Missouri Father Sues for Control of Daughters’ Sexuality


Did you see this one coming? One Missouri lawmaker has taken the fight against birth control coverage to a new and very personal place: His own daughters, two of whom are adults.State Rep. Paul Joseph Wieland and his wife Teresa are suing the Obama administration over its minimum coverage requirements for health plans under the Affordable Care Act, which includes contraception. They say the government is forcing them to violate their religious beliefs because they have three daughters, ages … [Read more...]

The Hijabi on the Bus


Yesterday morning I posted about atheism and Islam, and then went in to work for a few hours. After I finished I read the comments on that post, some of them critical. Then I got on the bus to head home---and in a moment that serendipitous, I found myself sitting next to an olive-skinned woman wearing hijab. I live in a university town, so this is a common sight. Coming right after reading comments arguing that Islam inherently oppresses women, it felt refreshing, somehow. She had a stroller w … [Read more...]

Atheism and Islam

Hirsi Ali

Last week I wrote about an article published by Charisma News that called for war against Islam, and denied that either converting Muslims or expelling them from the U.S. could solve the Islam problem. I pointed out that the author, Rev. Gary Cass, completely ignored that most Muslims are not so different from you or me, that there are (and have always been) a variety of interpretations and sects of Islam, and that religions change and evolve over time. On the whole, the comments on my post … [Read more...]

My First Crush

holding hands (1)

Growing up on the conservative Christian homeschooling culture of courtship and purity rings made a lot of things about boy-girl interactions different. Everything was ramped up, accelerated somehow. Our mothers jumped straight from simple attractions on our part to the possibility of marriage. We did too.I still remember my first crush. I was seven. He was nine. I was homeschooled, but he wasn't. My mother and his mother knew each other from church. Finally, I got up the courage to ask him w … [Read more...]

Did Adrian Peterson “Spank” His Son?


Yesterday WORLD Magazine weighed in on Adrian Peterson's arrest for child abuse. A grand jury in Texas indicted star Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and a warrant for his arrest was issued Friday by the Montgomery County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office for “reckless or negligent injury to a child” for the way he spanked his son. Notice that last bit---Peterson was arrested "for the way he spanked his son." Not for abusing his son. Not for leaving his son's body covered with bleeding lac … [Read more...]

“Lost” Masculinity and Privilege Distress


I recently came upon an article on Crosswalk titled Redefining Masculinity. I found it so ridiculous I thought I'd go through it point by point. It’s just another thing I won’t miss as I switch off the TV in February: the seemingly endless parade of programs and commercials that mock men and boys. Other groups in our society would not tolerate such blatant discrimination, yet it seems that men, the all-time great oppressors, are fair game. This castigation of men in media is designed to court th … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Beautiful Sarah, and Abraham’s Lie

Abraham's lie

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 275-277This week we start a new chapter---"Heirs Together in the Grace of Life"---and we get another Bible story---Sarah. Are you ready? Sarah the Beautiful If I had been the one authorizing exceptions, I would have released Sarah from obeying her husband on at least two occasions, but I would have been wrong. Sarah chose to obey Abraham even when he lied and told her to lie because he was afraid of what could happen if the king knew she was his wife. … [Read more...]