Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #11 – Healing Circles

An African proverb says that “it takes a village to raise a child.” It also takes a village to experience healing and wholeness. There are no self-made persons or rugged individualists. While agency and creativity vary from person to person, each of us emerges from a many-faceted universe that supplies the majority of materials for [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #10 – Your Faith has Made You Whole

Medical research and personal experience alike proclaim the importance of faith and a positive attitude in health and healing. Researchers have long spoken of both the placebo and nocebo effects. In both cases, belief shapes biology, for good or for ill. Positive attitudes enhance the immune system and promote well-being. Negative attitudes can depress the [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #9 – Peace in the Storm

Sometimes life overwhelms us. Our inner life and external circumstances appear battered by storms about which we seem to have little control. Our boat – our self, our sense of direction and purpose – may seem to be sinking. But, we are never alone. Christ is with us in the storms of life. As I [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #8

Mark 3: 7-12 speaks of unclean spirits shouting to Jesus, “You are the Son of God.” Now, I am not sure what I think of unclean spirits. In the first century, illness was attributed to a number of causes: punishment, God’s activity, and the action of evil spirits. Whether or not you are a fan [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #7 – The Way of Blessing

Today, I’m taking a brief break from Mark to explore a theme raised by one of my readers, based on the question, “what does it mean to bless?” While there is no one meaning of “blessing,” I will share a twenty-first century vision, embracing both pluralism and post-modernism, welcoming to Christians, persons from other faiths, [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #6 – Healing Anytime!

A man with a ‘withered” hand comes to Jesus, seeking healing and wholeness (Mark 3:1-6). We don’t know what his ailment really was (could it have been arthritis or some form of paralysis or nerve damage), but it had changed his life for the worse and limited his opportunities. His ailment was not life-threatening, but [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #5: The Healing of Purpose

Mark 2:13-17 speaks of the healing of purpose. Jesus invites Levi, a tax collector working for the Roman oppressors, to follow him. Levi was challenged to look at his personal and professional life from a new perspective. It has been said that a person’s calling or vocation is the intersection of her or his gifts [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #4: Your Prayers Can Change Someone’s Life

Mark 2:1-12 describes four men who carry their paralyzed friend up a flight of stairs, make a hole in the roof, and lower him down to see Jesus. Obstacles were in their way, but their love and faith inspired them to color outside the lines and even destroy property to help their friend. The scripture [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #3 -God is On Your Side

One of the key theological questions is: “Is God on Our Side?” Many people see God as an enemy, out to get us, punishing us with illness or using illness as a way to teach us a lesson. Others see God as the arbitrary source of health and illness. Whatever happens is God’s will – [Read More...]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #2 -

“In the morning, while it was still very dark, Jesus went to a deserted place to pray.” No one can call Jesus a slacker. Mark describes Jesus’ day (Mark 1:21-34) as involving teaching, healing, and spending time with friends. But, in the early hours of the morning, he slips away for prayer and meditation, perhaps, [Read More...]