Jonny Scaramanga on the Thinking Atheist Podcast

Yet more listening for those of you that like that sort of thing (do you, by the way? I haven’t done much audio stuff, so I don’t know if I’ve cultivated an audience who enjoy podcasts and radio shows). I was on The Thinking Atheist in June, talking about some of the findings from my PhD, and about Accelerated Christian Education in general.

Listen here.

A one-way street sign labelled "ignorance".
Image: Pixabay, public domain.

The whole episode has lots of interesting stuff, but for those with time constraints, my bit starts 17 minutes in. At around 08:30 Seth talks about the content of Christian textbooks (including ACE), and at 38:24 Seth reads a letter from Stephanie describing her experiences with School of Tomorrow (longtime readers will know this is another brand name that ACE uses).

You can find it wherever you normally get your podcasts (it’s the June 13, 2017 episode of The Thinking Atheist, titled Educational Neglect: When Superstition Shackles the Mind), or download it from Seth’s website.

While I’m doing a media round-up, here’s some more stuff you might be interested in:

How going to a faith school made it harder to be gay (

ACE schools offered to conduct ‘deliverances’ on gay students (, from November 2016. Everyone missed this because of Trump’s election, but it’s a big story.)

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