Guest Post: Women Are Your Reward for Being Awesome!


A Guest Post by Perfect NumberPerfect Number wrote this post after watching the Super Bowl, but the themes are fairly universal. I am reposting it here because I think the "women as a reward" motif is both incredibly ubiquitous in our culture and horribly insidious.I just watched the Superbowl and I gotta write this. The ads. Misogyny and objectification, as always. And it's freaking disgusting.I'm not going to write about GoDaddy, because we all knew theirs was going to be … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Homeschool Regulations and Children’s Rights

neglected child

A Guest Post by HeatherjanesIt's hard to figure out where to start when discussing homeschool regulations and children's rights because it is both a personal and professional issue for me. I am trained as a policy analyst and am also a former homeschooler, so I could write something long and technical, but I won't, not today anyway. I'll just tell the general story of what I know about homeschooling regulations.I will begin by simply saying we desperately need them---formal registration, … [Read more...]

Jimmy Kimmell on the Problem with Punishing Children

James Kimmell Children and Punishment

[Text: What bothers me so much about punishing children is that it is a conscious effort to hurt them . . . . The question that must be asked is why we are, and have been, so willing to hurt our children in order to get them to behave---to treat them as criminals, slaves, and animals. ~ James Kimmell] I love the above image and feel that it really encapsulates a lot of my thoughts. I personally left off punishing my daughter Sally about a year or so ago. And you know what? The sky hasn't … [Read more...]

Dear Ken Ham: You Can’t Have It Both Ways


PZ recently wrote about Ken Ham's attempt to discredit opposition to creationism being taught in Louisiana schools. While biblical creation may not be provable through tests and observation, neither is molecules-to-man evolution (or astronomical evolution). And in fact, the evidence that is available to us concerning our origins makes sense in the biblical creation-based worldview, not the evolutionary one. That seems . . . contradictory. Let's look again: While biblical creation may not be … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Christian Right Activism Is a Global Issue

france gay marriage

A Guest Post by AhabMany of us are familiar with the political and social activism of the Religious Right in the U.S., having observed its affronts to LGBTQ equality, reproductive rights, and religious pluralism. It's easy to think of the Christian Right as an American problem, but we must also remember that it's a global matter as well. As progressive bloggers and activists in the U.S. keep an eye on the Religious Right, we must also pay attention to right-wing Christian activism on the … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: Learning Together


A Guest Post by Emily My parents didn’t set out to homeschool. The fluke of my birthdate put me either the youngest or the oldest of my class, and after being the youngest in kindergarten my parents decided to homeschool for a year before first grade. That year went so well that they homeschooled for another, then another, reevaluating each year. My mom thoroughly enjoyed the experience and my dad supported it wholeheartedly, though was not often involved in hands-on teaching. I have one y … [Read more...]

Guest Post: . . . But I’m Still a Christian!


A Guest Post by Perfect Number This post is a rant against evangelicals' insistence that being Christian means voting Republican. The author was raised in a conservative evangelical home but has drifted to the left on her social positions even as she still identifies as Christian. Please be respectful in your comments.   People are going to say I’m not a Christian.Because I support gay rights. Clearly, I must be rejecting “the bible’s clear teaching on homosexuality.” A real Christian would … [Read more...]