Happy marriage equality day, everyone! Read more

Gwen hasn’t worried about how Casey is doing, or about whether Casey is upset, or whether Casey is being taken care of. Nope. Nada. Instead, as she looks at the swing set, we’re told that “Casey’s face and giggle were all too real—memories from the morning when Donna Corliss first invaded her life.” It’s not about Gwen worrying whether Casey’s okay, it’s about Gwen feeling sorry for herself that Casey’s not there. And this is Farris’s heroine and model mother. Read more

~ A Guest Post by Rita ~ Telling my parents in person I am lesbian was the horrible experience I anticipated, but I am glad I did it because, when it was over and my flight back to Massachusetts lifted into the air, I also lifted. Although Mom and Dad’s voices of dogmatic doom echoed in my ears, I felt new freedom to be me without the gravity of impossible expectations and an urge to conform and keep secrets in order to receive a blessing I knew would never be authentic. Read more

I had assumed conservatives would admit that the shooter was motivated by racism but argue that he was a lone extremist, or that he had mental problems, and thus downplay the extent of racism that still exists in our society today. I hadn’t expected them to argue that an overtly race-based incident was in fact an example of anti-Christian persecution. Dylann Roof left no ambiguity. He stated flat out that he shot those he did because of race, not because they were in a church. But perhaps I expected too much. Read more

Late last week Homeschoolers Anonymous pulled its posts on Rachel Dolezal out of concern that these posts were contributing to efforts to minimize or excuse Rachel’s actions. After seeing this I thought about pulling my post on Rachel Dolezal’s parents, but have ultimately decided against it, largely because I stated upfront that the background I was providing does not to excuse Rachel in any way. But I’ve realized that this is not enough. Read more

Not all courtships look the same. It seems that the high-profile Duggar courtships have so shaped public perception of what a courtship within this subculture looks like that some readers have concluded that college and courtship are incompatible. Not so! Read more

It’s time for another chatter thread! Read more

Most of this section is rather boring and mundane. After having supper with Gwen at the hospital at 7:00, Peter returns to the Paulsen Building. He uses “his pass key” to get in and goes to the law library “located two floors below his office.” Notice all the details? We’re told that “lawyers aren’t expected to have the law completely memorized, but they are expected to know how to find it,” and we then follow Peter as he looks up various legal statutes and copies them. Read more

Don’t expect to see a surge in divorces among evangelicals after marriage equality is universal. Instead, expect to see evangelicals put an increased emphasis on detangling religious marriage from legal marriage. Read more

And perhaps that’s what’s bothering me about this story. Rachel’s parents have been paraded and lauded across the media, their words taken at face value, despite the fact that they have been (successfully) accused of abuse and despite the fact that they are defending their adult son against accusations of child sexual abuse. And as someone familiar with the dynamics of abuse, this makes me really uncomfortable. Read more

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