TTUAC: This Is What Got Lydia Schatz Killed

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To Train Up A Child, pp. 9---11In this section, Michael finally touches on the topic of "excessive discipline." EXCESSIVE DISCIPLINEDisciplinary actions can become excessive and oppressive when the tool of training is set aside and one depends on discipline alone to do the training. I have observed proud, stern fathers, ruling their house with a firm hand and making sure everyone knows it. The rod is swift to fall, and especially in the presence of company. The children tremble in his … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: Don’t Let Your Woman Shop Alone!!

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A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally Posted on Yllom MormonCreated To Need A Help Meet, pp. 47---48We are still going through reasons why men need women. Today we're discovering that women need protection---not just protection, but the protection of men! I Need to Be Her ProtectorYou were created to protect your wife. Just as women are created to nurture, men are created to protect. There is a need met in a man when his woman looks to him for protection. And there is a need met in … [Read more...]

Homeschoolers Anonymous: A Series on Michael Pearl

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This past week Homeschoolers Anonymous has been running a series on Michael Pearl's child training methods. Over a dozen readers and bloggers submitted their own personal stories toward this series, and they range from analytic to heartbreaking. Many include graphic descriptions of child abuse, so please bear that in mind before clicking. I'll provide a brief excerpt for each post, just to give you a taste, and for readers who may not have time to click through. I've made sure these excerpts are … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: Michael Talks to the Ladies


A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally Posted on Yllom MormonCreated To Need A Help Meet, pp. 44---46We're still on Chapter 4, where Michael tells men why they need women. So far, we've established that women need to be needed; it's the man's job to sanctify his wife; and it's the woman's job to be her husband's moral compass. More about that compass today. I Need Her Morality and ConscienceIt is well known that the women are the moral anchors of any society. When the ladies become … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Courting a Stranger


As you may know, the Duggars announced last week that their daughter Jessa is now courting. I've watched the conversation surrounding this announcement, and to be honest, my gut reaction has been to wish people would leave the poor girl alone. This is as close as Jessa is allowed to come to dating, and she almost certainly has all of the happy jitters that come with first love. I remember that time myself and have a lot of empathy for Jessa, and some of the more snarky responses I've seen have … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Having a Nervous Breakdown? Selfish Woman!


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 156---159"I'm About to Have a Nervous Breakdown." That is how Debi titles this bit, which closes out her section teaching young women "to be sober." This should be interesting, right? Well . . . as you might expect, she basically spends the whole time telling women that nervous breakdowns are their own damn fault for being so selfish and that they need to purpose to stop having them. Yay. As she often does, Debi starts with a letter, prefacing it with … [Read more...]

A Sibling Tussle: Empathy and Problem Solving


So. I've given you all an intense couple of days. Today we take a break for something more fun. I want to share a humorous exchange that recently took place between my children Sally (age 4) and Bobby (age 1). It involved a tussle over a package of princess gummies and two children who really do care about each other---but aren't about to give up their property without a fuss.First, a moment of background. Every time we go to the grocery I let Sally pick out something for herself. The … [Read more...]