Is That the Best You Can Do, WORLD?


In other words, WORLD magazine’s concern is to say “no no, don’t get us confused with those people! we’re different!” Really? That’s the lesson they take away from this? Might this not be a good time to examine just what led to Phillips’ downfall and to draw some lessons from that? Or might this not be a good place to warn people against the dangers of the patriarchy movement? It seems not. [Read more...]

You Don’t Say, Mr. Farris? On Making Exemptions

voddie-baucham-300x220 (1)

Baucham is one of the leaders of patriarchy movement that grew out of the Christian homeschooling movement. Indeed, Baucham was a close associate of Doug Phillips until recently. He has had ties to Vision Forum, speaking at their conferences and publishing his books with them. Baucham’s daughter Jasmine is a stay at home daughter who writes for Ladies Against Feminism, a website promoting biblical patriarchy. [Read more...]

Michael Farris Admits He Messed Up

Farris 1

I actually think Farris means this. I actually think he realizes he should have spoken up sooner. Before these past few months, Farris has never spoken against what he here calls the “Patriarchy Movement,” and this is the first time he has done so this publicly. I think he hoped it would all just go away, but through his silence and through HSLDA’s continued promotion of Phillips and others he provided space for these ideologies to grow and thrive unchecked. [Read more...]

Michael Farris, Patriarchy, and Doug Phillips: An Expose


The article I linked yesterday quotes at length from Michael Farris’s reaction to Doug Phillips downfall. I thought it was worth going over that section specifically, and placing it within the context of other things I have written about Michael Farris, HSLDA, and Patrick Henry College, both to clarify the issues here and to reveal the serious dishonesty of Farris’s statements. [Read more...]

Doug Phillips: The Rest of the Story

Lordes Torres

I’ve known the identity of the woman Phillips had his “affair” with for months now, but I haven’t felt comfortable sharing it because she I’ve felt that she deserves to have her identity protected if that’s what she wants. She is now suing Phillips, and has made her identity public. Her name is Lourdes Torres, and she served for years as maid and nanny in the Phillips home. [Read more...]

Jesus, Zeus, Persephone—and Fairies


“Mommy, what god to you believe in?” Sally asked me recently. “I don’t believe in any god, honey,” I told her. “But mom, you’re supposed to believe in a god!” Sally responded. “Uh, no, actually, people can choose what they want to believe,” I said. “Who told you that you’re supposed to believe in a god?” I asked. “No one,” she said. “I just knewed it.” [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: An Eclectic Assortment


My time has been tight lately, which has cut into the time I spend reading other blogs. From time to time I try to peruse what I’ve missed, and this morning I noticed a number of posts on Homeschoolers Anonymous that I felt I should share. From Ariel to unschooling to Fifty Shades of Grey and contemporary Christian music, make sure to click through! [Read more...]

TTUAC: If Your Child Is Roughed-Up, Rejoice!


If a child is beaten or bullied by his peers, parents should absolutely not “rejoice.” If the incident involves an actual physical altercation or severe or protracted bullying, the child’s teachers or school administration should be notified. Yes, parents should give children tools to handle acts of pettiness and unkindness—things they will have to deal with their entire lives—but bullying is nothing to sneeze at. [Read more...]

CTNAHM: Everything That Is Wrong With Your Wife


By Aletha. So women should be allowed to develop as a person, but then it’s the man’s job to change her to the person he needs. Wouldn’t it be easier to never let the woman grow until she’s married, and then the husband prune her to his satisfaction? (Not that I agree with this theory at all) And Michael has made it clear earlier in the book that the only appropriate talents and gifts are ones that the man approves of. [Read more...]

The Valentine’s Day Disaster


It all started when I took Sally and Bobby to the dollar store after I picked them up from daycare. They needed to pick out boxes of valentines for their friends. Sean had gone straight home after finishing up at work, and told me I could drop one of the kids off with him. I didn’t take him up on his offer because I wanted to let them pick out their valentines themselves. We would stop at the grocery store afterwards for a few things like milk, but it would be a quick trip altogether. Or so I thought. [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Be Entrepreneurs . . . but only at Home!


Debi isn’t against universally against women working. After all, she herself works, and her daughter Shoshanna runs an online herb store. Debi is against women working without their husbands’ approval and against women working outside of the home. A woman working in a home business alongside her husband is being a good homemaker. A woman working at domestic pursuits to bring in extra money—raising and selling herbs, selling whimsical crafts on Etsy, writing books on homeschooling or child rearing—is being a good helper to her husband. [Read more...]

Self-Motivation and External Consequences


Unlike most of my parenting posts, this one is going to be high on theory and low on anecdotes. This discussion—which focuses on what it means that an adult or child “has to” do this or that—was prompted by reader Rebecca Horne in the comments section of a recent parenting post. I want to be clear that I don’t have all of the answers, and that this is more of a thinking post than something that is fully settled in my mind. [Read more...]