Jonny Scaramanga on the Thinking Atheist Podcast

A thorough podcast look at private Christian schools in the US and abroad Read more

Accelerated Christian Education back on the Jeremy Vine Show

Who should get a platform on the BBC? What does ‘balance’ mean when debating creationists and homophobes? Read more

BBC Radio documentary on fundamentalist schools now online

If you’re not able or just don’t want to read my thesis, perhaps a radio documentary is more your bag. On Tuesday, the BBC repeated Jolyon Jenkins’ ACE documentary, Out of the Ordinary: A Righteous Education? This thirty minute programme features me and three other former ACE students, as well as interviews with former ACE supervisor and Leaving Fundamentalism guest poster, Monica Stringer, and ACE UK head honcho Arthur Roderick. It was originally broadcast during my Great Blogging Silence, so regular LF readers… Read more

The first PhD on Accelerated Christian Education this century is online now

Read Jonny Scaramanga’s research on Accelerated Christian Education in England Read more

My First Time With Shakespeare

A former home schooler describes her continuing fight with the holes in her education. Read more

Darn straight I’ll eat alone with a woman

I used to believe men and women couldn’t be just friends. It was an impoverished view of the world. Read more

Iowa seeks exemption for Christian school with history of abuse

Teenage runaways and allegations of physical and sexual abuse dog the facility that Iowa Republicans want to exempt from accreditation laws. Read more

Iowa state bill to allow unaccredited fundamentalist curriculum

A bill before the Iowa House would allow a school to provide the unaccredited Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. Read more

Out among the stars: Defeating the legacy of religious indoctrination

An ACE escapee finds his place in the universe after years of indoctrination. Contains references to corporal punishment. Read more

Leaving the Fold: A documentary about leaving religion

Or: How Def Leppard Made Me An Atheist Read more

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