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Worth checking out, some excellent coverage of recent ACE-related news from around the world.

Wonkette, which on the strength of this could become my new favourite site, gave a hilarious destruction of ACE’s science teaching. This makes me think I should stop being so damn academic and start being populist if I want to get my point across:

“We’ve been bashing on Louisiana a lot lately — pointing out how they’re pretty much the awfulest state in the union, how their prison privatization plan is dumping more convicts into shopping centers prisons than any other state in the country, how their plan to send the state’s students to religious schools hit the predictable but still hilarious snag of Muslim schools wanting in on the program. We’ve been kinda rough on the ol’ Land of Louis.

Now, those religious schools that we were so very critical of are teaching students that the Loch Ness Monster is real — which TOTALLY MAKES UP FOR ALL THAT OTHER STUFF, and has the added benefit of conforming to Official Wonkette Editorial Policy. (Also real: Bigfoot.)”

The Washington Post’s blog was also highly witty, although equally capable of delivering a serious point:

“In the video promoting ACE Textbooks, the voiceover complains about the indoctrination of the young into secular humanism. It would not do for science to be secular, or Mr. Galileo (another man who understood physics) will have perished in vain! (I’m sorry, I’ve been reading the Social Studies textbook too.) Of course, some might suggest that the answer to perceived indoctrination is not louder, less correct indoctrination. But — why not?

There is nothing like magic for disproving science.”

I’m glad all this is finally coming to light. I read an excellent, and highly emotive, piece from a blogger on a serious news outlet about why this was wrong. To my absolute consternation, I can’t find it again. This one is similar, but not quite as good:

The Herald Scotland, which launched this excitement in the first place, has also got an extended summary on the whole thing, with quotes at the end from the British Humanist Association and me:

Finally, a friend of the blog, Jacob Fortin, has started a Kickstarter for his new Bible Stories book project.

I was in two minds whether to support this, since it’s an openly atheist project and my blog aims to gather support from both religious and non-religious people who oppose fundamentalism. But my feeling is that anyone who likes my blog will realise that Biblical inerrancy is a blind alley, and that’s what Jake’s project is about. It also features his artwork, which I like.

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