HSLDA Opposes Measure to Reduce School Violence

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I just came upon an Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) legislative alert about a pending bill in Mississippi. Here is their summary: Summary:This bill would create the Safe2Tell Program whereby students and members of the community could make anonymous reports about the safety and welfare of school students. Broadly applied, this legislation would permit anyone to make such a report against a homeschooling family. This would also encourage the making of false reports and result … [Read more...]

Let It Go: An Anthem for the Abused and Repressed


I've read a lot of articles online about Frozen. I've read arguments that Disney was sexist in its adaption of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen, because it cut out most of the female characters and added romance to the plot. I've read lists of all the things that make Frozen a progressive movie---from everyone's reaction to Anna's engagement to the unquestioning acceptance that a queen can rule a kingdom in her own right.But what I keep coming back to, again and again, is Let It Go. … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: Twits, Sluts, and Slut Makers


A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally posted on Yllom MormonCreated To Need A Help Meet, pp. 117---119Last time, we talked about the Command Man's weaknesses. We're still discussing these weaknesses. And through it all, I am so very confused at Michael. It seems like, sometimes, Michael has no idea how he perceived outside of his church circle. Or if he does, he doesn't care. I could give examples, but I'll let him make the point for me. On we go! Exhortation to the Command ManEven … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: The Catch 22


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 202---204We're still in the section on modesty, and here we get to the question of pants, which is a heated topic in so many fundamentalist circles. Once we're through that, we'll get a taste of what Debi thinks of fat* women, and in getting said taste we'll touch on an important Catch-22 women face in the purity culture Debi promotes. What About Pants? We cannot leave this subject without dealing with an issue that comes up over and over again. Is it … [Read more...]

Is Having Been a Homeschool Kid Really Not Enough?


I wrote earlier this week about some of the ways some homeschool parents have been dismissing homeschool alums speaking out in favor of more legal safeguards and protections for homeschooled children. This week Al Jazeera initiated the hashtag #homeschoolkid asking for people's experiences, and I came upon this:Just in case you're confused, the "CRHE" she is referring to is the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, whose board is made up of homeschool alums. She might as well have said … [Read more...]

A Home for Benjamin and Skye: Adopted into Hell

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This post has been removed at the author's request, for personal reasons. … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: Surprising Introspection from Michael—Sort Of

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A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally Posted on Yllom MormonCreated to Need a Help Meet, pp. 116---117Today we are talking about the Command Man's greatest weakness. And I have to say, I'm surprised at what Michael thinks it is. Does he handle the subject well? Does he offer feasible techniques for overcoming said weakness? Hahaha. I'll let you guess. The Command Man's Greatest WeaknessThe Command Man's greatest weakness is confidence in his hormones---in his innate nature. He trusts … [Read more...]