Isolation Room

In the UK, Channel 4 is running a documentary series called Educating Yorkshirefollowing students and teachers at Thornhill Community Academy.

Thornhill is one of a few schools I’ve heard of adopting an innovative new punishment for unruly students: the isolation room, or iso room as it is unaffectionately known. Remind you of anything?

Isolation room at Thornhill Academy

Below is a standard ACE learning centre. These “offices” are where all students study their PACEs, regardless of whether they’ve been naughty or not. Compare and contrast:

Accelerated Christian Education/ School of Tomorrow learning centerHaving studied the two images, the only difference I can see is that, if he were in an ACE school, the kid on the right in the top photo would get a demerit for turning around in his seat.

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  • Adam Benton

    Pfft, they’re obviously completely different. The ace school has colourful pictures in their cubicles after all!

  • LMK

    *Shiver* I know your work is a service, but I was not prepared for all the memories this would dredge up. Not good ones, at that.

  • Andrew Tatusko

    That was my first thought looking at only the top photo. The study carrell was the rage in how to do work for a very long time. Then it was acknowledged that working as a group is actually a better way to learn. Amazing how ideas that were once understood as a public good are now used as punishments.

  • sheila0405

    Looking at this turns my stomach…to think that I unwittingly unleashed this on my daughter. So glad I pulled her out after one semester.

  • sam

    Just to add, as a state school teacher, that internal isolation rooms are pretty much standard in secondaries now. Many have the dividers. Some don’t.

  • jenny

    Cubicles may offer a distraction free environment during solitary class work which could help my easily distracted child- but this is not how the ones in her school are used- pupils in them are not allowed to talk to another pupil- only the teacher in charge for the whole day. If they need the toilet they are accompanied and their lunch is placed on the table in front of then- they dont get a lunch break- this is not something I could handle and I am an adult- mow can a kid- let alone one with ADHD cope with it? Answer- she cant she walks out of school

  • jonnyscaramanga

    Thanks for commenting Jenny. Who are you talking about here? Do you know someone in an ACE school?