Pope Tries to Have It Both Ways on Family Size

Having no children is “selfish” . . . but having too many children is “irresponsible.” It doesn’t help that the pope praises his mother for having five children but condemned a Filipino woman for having eight children. Where’s the line, then? Six kids? Seven? When does it move from “the joy of children” to being “like rabbits”? Read more

The Pennington Point on Adult Children, Maturity, and Drivers Licenses

I wan’t to be clear that this isn’t an isolated thing. When a parent home births and homeschools, they have total control over their children’s documents (including control over the very existence of those documents). I grew up knowing several homeschooling families that didn’t obtain social security numbers for their children. Read more

Anonymous Tip: Donna Makes Her Case

Remember that while Donna’s creating a case that Gwen is unstable, her actual concern was not Gwen’s instability but rather that Gwen called her names. This is what’s so odd about this entire situation—everything that happens from here on out will happen for the simple reason that Donna has a grudge against Gwen. Read more

The Tony Jones Affair: Releasing the Documents

It is up to other Emergent Christians to deal with this situation, because Tony Jones is their leader, not mine. If they think Tony Jones is fit for leadership after how he unrepentantly treated Julie—and remember, too, that Tony was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder during the proceedings—so be it. But if that is what they decide, my grave concerns about Emergent Christianity’s priorities will be confirmed. Read more

The Pennington Point on Adult Kids Living at Home

I just stumbled upon a blog post Lisa Pennington wrote last August, a month before her daughter, Alecia Faith, left home. In this post, Lisa talks about how she handles having adult children living at home. Read more

I Stand with Alecia Pennington

The more I read of Alecia’s mother Lisa’s blog, the more familiar it all felt, down to the line about Alecia’s actions being “completely out of character from the girl I know.” The truth is, my mother thought she knew me, but she didn’t, because she only knew what I showed of myself, which is what she wanted to see. And when I started to stake out for myself who I was, she clung to a me that was gone, sure that it was the real one, unable to see that what she was holding onto was an echo. Read more

Homeschooling Parents Dismiss Alumni Voices Again

I suppose I’m left wondering when homeschool alumni are actually allowed to speak, in the eyes of these parents. I’m a homeschool alumna. I have thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Why, then, do I find my voice and those of other homeschool alumni so undervalued by homeschooling parents? Are we only allowed to speak if we have positive things to say? My mother used to say that—“if you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything at all”—but I’m a grownup now, and I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Read more

When Men Wax Poetic about My Womb

I want to start out by saying that right now, I am very frustrated. Very very frustrated. Men need to stop talking about—and especially for—women until they stop and freaking listen. Read more

“Women’s Cultures” Reminds Us that the Catholic Church Is Still Out of Touch with Women

As of late, Catholic leaders have been showing their true colors regarding their attitudes toward women. For example, the 2014 Humanum conference was brimming with retrograde messages about gender complimentarity, marriage, and family. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke drew ire earlier this year when he decried the “feminized” atmosphere of the church. Now, the Catholic Church is being ridiculed for a misguided conference on women’s issues at the Vatican last week. Read more

The State Doesn’t Own Your Kids . . . and Neither Do You

Children have an interest in having adequate healthcare and not dying from preventable diseases. Parents are responsible for protecting that interest as best they can, but matters of public health are also something we delegate to the state. The state has a responsibility to protect the interests of not only children but all of its citizens. Preventing disease and stopping epidemics is part of this. Read more

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