal punishment ten years after it was banned Read more

No thirteen year old should be taught their sexuality will kill them. Read more

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