CTNAHM: In Which Michael Confuses Me


Created To Need A Help Meet, pp. 38---41A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally posted on Yllom MormonYes, we are still learning about the ways men need women. I know you're excited, so let's jump right in. I Need Her to Balance Me EmotionallyAgain, we guys don't like to admit that we are emotional beings.  It is quite obvious that the gals are 90% emotion and 10% adulterated reason.  We fellows pride ourselves on being logical and objective.  But keep in mind that anger is an emotion. … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: How To Cook To Please Your Husband


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 149---154Remember that Debi just got through shaming Jill for not being able to balance sick kids and getting dinner ready at time. Well, Debi's about to explain to Jill just how she could have Done Everything Right. Because women's true role is in the kitchen, dontcha know. The AssignmentLearn to use the kitchen's "wonder tool"---the crock pot. Today, as I write this, it is Sunday. This morning at 8 A.M., I put several frozen chicken breasts and some … [Read more...]

Double Standards and Responsibility: An FYI Roundup

teenage boy

Both yesterday and today, I have come upon an ever-growing stream of responses to the viral blog post, FYI (if you're a teenage girl). Some of them were so good I just couldn't leave them be without sharing them. So here, in this post, I'm going to offer a roundup of responses of sorts. Feel free to post additional responses you've come across in the comments, and I may add them here.First, of course, is my own post, FYI (A letter to my daughter Sally): Dear Sally,I saw something today … [Read more...]

FYI (A Letter to My Daughter Sally)


Dear Sally,I saw something today that made me think of you. It was a blog post addressed to teenage girls. Oh I know, you're only four, but in ten years you'll be fourteen. It was that fourteen-year-old you I couldn't help but think of when I read this post, and inside, my heart broke for you.There will be adults in your world who are very concerned about what you wear and how you carry your body and what you do with it. There will be adults in your life who care more about whether you … [Read more...]

Bottling Up Your Emotions, Children Edition


Have a look at this FAQ from a quiverfull blogger: How do you deal with (1) whining/complaining, (2) arguing with parental directions, (3) poor attitudes (sulking, etc.) in response to chores, food, parental decisions, etc., (4) tantrums.All of the above are a lot easier to avoid, than to deal with. We do not permit whining, complaining, arguing, sulking, tantrums, sibling fighting, rudeness, etc. We avoid them by teaching why such attitudes and behaviors are wrong, and then punishing them … [Read more...]

SMM: Chapter 5—Daughters with less-than-perfect Fathers

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A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted Time To Live, FriendFinally, now that we’re on chapter 5, the Botkins admit that there will be exceptions to their way of life.  What’s a girl to do if she has a bad father or if her father is not onboard with the whole stay-at-home daughter thing? What if she doesn’t have a father? Unfortunately, the Botkins have answers for you. “All fathers are less than perfect. So are all daughters. We can’t wait for our fathers to be perfect before we become th … [Read more...]

TTUAC: Definitional Discussions and Pavlov’s Dog


To Train Up A Child, pp. 4---5 TRAINING, NOT DISCIPLINE"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Prov. 22:6)." Train up, not beat up. Train up, not discipline up. Train up, not educate up. Train up, not "positive affirmation" up. Training is the most obvious missing element in child rearing. Training is not discipline. A child will need more than "obedience training," but without it everything else will be insufficient. With all of Michael's … [Read more...]