Don’t expect to see a surge in divorces among evangelicals after marriage equality is universal. Instead, expect to see evangelicals put an increased emphasis on detangling religious marriage from legal marriage. Read more

And perhaps that’s what’s bothering me about this story. Rachel’s parents have been paraded and lauded across the media, their words taken at face value, despite the fact that they have been (successfully) accused of abuse and despite the fact that they are defending their adult son against accusations of child sexual abuse. And as someone familiar with the dynamics of abuse, this makes me really uncomfortable. Read more

We’re at the point, those of us calling out spiritual abuse and toxic structures of power within the church, where being accused of being “angry” and “bitter” has become something of a right of passage. And you know what? So be it. Viva la revolución! Read more

Early marriages are unwise for a large number of reasons, but for individuals like Chapman or other commenters on these threads, early marriage solves a number of problems—it helps ensure that girls maintain their virginity before marriage, and that they do not have the time to become independent or get ideas. Instead, they are passed from father to husband, and expected to submit to male headship either way. Read more

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! Read more

Atheism does not make one more moral than others. Atheism is not an ethical system. Indeed, atheists adhere to a wide variety of ethical systems that are sometimes at odds with each other. Stalin was an atheist, and yet he did things that I, as an atheist myself, find reprehensible. This is because he adhered to a different ethical system than I do, even though we share our lack of belief in a God or gods. Read more

And did you catch that Gerald (Blackburn) just gave Randall (McGuire) a bribe?! Frankly, this conspiracy theory is becoming only more difficult to believe as time goes by. This is the sort of thing everyone involved would lose their licenses and livelihoods over. Read more

I mentioned several months ago that Minecraft Pocket Edition only allowed players to play as Steve. This wasn’t a big deal if you played on your own (you wouldn’t generally actually see yourself, after all), but became more of an issue when playing with others on a shared wifi connection. Well, Minecraft has since updated its app, and users now have their pick of a variety of characters. Read more

As someone who went through a controlling and manipulative courtship process and then lived in fear that my mother would find out I was having sex during my engagement, I am utterly and completely appalled at how the Duggars have approached this whole mess. Read more

In the end, parenting shouldn’t be about taking a stand and refusing to move from it. Parenting should be about teaching skills and preparing children for adult life. Read more

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