It Took This for People to Listen?

None of this is anything I haven’t said before! And it’s not just me—dozens of us have been talking about these things for years now. And yet this is what it took. Read more

Josh Duggar’s Lies, Damn Lies, and Half Truths

Over and over and over again over the past week I have heard bloggers and commenters and people on facebook commend Josh for apologizing and accepting responsibility for his actions. He didn’t try to deny it, they say! He was forthright! He was honest! Well, no, he wasn’t. Read more

How Christian Culture Excuses Sex Offenders

I’ve spent years now blogging, watching sexual abuse scandals pop up and seeing the same predictable evangelical excuse-making. And this past week? This past week has convinced me that absolutely nothing has changed. Read more

When the Perpetrators Matter More than the Victims

Matt Walsh is on record arguing that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt, because of the potential harm to children, and that transgender women shouldn’t be allowed to use the women’s bathroom because of concerns about women’s safety. But when it comes to the potential harm to children and threat to children’s safety posed by unreported child sexual abuse, suddenly what matters is protecting the abuser? For all Walsh’s claims of progressive hypocrisy, he really needs to look in mirror. Read more

Chris Hayes and Dan Savage Cover the Duggar Scandal

I share this video because it’s some of the best news coverage of the Duggar situation I’ve seen outside of survivor circles. In other words, while Chris Hayes and Dan Savage do not have a background in the quiverfull homeschool world, they hit on some very important dynamics and make some truly excellent points. Read more

Why Josh Duggar’s “Teenage Mistakes” Matter

I’ve seen a lot of people say that everyone made “teenage mistakes,” that Josh’s apology and his victims’ ability to forgive is a model we should strive for, that these things were “dealt with” twelve years ago, and that what happened today is not relevant today today. This is balderdash. I will explain not only why these talking points are poppycock, but also why what Josh did needs be front and center in our understanding of the Duggar family and the model of Christian parenting and home life they promote. Read more

The Tomboy in Skirts

We need to be careful to make sure we’re teaching our daughters “and” rather than “or.” Pushing girls away from “boy” things is a problem, yes—a big problem—but pushing girls away from “girl” things is also a problem. We need to make sure we are not giving our daughters the message that things that are pink, or ruffly, or jeweled are somehow inferior. If we do, they might get the idea that if they like those things, they’re inferior too. Read more

Josh Duggar and the Tale of Two Boxes

It seems it’s conservatives who are quick to make excuses when children are sexually molested—and yet somehow conservatives are arguing that it’s we progressives who don’t have a problem with child molesting? What sort of upside down world is this? Read more

Anna Duggar and the Silencing Power of Forgiveness

I have been coming upon more and more truly excellent commentary in the aftermath of the revelation that Josh Duggar sexually molested five girls in two families as a teenager—and that his parents, their elders, and local law enforcement covered this up. There is Samantha’s How Josh Duggar Is Getting Away with It, for example, and Kathryn Elizabeth’s Josh Duggar Says He’s Sorry. So What? Read more

What Did Josh Duggar’s Counseling Look Like?

This is why it is so troubling that Josh and his victims appear to have received counseling and treatment in-house, whether from their parents or through their like-minded church or various ATI seminars or conferences. This is why professional counseling and treatment is so important. Read more

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