Danica’s allegations will be interpreted very differently by secular individuals than by those in Josh’s circles. To secular readers, Danica was a victim and Josh an abuser. To conservative evangelical readers, Danica is a whore who is just as guilty of sin as Josh. Read more

Josh’s affair ought to cause the Duggars to question whether their methods for securing sexual satisfaction and building strong relationships actually work. But it won’t. Instead they have shipped him off to another (almost certainly) Christian treatment center. Rather than facing up to the mess they’ve made of things, they are once again shipping their problems off for someone else to fix. And Josh? I very much doubt Josh has gotten straight-talk from anyone outside of the insular culture he has surrounded himself with. Read more

There may be some pregnant evangelical teenagers who receive added support from their families and church communities as a result of Ashby’s words. That’s a good thing! But what Ashby is missing is that unless he reevaluates his strong condemnation of premarital sex, he cannot entirely remove the condemnation that comes along with unwed pregnancy, and unwed pregnancy will continue to be a source of shame for evangelical teens. Read more

Whatever Josh Duggar’s faults—and they are many—I am thinking, today, about what he must be facing from his parents. He has singlehandedly made a lie of their entire belief system. And yes, this isn’t fair. It was grossly unfair of his parents to put the burden of confirming their belief systems on his shoulders. The Duggars, like so many other Christian homeschooling parents, built their brand around the claim that they had discovered the secret to raising perfect godly children. Making this claim placed a huge burden on their children, and especially on Josh as the oldest. Read more

This isn’t just about Josh, and it isn’t just about the Duggars. It’s about an entire culture built upon promises it can’t keep. It’s about communities and leaders that promised young people that if they would only guard their emotions and save physical contact for marriage, their connection with their spouse and the sexual satisfaction they have in marriage will be more deep and meaningful than they can imagine—a promise that, for Josh and Anna like for so many other couples, turned out to be a lie. Read more

It’s time for another lesbian duplex thread! Read more

It’s Friday morning, and that means it’s time for Gwen and Casey to go see Dr. Schram, the psychologist Peter lined up to examine them. Let’s go along, shall we? Read more

Josh Duggar has released a public statement. Read more

But my takeaway here—the main thing I’ve realized—is that gender identity and gender performance really are two different things. When we say that “gender is a social construct” we are primarily talking about gender performance. But gender identity? Is that a social construct too? I’m not sure. But let me ask the question a different way—Does gender identity cause harm? Should I be telling Sally that she is wrong to identify as a girl? Clearly not. Trans and nonbinary identities are breaking down some of the traditional rigidity of gender identity, and increasing acceptance of more varied gender performances is removing some of the traditional constraints of gender identity. Read more

Several months ago, Josh Duggar found himself surrounded in scandal when it came out that he had sexually molested five young girls, of whom four were his younger sisters, as a teenager. At the time, Josh posted an apology in which he was open about what he did, about the (inadequate) steps taken to address his crime, and about his repentance. “In my life today, I am so very thankful for God’s grace, mercy and redemption,” he wrote at the end of his statement. At the time he posted that, Josh Duggar had a paid Ashley Madison account. Read more

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