Moderate Christians Are Not the Enemy

I want to make something very clear: This blog does not exist to criticise Christianity at large. It is only fundamentalism and extremism I want to stop. The New Atheists, like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, frequently criticise moderate Christians for providing cover to extremists. I think moderate believers are more inclined to do this because the tone used by Dawkins et al makes them feel attacked. It is true, though, that moderates frequently perceive criticism of fundamentalism as criticism… Read more

The Scientific Method According to Accelerated Christian Education

ACE frequently distorts the truth about science for its students. To make this possible, obviously the students can’t have a proper understanding of the scientific method. Sure enough, if we look at what they’re told, we see that students are misled about how science works. First of all, the basis for inquiry ­– logical reasoning – is thrown out: Man should never trust his own reasoning – his reasoning may be incorrect because man’s reasoning is not God’s reasoning. OK,… Read more

Fundamentalists vs. Neutrality

One of my aims for this blog is to promote understanding of what Christian fundamentalists believe. There is very little knowledge in the UK of this type of belief, either in terms of what it entails, or how many people hold these views. Communication between fundamentalists and society at large is very difficult, because there are irreconcilible differences in their respective uses of language. For example, let’s look at two adjectives: “liberal,” and “secular.” Many moderate advocates of a tolerant,… Read more

Why Fundamentalism Is Not Faith

In this article I am going to argue that Christian fundamentalism is not a faith position. The former Bishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway, declared, “the opposite of faith is not doubt, it is certainty.” As their language and actions show, fundamentalists are absolutely certain. We have a risen Christ, unquestionable proofs, and, as if we needed it, God has thrown in a host of unarguable evidences all around us! (Accelerated Christian Education Science 1096, p. 31) (more…) Read more

How Many Christian Fundamentalists Are There in the UK?

I often hear Richard Dawkins criticised for attacking fundamentalists. They say that hardly any Christians hold the extreme views he assaults. I disagree with Dawkins in many ways, but his critics are wrong to claim he is attacking a strawman. Even in Britain, creationism, and fundamentalism in general, are not the fringe movements you might think. In his book Bad Science, Ben Goldacre does not discuss creationism because, he says, it is only “a marginal issue in British schools.” Perhaps,… Read more

What is a Fundamentalist Christian?

The word fundamentalist gets thrown around a lot in reference to certain types Christianity. Most of the Christians who are called fundamentalists by the media would never refer to themselves as such. Now the word has gained such pejorative connotations, I doubt many people would claim it for themselves. I am happy to use it here because when I was a Christian, I called myself a fundamentalist. Even then, it was not in common usage among the Christians I knew…. Read more

What Is Accelerated Christian Education?

This blog exists, in part, to expose the activities of Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) in the UK. Since you have probably never heard of it, here’s an introduction. Accelerated Christian Eduction is a fundamentalist curriculum from Texas, distributed in the UK by Christian Education Europe (CEE). There are approximately 2,000 students of ACE in the UK, including homeschoolers. ACE students work in silence in “offices” that Ofsted describes as “rather like a modern version of a monk’s cell in a… Read more

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