The Cost of Discipleship, Bob Fu, and “God’s Double Agent”


Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer once spoke of the phenomenon of “cheap grace” and contrasted it with costly discipleship. Cheap grace refers to those who claim to be Christian, but make no significant life changes as a result of their faith. They reap all the benefits of society and see faith as going along with the prevailing [Read More...]

Illness and Aging as Spiritual Issues: A Response to David Jeremiah’s What Are You Afraid Of?


I wonder if I will have the courage to trust God, believing, with the Apostle Paul, that as my body diminishes, I can continue to soar spiritually. [Read more...]

The Adventurous Lectionary: Imaging Hope in Times of Uncertainty – September 29

Lectionary Reflections for September 29, 2013 Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15 Psalm 91:1-6, 14-16 I Timothy 6:6-19 Luke 16:19-31 Today’s scriptures present both challenge and hope.  They root our hope in our relationship with God.  Those who commit themselves to God’s cause can imagine futures and act on their imagination, even if the arc of imagination goes beyond [Read More...]

Spirituality and Social Transformation – Responding to Occupy Spirituality


Adam Bucko, who, along with Matthew Fox, is author of Occupy Spirituality, asserts: “All social movements, across generations, need spirituality.  A solid spirituality is one that enables people to energize their moral imagination, to make their motives conscious, and to use and deepen their talents to give birth to a new tomorrow.”  These are good [Read More...]

The Adventurous Lectionary – September 22, 2013

Lectionary Reflections for September 22, 2013 Jeremiah 8:18-9:1 Psalm 79:1-9 1Timothy 2:1-7   Luke 16:1-13 Today’s scriptures reflect on the social consequences of turning away from God and the possibility that prayer and God-centered values can be a source of health in our personal and corporate lives. A transformed mind may lead over the long [Read More...]

Suffering, Divinity, and Power: A Response to Jeanne Murray Walker’s “The Geography of Memory”


The specific questions raised here are: “Does the omnipresent God continue to act in the lives of persons with Alzheimer’s? Does God continue to work in the lives of persons with Alzheimer’s, or does this disease somehow render God’s presence null and void?” Or, in simpler language, “Where is God in Alzheimer’s?” [Read more...]

A Monastery in the Heart – A Response to Judith Valente’s “Atchison Blue”


The healing and guidance we need, Valente aptly notes, may come from “simply listening to the voice of God.” That voice is everywhere, but it is found most especially in the monastery of the soul where God provides possibilities, insights, and the energy to embody them in the concreteness and bustle of life. [Read more...]

When Small Things Lead to Great Adventures: A Response to Laura Sumner Truax’s Undone


I am daily reminded of the truths revealed in chaos theory’s metaphorical “ butterfly effect.” According to the butterfly effect, small actions, such as a butterfly flapping its wings in Santa Cruz, California, where I played as a high school and college student, can shape the weather patterns in Cape Cod, where now I live, [Read More...]

The Adventurous Lectionary for September 15 — Pardon and Punishment

Lectionary Reflections for September 15, 2013 Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28; Psalm 14; 1 Timothy 1:12-17; Luke 15:1-10 Pardon and Punishment Today’s readings contrast punishment and grace.  The Hebraic scriptures describe God annihilating an unfaithful nation.  God is the agent of national catastrophe, aiming at punishing the unjust wealthy for their abuse of the poor.  Those who deny God’s existence, [Read More...]

Celebrating Grandparent’s Day


To me, being a grandparent is a spiritual and ethical vocation that begins with my two little grandsons and expands to honor every child. [Read more...]