No, Explanations Are NOT a Problem


I have to admit, I rarely come upon things that do this much of a dance on my blood pressure. But this . . . wow. It's an article from Shepherd Press, reposted by conservative Christian actor Kirk Cameron on his blog. It is called "The Problem with Explanations." Throughout this piece, I'm going to assume that Kirk Cameron posted it on his blog because he agrees with it. Let's take a look, shall we? God has not called parents to explain but to train. Explanations often lead to frustration and … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Why I am a Radical Activist for All Things Evil


A Guest Post by Ryan StollarOriginally posted on Overturning TablesI’ve never thought of myself as a radical activist. I’ve never fought for something that I thought was “evil.” What I value most in life are compassion, love, and respect. Compassion for the abused, love for my neighbor, and respect for marginalized voices. I fight for these things, so I guess in that sense I am an activist.But somehow, over the years, I have found myself maligned by old friends, distant acquain … [Read more...]

SMM: Daughters, Fathers, and Their Enemies: Who would turn you against your father


A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted on Time to Live, FriendAnd it just gets weirder and weirder.Do you really have enemies? You do according to the Botkins. “Your father is being insulted, mocked, and guilt-manipulated by the media simply for being a man and a father” (63).And how is your father being attacked? Who are these enemies?  “There is one enemy in particular who will come up several times in this book….his name is Karl Marx. ….He was a Satanist…” (64).I tried looki … [Read more...]

You Couldn’t Possibly Have Been Homeschooled


I wrote last week about House Joint Resolution no. 92 in Virginia. This resolution would call for a study of Virginia's religious exemption, which allows parents to homeschool without being subject to the state's homeschool oversight or requirements. As written, the law requires that both parent and child have a religious objection to school attendance in order to be granted an exemption. In practice, as highlighted by a Washington Post article on formerly homeschooled student Josh Powell, it … [Read more...]

Oscar Nominated “Alone But Not Alone”: A Product of the Doug Phillips / Michael Farris Empire


Alone Yet Not Alone, based on a book about two children who were kidnapped by Native Americans during the French and Indian War, was released as a movie in 2013 by Enthuse Entertainment. It showed in select theaters for only one week. This month, to everyone's surprise, it was nominated for an Oscar. I'm not interested in talking about how it got nominated, which seems to be the focus of most articles on its surprise nomination. I'm more interested in something else, and that is the connections … [Read more...]

TTUAC: The Naked Sword of the Law


To Train Up A Child, chapter 7This chapter is also short, so we'll do it in one go. It's called "Philosophy of the Rod." THE TEACHING RODThe growth of a child under the tutorship of the parents is time spent in God's moral workshop being fitted for heavenly citizenship. As the child develops, the parents should accurately recapitulate the moral government of our Holy God. The rod is the parents' main tangible aid to bring the child to understand the judgment of God---and eventually the … [Read more...]

Little Bundles of Sin? I Think Not.


"My legs are tired mommy, my legs are tired!" Sally was insistent."We're almost home, honey, you can make it," I assured her. Bobby was in the stroller, and as he is just moving from babyhood to toddlerhood I wasn't going to make him walk."No I can't! My legs are going to fall asleep!" Sally was again insistent."Come on honey, I know you can do it," I said. "Just a little farther!"And at that moment, Bobby climbed out of the stroller, looked at his sister, and pointed back at the … [Read more...]