TTUAC: I Made a Child That I Don’t Like


To Train Up A Child, pp. This week we finish the chapter on parental anger. I MADE A CHILD THAT I DON'T LIKEThe reason you are angry toward your children is that you don't like them. "Oh! I love my children very much." I didn't say you didn't love them. I say there are occasions when you just don't like them, for the simple reason that at such times they are very unlikable. It is impossible to like a whining, selfish, self-centered, spoiled brat. Okay, ugh. Look, there are times I … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A Courtship Story, Part 7: I Do


A Guest Post by MelissaOriginally posted on Permission to LiveNote: I’m reposting Melissa’s series, originally written in February 2011, with her permission. Why now? Put simply, because it was one of the first things that came to my mind when I heard about Jessa Duggar courting. This is something I wish she could read. This is for Jessa. For all the posts in this series, click here.  We spent most of our time together at our family homes, so we also spent a lot of our time togeth … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk about Halloween Candy


When I was a child, we didn't do trick-or-treating, but we did go to our church's harvest festival each year, which means we children did end up with piles of candy. Each year my parents put all of that candy up where we couldn't get it and let us eat it for only one half hour each Saturday over the next couple of weeks, until it was gone. This was a terrible idea. Not only did it reinforce that nothing was really ever ours, it also meant that every Saturday for a month we would cram ourselves … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: Those Radical Visionary Independent Baptists!


A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally posted on Yllom MormonCreated To Need A Help Meet, pp. 73---75Last post we talked about the strengths of the Visionary Man. Visionary Men are the movers and shakers, and they "save us from mediocrity".  Today we get to discuss their weaknesses. A Visionary's WeaknessAll three types have their strengths and weaknesses.  A strength in one area implies a weakness in the others. And the strength itself can be a weakness when it assumes a d … [Read more...]

Which Vision Forum Did Doug Phillips Resign From?

Doug 2

On October 30, Doug Phillips resigned from Vision Forum Ministries. But Vision Forum actually has two arms: Vision Forum Ministries, a non-profit,  and Vision Forum Inc., a for-profit corporation. Here is what Phillips wrote specifically: With thanksgiving to God for His mercy and love, I have stepped down from the office of president at Vision Forum Ministries and have discontinued my speaking responsibilities. Doug Phillips very clearly and intentionally stated that he resigned from Vision Fo … [Read more...]

Sad but True


I remember when Mitt Romney became incensed that anyone would say that his homemaker wife had never "worked" even as Mitt Romney himself had argued that poor mothers shouldn't be allowed to stay at home on the dole because they needed "the dignity of work." I also remember Mitt Romney both wanting to pass a personhood amendment that would ban abortion and simultaneously blaming gun violence on single mothers. One of the reasons wrote my viral post about losing faith in the pro-life movement was … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: 75 Unhappy Homeschool Kids


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 177---178Debi is walking us through each of the things Titus 2 says older women are to teach younger women, and this week we begin the section titled "To Love Their Children." I have to say, it'll be nice to get a change from Debi's constant focus on how women are to act toward their husbands. I mean, in Debi's world, women are to be submissive wives, but are also to raise their children, and in 177 pages we've had very little mention of children (except that … [Read more...]