Anonymous Tip: Meet the Lawyer


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael FarrisIf you remember from last week, we left off as Gwen and her father, Stan, planned to set up a meeting with a lawyer, Bill Walinski. Gwen had just received court papers asking her to present reason why her daughter, Casey, should not be removed by social services for a week for evaluation. Stan had met Bill while golfing, and so he was the first person he thought of.In the beginning of chapter three, Stan calls Bill, reminding him of t … [Read more...]

HSLDA on those “Radically Atheistic” Public Schools


As my regular readers will know, I am in favor of allowing homeschooled students to play sports in their local public schools. Perhaps surprisingly, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has long remained neutral on sports access bills, declining to directly oppose them but refusing to support them. I've heard concern that allowing homeschooled children to participate in sports would require some form of academic oversight, but then that oversight would only apply to those who volunt … [Read more...]

What the Ruff, the Spotted Hyena, and the Cuttlefish Taught Me about Gender and Sexuality


Evangelicals support a strict gender binary and see the patriarchal family structure---with a breadwinning father and a homemaking mother---as both natural and in some sense biologically universal. The Bible frequently talks about male and female animals, and, growing up in an evangelical home, I remember being taught that there is no homosexuality in the animal kingdom. That certain animals mate for life was also emphasized in an effort to enforce patriarchal norms.Now sure, I also learned … [Read more...]

The unBiblical Tea Party Christian

the poor

I recently came upon some remarks Republican John Johnston of Indiana made about the poor while campaigning for Indiana House of Representatives last summer. (Johnston was defeated by his Democratic opponent in the fall.) I know his remarks are old news, but I want to use them to illustrate a point. Here are Johnston's comments, which he posted in an online discussion: For almost three generations people, in some cases, have been given handouts. They have been ‘enabled’ so much that their paradi … [Read more...]

If We Can’t Come to Grips with the Past, How Are We to Grapple with the Present?


I can't be the only one who noticed this article this past week:Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Ban Advanced Placement U.S. History An Oklahoma legislative committee overwhelmingly voted to ban Advanced Placement U.S. History class, persuaded by the argument that it only teaches students “what is bad about America.” Other lawmakers are seeking a court ruling that would effectively prohibit the teaching of all AP courses in public schools.. . .Efforts by conservative school … [Read more...]

Evangelical Christianity’s Patriarchal Alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey


This is probably the creepiest video you will watch this week:. . . yeah.Old Fashioned is a Christian movie alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey, released the same day last week. In the above video, the producers of Old Fashioned compare the hero of Old Fashioned, Clay, with Christian Grey, and frankly, it's not flattering---to either of them.In fact, I found this advertisement so bad I ended up transcribing it:It’s a hard thing for a dad to accept any man as being worthy of hi … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Gwen Gets Served


Anonymous Tip: A Review SeriesIf you remember, we left off last week when Gail Willet, the prosecutor, agreed to petition a judge to grant a temporary shelter care order that would allow Donna Corliss, the social worker, to order Gwen Landis' daughter Casey into foster care for one week for evaluation. To do this Donna has falsified both the date the anonymous tip came in, to make it sound like she investigated right away, and her findings during the investigation herself---her affidavit cl … [Read more...]