Fans of this most excellent blog will be delighted to learn that you can now have it stuffed in your face in various new ways! First up, Facebook has a cool new feature called Facebook Live, where I can do a live video and answer your questions. Some of you may have tuned in to see Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association doing a Facebook Live broadcast for The Independent, and my Patheos colleague Dan Arel has done some… Read more

Some children never stop asking questions. I wish I’d been one of them. Read more

A recent cry for help from an abused homeschooler reminded me some children can’t talk to atheists. Read more

People wiser than me respond to the Orlando shooting. Read more

Parents agreed to let their children be beaten while all incoming and outgoing communication was censored. And this is legal. Read more

How I discovered the Christian rock I loved was really plagiarism Read more

The evangelical worldview leaves little room to face institutionalised racism Read more

Two former Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) students who have never before spoken publicly have made new allegations about sexist and creationist teaching in the schools. In an article titled “Christian fundamentalist schools teaching girls they must obey men”, one of the new whistle-blowers, Cheryl Povey, says: I came across a lot of sexism. I remember as a girl finding it quite shocking. We were taught that if you’re a woman, you should be subservient to men; your husband, your pastor… Read more

What do you do if your family turns fundamentalist? Read more

Of all the drivel Kenneth Copeland comes out with, it was this that bothered them the most. Theology: arguing about the colour of the flippers on the Loch Ness monster. Read more

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