Christian Rock Thursdays: Avoid cults (except ours!)

Of all the drivel Kenneth Copeland comes out with, it was this that bothered them the most. Theology: arguing about the colour of the flippers on the Loch Ness monster. Read more

Former student blows the lid off Emmanuel College’s creationist cover-up

A former student told me about learning creationism and homophobia at the state-funded college Read more

The Fixer: Christian lawyer’s history defending abusers

Before restyling himself an advocate for victims, David Gibbs III defended many accused abusers Read more

Even conservative experts know Christian ‘discipline’ is abuse

About that ’50 year study’ on the effects of spanking… Read more

An atheist wrote the theme tune for God’s Not Dead 2

The songwriter accused Jerry Falwell of “cultist ideals”. Read more

Beware the Jelly Creationists

Most creationists don’t care how God did it, as long as he did. Read more

When halloween is the enemy

Many parents are choosing Christian schools to avoid Halloween celebrations. Read more

Stop calling abusive churches ‘cults’

Lucas Leonard was beaten to death in a church, not a cult. Read more

That time I told a Muslim boy he was going to hell

Even the good faith schools have their problems. Read more

Religious extremists are awesome when they argue

Watch Kenneth Copeland as he probably doesn’t call the Holy Spirit a Mother****er. Read more

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