Someone’s Got to Be Responsible for Her!

You all know I had a bit of a rocky time with my parents upon reaching adulthood. Well, I recently learned something I had not known that occurred during that period, and it surprised even me. I think I need to give a little backstory to make what I'm about to say make sense. I've told this in pieces, so let me sum it up.Upon completion of homeschool high school, I went away to college. I chose a secular college, with my parents' approval, because I wanted to finally win converts for Christ … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Sweet Little Teresa’s Story

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 241---242Remember that we are still in the chapter on obedience to one's husband. In this section, Debi uses the story of "sweet little Teresa" to discuss hopeless cases and the way a wife can make a difference. Is There Yet Hope?There is hope. We can hope in God's Word when circumstances and counsel are all to the contrary.I once heard about a sweet and godly lady named Teresa, married to a godless, dope-head criminal who made his living dealing … [Read more...]

That’s Some Accountability You’ve Got There

Reader Rebecca recently responded as follows on one of my posts on the patriarchal system wherein a husband is the authority and his wife is to submit: Why would anyone think a system that offers absolute power and is bereft of checks and balances is a good idea?Don't be silly! Of course there are checks and balances! For instance, the church elders (who are all your husband's friends), or the police (who must never be allowed to intervene inside the home), or God (who exists in your ab … [Read more...]

Talking about Female-on-Male Domestic Violence

I recently came upon a video in an article titled This Is What Happens When The Public Sees A Woman Abusing A Man. The video runs through a scenario of public domestic violence twice, first with the man abusing his female partner and second with the woman abusing her male partner. In the video, several individuals ultimately step in and stop the male-on-female abuse, but no one steps in to stop the female-on-male abuse.When this topic comes up, one explanation for the different response … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: Eve and Her Gullible Female Nature

By AlethaOriginally posted on Yllom MormonCreated To Need A Help Meet, pp. 174---175Last section, Michael engaged in some mental gymnastics. We were taught that women are supposed to obey their husbands, but their husbands aren't supposed to remind them of this. I guess that's what Debi's book is for. Today,we are talking about WHY women are meant to be in subjugation to their husbands. The answer is: Eve, of course. Not Created to Obey?Though it is none of our business what God … [Read more...]

Why Christian Homeschooling Culture Is Not a Safe Space


Some months ago I stated in a blog post that I was becoming increasingly convinced that Christian homeschooling culture is not a safe space for young women and girls. A reader objected in the comments section, misunderstanding I think both what I meant by "Christian homeschooling culture" and "safe space."  Regardless, reading various figures' responses to the Doug Phillips scandal, and how they discuss Lourdes Torres, Phillips' victim, has made my assessment only more firm.There's this from … [Read more...]

If I Titled Blog Posts Like Buzzfeed Articles . . .

So I'm sure by now you're more familiar than you'd like with the way Buzzfeed and other similar websites title their articles. In a world where payment depends on the number of clicks, using clickbait titles becomes a bit of an arms race. So I thought I'd take a moment and look at how my blog posts' titles might look if I were to follow suit. 7 Reasons Michael Farris Really Is a Patriarch (Even If He Won't Admit It)You'll Never Believe What Doug Wilson Just Said about Homosexuality14 … [Read more...]