BBC Radio documentary on fundamentalist schools now online

If you’re not able or just don’t want to read my thesis, perhaps a radio documentary is more your bag. On Tuesday, the BBC repeated Jolyon Jenkins’ ACE documentary, Out of the Ordinary: A Righteous EducationThis thirty minute programme features me and three other former ACE students, as well as interviews with former ACE supervisor and Leaving Fundamentalism guest poster, Monica Stringer, and ACE UK head honcho Arthur Roderick. It was originally broadcast during my Great Blogging Silence, so regular LF readers may have missed it.

Screenshot from BBC website
Screenshot from BBC website

It’s only 30 minutes, but I think it’s the best thing on ACE that’s ever been broadcast. It gives ACE’s supporters right of reply without giving equivalent weight to their claims. Sometimes in a bid for balance, broadcasters fall into the trap of making it seem like everyone’s points are equally valid. No such false balance here. Most of the major issues with ACE are well covered in a tight space of time, and you get to hear a recording of me when I was a kid, which is always amusing for everyone who isn’t me. I highly recommend you check it out.

If you are unable to access BBC iPlayer in your country, try this mirror link.

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