A Matter of Patriarchy


Yesterday I saw a trailer for the new Christian movie, A Matter of Faith.The film's website offers this summary:  A Christian girl, Rachel Whitaker (Jordan Trovillion) goes off to college for her freshman year and begins to be influenced by her popular Biology professor (Harry Anderson) who teaches that evolution is the answer to the origins of life. When Rachel’s father, Stephen Whitaker (Jay Pickett) senses something changing with his daughter, he begins to examine the situation and wh … [Read more...]

What Kind of Atheist Parent Are You?


Some months ago I mentioned Temperance Brennan in a blog post on atheist parenting, and my readers had a lot to say. To be specific, many of my readers argued that it was unfair that Brennan, an atheist, felt the need to defer to her Catholic partner, Booth, and let their daughter, Christine, be baptized. I did not write a followup post at the time, but my thoughts have been percolating and I think I'm ready to put them on paper. Or rather, in pixels, I suppose.Let's turn to an analogy for a … [Read more...]

When Marriage Looks Like the Only Escape


Over the weekend I spent time speaking with yet another young Christian homeschool graduate considering early marriage. We'll call her Jen. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard this story. Speaking with this Jen, I was reminded, once again, of my own youthful wedding, and the decisions I made at the time.Jen told me she felt if she got married, her parents would give her breathing room---and stop trying to sabotage her relationship with her boyfriend. The sad thing is, … [Read more...]

On Indiana

indy (1)

As you may have noted, I have yet to write anything about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) debacle in Indiana last week. That's probably because in the midst of the outrage, I felt a bit unsettled---for two reasons.First, Indiana's RFRA, timed when it was, was specifically about providing services for gay weddings. This is why the owners of Memories Pizza said they would serve gay people in their restaurant but not cater for gay weddings. In the past few years, evangelicals have b … [Read more...]

Stop Stressing Out and Give Your Kid a Snuggle


As a working mother, I often feel guilt about the amount of time I spend---or don't spend---with my children. Partly it's because my own mom was a stay-at-home mom who taught me that working mothers have effectively abandoned their children. Thanks mom! Partly it's because mothering has become ratcheted up to the nth degree these days. You're enrolled in mommy-and-me yoga classes and feed your children organic locally grown carrots and peas, right? Sigh.A recent study suggests that this gui … [Read more...]

Let’s Welcome Spring: An Open Thread


Sally and I have had some interesting discussions recently about religion and the seasons and holidays. A few weeks ago we attended an educational event on celebrating Norwuz, the Persian New Year. During Norwuz, people carry around plates of newly sprouted grass! While decorating eggs for Easter recently, I visited with a neighbor from India who told me about the Hindu celebration of spring, Holi. During Holi, people throw colorful paint on each other.It has been fun thinking about Easter in … [Read more...]

Really, Pew Research? Bad Chart Saturday

Religions on Same Sex Marriage

The above chart was put out by Pew Research, which actually rather surprised me. It's a bad chart! Can you spot the problem with it?The chart claims to be looking at the position of "major religions" even as most of the items it includes are not "major religions" but rather Christian denominations. But while the chart breaks both Christianity and Judaism down by denomination or sect, it fails to do the same for Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism.Let me ask you this. Where does Christianity stan … [Read more...]