Come and see me at Questival! It’s going to be a great weekend. Alom Shaha is the headliner, if you like, but the real attraction is doing fun stuff and hanging out with cool people. Also I will give a completely awesome talk, and the whole Pod Delusion team will be there. In fact, this will be a historic meeting, as it will be my first ever public talk on leaving fundamentalism. The first of many, if my rapidly burgeoning diary of public speaking engagements is anything to go by (I now have three bookings).

It’s only £50, which for three days is cheap. What else are you going to do with your churchless weekend?

Questival: 3-5 August.

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  • Sarah Nash

    I would come, but one of the feedback quotes ends with three exclamation marks and I don’t trust people who punctuate flippantly.

  • jonnyscaramanga

    Nothing flippant here, Sarah. Three exclamation marks are exactly the amount required to make the point.

  • Ahab

    They’re not racing real worms? This is anti-worm discrimination!

  • Sarah Nash