(Mis)Reading Children’s Intent


We have a neighbor lady who just loves to bring things over for five-year-old Sally and two-year-old Bobby. She's a bit older, and her own children are grown, and she's the kind of person who might be called a "busy body"---once you get in a conversation with her it's hard to get out. But she's sweet, and considerate, and has watched my children grow since they were little. She brings them craft supplies, or old toys she had yet to throw out.One evening a couple of weeks ago she came over … [Read more...]

The Real Lesson of My Story


Quick Libby Anne, rewrite the ending of your story, it's not playing well with Christian test audiences!A regular left this comment on my post about the Duggars, in response to comments from Christians suggesting that my own apostasy was proof that college turns people into atheists and that the Duggars are right to keep their kids from college. Yes, this commenter was being sarcastic in her suggestion that I rewrite my story. But frankly, it is this more than anything else that originally ga … [Read more...]

WORLD Magazine Takes Aim and Misses


Growing up in a conservative evangelical home, I read WORLD magazine regularly. You can think of it as a sort of evangelical Christian version of TIME magazine. It covers all the issues, both internationally and nationally, but through a conservative evangelical framework. My parents have been subscribers since before I can remember, and continue to receive the magazine today. I say all of this as background to WORLD magazine's extremely unfortunate feature article last week on the child abuse … [Read more...]

Strong-Willed Child: Where Dobson Almost Gives Good Advice


By VictoriaOriginally posted on Saving Victoria StrongThe Strong-Willed Child, chapter 1, pp. 26-28If you’ll recall, we’re in the middle of the end of chapter Q&A session. Here’s the next question:             “Should my child be permitted to say ‘I hate you!’ when he is angry?” To me, there are two issues with this question. First, the “I hate you” part, and secondly, the word “permitted.”Here’s the start of Dobson’s answer: “Not in my opinion. Other writers will … [Read more...]

A Doctor Who Open Thread!


Reader Hilary sent me an email earlier this morning with a request:Can we have an open Doctor Who thread to talk about the new season?  What we hope for, what we are looking forward to, what we are afraid of being disappointed about, what we love/hate/put up with? And then our reactions after the show starts again tonight?And a Doctor Who open thread we shall have! The new season begins tonight, with the 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. As a Doctor Who fan myself, I've always found t … [Read more...]

What I Learned from Almost Being Arrested


Almost three years ago I had a severely unpleasant experience with a police officer that left me completely shaken. Up until this point, I'd been given no reason to distrust cops. Ever since this moment, though, I've understood why many people have their reservations. If I could have an experience like this---and I'm white, educated, and middle class---I can't imagine how much worse it must be for those who are black, or poor, or in another marginalized group. As protests continue in Ferguson, … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: So Your Husband Says Not to Go to Church . . .


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 269-270Here we come to the last example Debi offers regarding when it is okay to not obey your husband. Next week we will see her attempt to sum up what she's saying here, and the week after we will see her mangle the story of Abigail in the Old Testament. My Husband Doesn't Want Me to Go to ChurchDear Debi,My husband says I can't go to church in the evening anymore. I feel if I do not have this sweet time of fellowship, I will not be able to … [Read more...]