HSLDA’s Core Agenda: Abolishing Compulsory Education

So next time HSLDA comes out against this homeschool law or that homeschool bill, bear in mind that they’re not just interested in keeping homeschooling legal, or in reducing oversight of homeschooling. They’re interested in abolishing compulsory education altogether. Read more

The Lesbian Duplex 10: An Open Thread

This space is for conversation between commenters. Read more

“Daylight Robbery”

I was struck recently by this bit by Nancy Campbell, on Above Rubies: Last night my husband and I were talking to our daughter-in-law. My husband asked her, “What is your main reason for homeschooling?  “I don’t want to be robbed of the time I can spend with my children,” she replied. And that’s a lot of hours! During the twelve years of a child’s schooling (before they even go away to college), they will be away from home for THREE… Read more

Anonymous Tip: Introducing a New Review Series

Guess what just came in the mail? That’s right, Michael Farris’s novel, Anonymous Tip. Today I begin a new series—I will be reviewing the book in installments in the same way I reviewed Created To Be His Help Meet. Read more

Red Brown Yellow, Black and White: Evangelicals and Race

I grew up in a white evangelical home, hearing of missions and of spiritual equality. In fact, my parents very obviously believed they were combatting racism in teaching my siblings and I that God loved all peoples, and when they valued missions work and spoke of converting the whole world. And yet. And yet. Even as they taught us these things, they spoke of the darkness of other cultures and religions around the world and the problems of black culture in our own country. They thought they were inoculating me against racism, but in practice they were teaching me racism. Read more

Things HSLDA Opposes: Making Emergency Medical Personnel Mandatory Reporters

For HSLDA, social services investigations are primarily something that get in the way of parents doing their thing. They are an annoyance to be avoided. By opposing mandatory reporting laws, HSLDA works to cut down on the number of child abuse and neglect reports made. This makes sense in terms of their longterm vision—HSLDA would like the state to have as little power over parents as possible. As a result, the organization seems to weigh these child abuse reports in terms of parental inconvenience, ignoring the negative affect their efforts to cut down on reports made may have on the children involved. Read more

Why You Should Support the Coalition for Responsible Home Education

I wrote two weeks ago about a fund drive being held by the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. You can read more about the organization and their efforts here, and view suggested donation levels and incentives here. The fund drive lasts for the month of December, and all donations are tax deductible. Today I want to write about why you should support the organization—and about why people who read my blog should care. Read more

Then What Makes Us Different? Torture Edition

The Senate Intelligence Committee recently released a report on the CIA’s torture program. You can read their summary here. The report, which covered 2001 to 2009, told of water-boarding, sleep deprivation, rectal rehydration, and even of trying to get detainees to talk by threatening their children. But as horrifying as I have found the report itself (if sadly unsurprising), I have been perhaps more horrified by some of the responses I have seen, especially on the Right. Perhaps the most common argument is that we simply… Read more

Duggar Actions Have Real World Consequences

It’s long past time to see the Duggars as “quaint” or snark fodder. It’s time we fully understood the political influence the Duggars and other families like them wield or seek to wield, and the real world effects of that influence. It’s time we understood the world they aim to create—a world where LGBTQ individuals are marginalized and denied their rights at best, and forced to undergo anti-gay conversion therapy at worst. It is a world where gay people will be barred from the teaching profession, stigmatized, and treated as dangerous and depraved. This dystopia may look far fetched at the national level, but it is likely not so far fetched in Fayettville, Arkansas. Read more

Where This Atheist Parent Is This Christmas

Last year my in-laws gave us a really nice toy nativity set, for the kids. This year I got it out again, and it has been getting a lot of use. When I first had children after leaving my parents’ conservative evangelical beliefs behind, I was afraid. Mainly, I was afraid that my children would be hurt by religion in the way I had. And so I tried to shield them from it, to keep it away from them. When relatives… Read more

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