Today we return to Donna, who is (not surprisingly) summoned to her boss’s office. Because we initially only knew Gerald Blackburn as Blackburn—because Farris wanted to hide his first name for us so that he could use it during his covert meeting with Dr. McGuire without us knowing who he was talking about initially—we’re going to keep calling him that. Read more

The next time someone tells you that Planned Parenthood sells baby parts, shrug and tell them that hospitals sell body parts too. I’d love to hear the reaction you get! Read more

So, who wants to talk about Jessica Jones? Read more

In a second statement, Canon Press contends that they’ve run the text through plagiarism-detecting software and that the plagiarism occurred in Booth’s sections of the book, but not in Wilson’s sections. This may be the case, but Wilsons’ dissembling doesn’t give me a lot of hope that he either understands plagiarism or fully grasps the depth of the problem with the current book. And for someone with as high a profile as Wilson, that’s fairly damning. Read more

Chapter 15 of Michael Pearl’s child rearing manual, To Train Up A Child, is titled “Training in Self-Indulgence.” Let’s take a look, shall we? Read more

I have no problem at all with the Crismans cosplaying the Victorian era, but I have a very big problem with them claiming to understand the era better than historians and then presenting a version of that history that is overly rosy to the point of being ahistorical. In their version of the era, women had access to birth control and abortion, child labor and lynching aren’t worth mentioning, and women totally didn’t actually need the vote. And yet they can’t understand why so many people have reacted negatively to their writings. Read more

It’s time for another chatter thread! Read more

Hey now wait a moment. If Gwen is still his client—and if they sue CPS, she is—wouldn’t it be unethical for them to start a relationship regardless of Peter’s belief in the sinfulness of marrying a divorced woman? But then, legal ethics don’t seem to matter much to Peter. Hopefully they matter a bit more to Aaron. Read more

Hey guys! I’ve been powering through this day thinking I’m going to get time to put up the next installment of Anonymous Tip, but nope. It’s the end of the semester and that’s when academia gets crazy! So, I’m going to admit failure. Sorry! The next installment of Anonymous Tip will go up tomorrow instead. But I’m not going to leave you with nothing! It’s Friday, let’s have some fun! How would you re-caption this sexist meme? Go wild! 😀 Read more

Having read Barber and Kondoker’s remarks in concert with each other, this is what I’ve learned: If the Planned Parenthood shooter was not a “faithful” Christian, then the San Bernardino shooters were not “faithful” Muslims. I’m sorry, Barber, but you can’t have it both ways. Read more

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