Why You Should Support the Coalition for Responsible Home Education

I wrote two weeks ago about a fund drive being held by the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. You can read more about the organization and their efforts here, and view suggested donation levels and incentives here. The fund drive lasts for the month of December, and all donations are tax deductible. Today I want to write about why you should support the organization—and about why people who read my blog should care. Read more

Then What Makes Us Different? Torture Edition

The Senate Intelligence Committee recently released a report on the CIA’s torture program. You can read their summary here. The report, which covered 2001 to 2009, told of water-boarding, sleep deprivation, rectal rehydration, and even of trying to get detainees to talk by threatening their children. But as horrifying as I have found the report itself (if sadly unsurprising), I have been perhaps more horrified by some of the responses I have seen, especially on the Right. Perhaps the most common argument is that we simply… Read more

Duggar Actions Have Real World Consequences

It’s long past time to see the Duggars as “quaint” or snark fodder. It’s time we fully understood the political influence the Duggars and other families like them wield or seek to wield, and the real world effects of that influence. It’s time we understood the world they aim to create—a world where LGBTQ individuals are marginalized and denied their rights at best, and forced to undergo anti-gay conversion therapy at worst. It is a world where gay people will be barred from the teaching profession, stigmatized, and treated as dangerous and depraved. This dystopia may look far fetched at the national level, but it is likely not so far fetched in Fayettville, Arkansas. Read more

Where This Atheist Parent Is This Christmas

Last year my in-laws gave us a really nice toy nativity set, for the kids. This year I got it out again, and it has been getting a lot of use. When I first had children after leaving my parents’ conservative evangelical beliefs behind, I was afraid. Mainly, I was afraid that my children would be hurt by religion in the way I had. And so I tried to shield them from it, to keep it away from them. When relatives… Read more

Crosspost: When Speaking to Men about False Accusations

A Guest Post by Samantha Field. However, I have yet to speak to a rapist– not even once– who see that what they did was rape. They are delusional, but they have huge communities backing them up online, telling them all of the things they want to hear. It wasn’t rape– it was rough sex. It wasn’t rape– I just knew that she didn’t actually mean “no.” It wasn’t rape– I just got her drunk enough. It wasn’t rape– she was just unresponsive. It wasn’t rape– she was just crying because she was a virgin. Read more

Evangelicals of the Gospel Coalition Respond to Ferguson

Last month Thabiti Anyabwile wrote a blog post titled The Ferguson Grand Jury Has Given Us Our Marching Orders. In it he condemned the grand jury decision, wrote passionately about police brutality and race, and laid out a plan for bringing change. This may seem unremarkable—one more blog post amidst a multitude—but what makes it remarkable is that it was posted on The Gospel Coalition. Anyabwile is a black evangelical paster who is a member of the conservative evangelical group’s council. Read more

Things HSLDA Opposes: Voluntary Home Visitation Programs

Today I am beginning a new series: Things HSLDA Opposes. I will go through HSLDA’s positions on state legislation over the course of 2013 to examine the breadth of programs and measures HSLDA opposes. This series will have relevance far beyond homeschooling, because HSLDA is intertwined with conservative politics and is part of a conservative mentality that is less about protecting parental rights than it is about imposing a laundry list conservative ideals on families whether parents like it or not. Read more

Are Bugs “Boy” Things and Dolls “Girl” Things?

This fall a little girl wrote to Abdo Publishing after becoming concerned that the book she was reading, “The Biggest Baddest Book of Bugs,” was part of a series titled “Biggest, Baddest Books for Boys.” “Some girls would like to be entomologists too.,” she explained. Abdo wrote back, thanking her concern and agreeing to change the series title to “Biggest, Baddest Books.” But there was something about the story that struck me. Read more

Whitesplaining Racial Disparities in STEM Fields

I’ve seen enough of this that appeals to “reason” or “rational thought” are starting to make me twitch. Too often this is code for “you’re wrong and your lived experience is irrelevant, let me tell you how it actually is.” I’m so over that. When a person has not even considered that systemic racism might constitute a “taking” or assumes that the real solution to failing schools is to give the students some “tough love,” you are neither well informed nor a critical thinker, and your sense of compassion is underdeveloped at best. Read more

Racism Is (Not) Dead

I got to the point over Thanksgiving break where I was so fed up with the responses I was hearing and reading that I threw up my hands and declared, “I give up on white people!” And I’m white. And obviously I don’t give up on white people. But following this conversation over the past few weeks has been both incredibly disheartening and extremely eye-opening. Racism is alive and well in this country. The words used may have changed, but the feelings haven’t. Read more