Holy Saturday: Living in the Liminal

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Holy Saturday is a day in which nothing happens, nothing is guaranteed, and nothing hoped for. [Read more...]

God Loves Somebody Like Me: A Reflection on the Dynamics of Holy Week


Before there was a cross, there was the love that brought forth the universe, evolved galaxies, and moved through each conception. God’s eye is on the sparrow, the lilies of the field, and us. [Read more...]

Jesus, Mary of Magdala, and the Pluralistic Resurrection


I believe that Jesus’ resurrection revealed a “deeper law of nature,” a greater influx of energy, congruent with the energies of the universe that brought forth the “big bang” and the births of galaxies and planets. [Read more...]

A Progressive Good Friday?


What do you do with Good Friday and the Cross when you’ve abandoned the doctrine of substitutionary atonement and the divine necessity of Jesus’ death? [Read more...]

The Seven Last Words of Christ: A Progressive Vision

When I recently told a colleague that I was writing a brief piece on the Seven Last Words – or Seven Sayings – of Christ, he responded: “Isn’t that a bit old school, Bruce?  Why bother with something that is obviously inaccurate and outmoded in terms of current theology?”  His response gave me pause, but I [Read More...]

Palm-Passion Sunday: Celebration, Desolation and Healing


Holy Week encompasses the full spectrum of public and private life – adulation and abandonment, celebration and conflict, integrity and suffering. [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Adventurous Prayer


On this St. Patrick’s season, embrace God’s circle of care and inspiration. You are always in the dynamic circle of divine adventure. Your life is a holy adventure in companionship with an adventurous God. [Read more...]

Naturally Supernatural? A Progressive Vision


Baptist preacher and author Chad Norris and I both recognize, despite very different theological starting points, that faith and prayerful intercession, open up the doors of perception, elicit new possibilities, and bring forth greater energies that can transform us, those for whom we pray, and our world. [Read more...]

The God We Find in Darkness: The Good News of Partial Sovereignty

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God feels our pain, from the inside as a companion not the outside as a spectator or cause, and God provides possibilities, inspirations, and energy to do the good work that is our calling in an open-ended, love-supported universe. [Read more...]

Action and Contemplation During Lent


Lent is a journey and even a reflective and deliberate thinker like me can take small steps that may lead to great transformation and to sharing in our vocation of tikkin ‘olam, partnership with God in healing the earth. [Read more...]