Samaritan’s Purse and the Borders of Belonging

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea that evangelicalism has “borders” that it enforces—beliefs that are considered required for membership. Every religion or belief system has such borders, they just define and defend them differently. What I find fascinating about watching the borders evangelicals draw is how drastically these borders have changed over time, and how very specific they can get. Fred Clark of the Slacktivist uses the term “tribal gatekeepers” to describe this phenomenon.

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The Family Research Council and the Politics of Exclusion

If the Family Research Council cared about rights, and about privacy, and about safety, they wouldn’t oppose anti-bullying efforts, they wouldn’t have opposed gay marriage, and they wouldn’t continue to portray LGBTQ people as child predators. If they cared about child sexual abuse, they would be leading an effort to inform their followers of where such abuse usually occurs—in the home—and who typically perpetrates it—a family member or close friend.

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Lesbian Duplex 69: An Open Thread

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Saturday Link Love: AIDS, Exotic Problems, and the Satanic Panic

Saturday Link Love is a new feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

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Anonymous Tip: Stephen and Donna Have It Out

Ick. This was a weird section. I have no idea why Farris grouped Donna and Stephen’s conversation Sunday night together with this bit about Peter’s Monday morning, but so be it. Get ready for the ride!

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That Christian Man Selling Child-Training Whips Is Back

The above image is an advertisement that used to run in Christian homeschool magazines. “The ideal tool for child training,” reads the test below an image of a long, thin shaft with a handle, a rod intended for whipping children. “The means prescribed by God,” it reads. And there’s a poem: “Spoons are for cooking / Belts are for holding up pants / Hands are for loving / RODS are for chastening.” This “flexible nylon rod” with its “cushioned vinyl grip” was marketed by Steve Haymond, and was primarily purchased by Christian homeschooling families.

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I Don’t Want Obedient Children

When dropping me off at a friend’s house to play for the day, my mom would tell me to ‘be a good obeying girl.’ Mom would read aloud out of Proverbs, and remind us that children are to obey their parents. And if we didn’t obey? If we didn’t obey, there were consequences—consequences that frequently involved a wooden paddle. And yet, I realized recently that the word ‘obey’ plays literally no role in my own parenting.

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For the Children of the Latest Target Protestor

According to a blogger who grew up with one of the individuals in the video, the woman in the video homeschools her children. I’m not surprised; I grew up in a similarly sized homeschool family myself. While I don’t think my parents would have walked through Target loudly condemning their policies for all to hear, there were plenty of occasions when I and my siblings were taken along to protest other issues, including abortion and marriage equality.

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How North Carolina’s HB2 Affects Parents

North Carolina’s HB2 naturally falls heaviest on the transgender community. It also affects cisgender people who don’t conform to specific gender norms about appearance, especially women with short hair (see, for instance, this article about a short haired woman who was yelled at in a public restroom because she was taken for a transgender woman). One thing I haven’t seen much talked about, though, is HB2’s affect on parents. And no, I’m not talking about parents who are transgender or gender nonconforming, or parents of transgender or gender nonconforming children, I’m talking about every parent.

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“Do I look like a boy, or a girl?”

My children each wear a range of clothes in a range of styles. I’ve never given them limits. Or rather, I’ve put only one requirement on them: “In our society, it is customary to wear clothing when leaving the house,” I’ve had to say on more than one occasion. But what clothing they choose? Why limit them? Instead, I encourage them to wear what they like and to express themselves in their dress however they please. What I didn’t realize was how fundamentally my “no limits” policy would end up affecting how my children are perceived.

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