And you know what? Gwen’s lawyer, Peter, ought to have told her all of this. And maybe he would have, if he weren’t so busy telling her that he’ll never let them take Casey from her again—which yes, is a thing he told her. Great lawyer, that. Read more

I may have come to the end of the post, but I haven’t found the answers I was hoping I would while writing my thoughts out. How can we value the feminine without pushing girls into gendered tracks? Read more

And frankly, the Duggars had the same problem in all of their justifications for how they handled their son Josh’s actions—it wasn’t like he raped his sisters, so why were people so upset? This whole “it wasn’t rape” defense for individuals who molest children really needs to be discontinued. There is more to sexual abuse than rape. At its core, these sorts of justifications betray a fundamental lack of understanding of sexual abuse, and how it works. Read more

I have yet to see the Christian movie of the hour, War Room, but I’ve been reading reviews and they’ve only made me increasingly uncomfortable. The movie centers on wise elderly Miss Clara’s tutelage of Elizabeth, a real estate agent with a troubled marriage whom she takes under her wing. And if you thought the relationship messages in Fireproof were bad enough—the husband, Caleb, is abusive, but nobody calls him out as such—the ones taught in War Room are, by all reports, only worse. Read more

But I have to say, there is some serious irony in the fact that Farris, Farris Jr., and others at HSLDA believe they can argue both that homeschooling families are constantly reported to social services by upset friends or relatives and that homeschooling families have a low rate of child abuse based on of how infrequently people call social services on homeschooling families. Read more

In a recent blog post, evangelical theologian Doug Wilson explained why he married pedophile Steven Sitler to a woman in his congregation four years ago, calling on God to bless them with children. (For background on this story, see here and here.) Or at least, he thinks he explained it. He really didn’t. Fortunately, his explanation does give us more insight into how Wilson views child molesters. Read more

It’s time for another chatter thread! Read more

One of the oddest things about this book is the amount of attention Farris gives to completely unimportant and mundane details while leaving out other, more important details (such as Casey’s first doctor’s visit, or how she’s doing at the foster home). And that is what we get at the beginning of today’s passage. Read more

Okay, that’s it. I have been studiously trying to ignore the Republican presidential primary, but I just can’t anymore. Oh yes, you’d think Trump would have pushed me over the edge, but no! It was Huckabee! You may think the title of this post surely must be hyperbole, but bear with me here, because I have my reasons. Let’s take a look at what happened, shall we? Read more

It is disconcerting, but it’s more than that. This isn’t just a simple “mistake.” Someone at some point thought it sounded good to say that Jesus quoted more from Genesis than any other book and didn’t bother to double check it. There’s no way you get from the reality that only one of Jesus’ dozens of quotes from the Old Testament come from Genesis, or the reality that only 7% of his references to Old Testament books are from Genesis, to stating that Jesus quotes from (or references) the Old Testament more than any other book unless your intent is to deceive. Read more

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