How Being an Older Sibling in a Big Duggar-Like Family Is Like Being a Polygamous Sister Wife

And so, when my friend said “sister wives,” my mind went to books I’ve read by women who have left polygamist cults, and to the way they write about protecting their children from the other wives, and sometimes having to watch, helpless, while another wife punishes one of their children, often more severely than they feel warranted. And suddenly that hits home, hard. Read more

The Lesbian Duplex 18: An Open Thread

Time for another chatter thread! Read more

Sexual Purity and the Pool Battle Plan

So basically, going to the pool is one part fighting lust and one part having fun in the water. That does not sound so fun. I mean, there’s the whole battle plan aspect of it—you have to be always on your guard, on the alert, etc. How can you actually relax? Read more

Anonymous Tip: Dashing Peter’s Busy Afternoon

I wish I could give you an overlying theme for today’s post, but this passage was so scattered and all over the place I’m not sure I can. Peter Barron went hither and yon, slaying dragons and saving kittens. But in all seriousness, Peter Barron did have a very busy afternoon indeed. I mean he only met Gwen at, what, 11:00? Noon? Busy busy Peter. Read more

It Took This for People to Listen?

None of this is anything I haven’t said before! And it’s not just me—dozens of us have been talking about these things for years now. And yet this is what it took. Read more

Josh Duggar’s Lies, Damn Lies, and Half Truths

Over and over and over again over the past week I have heard bloggers and commenters and people on facebook commend Josh for apologizing and accepting responsibility for his actions. He didn’t try to deny it, they say! He was forthright! He was honest! Well, no, he wasn’t. Read more

How Christian Culture Excuses Sex Offenders

I’ve spent years now blogging, watching sexual abuse scandals pop up and seeing the same predictable evangelical excuse-making. And this past week? This past week has convinced me that absolutely nothing has changed. Read more

When the Perpetrators Matter More than the Victims

Matt Walsh is on record arguing that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt, because of the potential harm to children, and that transgender women shouldn’t be allowed to use the women’s bathroom because of concerns about women’s safety. But when it comes to the potential harm to children and threat to children’s safety posed by unreported child sexual abuse, suddenly what matters is protecting the abuser? For all Walsh’s claims of progressive hypocrisy, he really needs to look in mirror. Read more

Chris Hayes and Dan Savage Cover the Duggar Scandal

I share this video because it’s some of the best news coverage of the Duggar situation I’ve seen outside of survivor circles. In other words, while Chris Hayes and Dan Savage do not have a background in the quiverfull homeschool world, they hit on some very important dynamics and make some truly excellent points. Read more

Why Josh Duggar’s “Teenage Mistakes” Matter

I’ve seen a lot of people say that everyone made “teenage mistakes,” that Josh’s apology and his victims’ ability to forgive is a model we should strive for, that these things were “dealt with” twelve years ago, and that what happened today is not relevant today today. This is balderdash. I will explain not only why these talking points are poppycock, but also why what Josh did needs be front and center in our understanding of the Duggar family and the model of Christian parenting and home life they promote. Read more

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