Bad Logic from Bad Catholic


Marc of Bad Catholic has offered a "rebuttal" of my post of last week criticizing that simplistic dandelion rose illustration supposedly showing the bad fruits of contraception and the good fruits of chastity. I'm not going to bother with most of his rebuttal---feel free to go over and read and critique it yourself---but I do want to point out what horrid logic Catholics like Marc are reduced to in insisting that there's this huge gulf of a divide between "unnatural" contraception like the pill o … [Read more...]

Guest Post: An Outsider Reads Elsie Dinsmore, Part III

Elsie Dinsmore 3

A Guest Post by TraceySo, most of the cat is out of the bag; Elsie nearly dies before the book wraps up. The last piece of the story involves Elsie's extreme reluctance to do anything of a secular nature on the sabbath. Her only acceptable Sunday diversions are reading the bible and The Pilgrim's Progress (a religious allegory). So, of course, when Horace asks Elsie to read him secular story on Sunday, she refuses, saying its against God's law. Remember that Elsie has already run into pro … [Read more...]

Guest Post: An Outsider Reads Elsie Dinsmore, Part II

Elsie Dinsmore

A Guest Post by TraceyThis is the point in the book(s) where the chapters all start running together. This time I will summarize the events from chapter 8 of book one through chapter 3 of book two, spoil the ending, touch on some themes, and compare Elsie to other books.Picking up where we left off, Elsie and Papa (Horace) are all sweetness and shiny-happy. Horace has no major beefs with his obedient little daughter, although he does keep her on a pretty tight leash. Elsie still cries at … [Read more...]

Guest Post: An Outsider Reads Elsie Dinsmore, Part I


A Guest Post by TraceyMy name is Tracey and I write a blog describing my religious journey through local churches. In my blog surfing I became interested in the Elsie Dinsmore series, so I borrowed books 1 and 2 from the library. Functionally, I found them more like one long story than two, so I read them in succession. I would like to present an adult, outside (non-homeschooled non-evangelical) perspective on these first two books. The books I have read are, as far as I can tell, the … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Adam Knew (But It’s Eve’s Fault)


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 110-111Debi has previously said that God creates men with armor and women without, so that mean can use their reason to stand against Satan's temptations and make sound decisions while women use their feelings to tenderly care for their children and keep the home. Women, Debi says, are to stand behind the armor of their men, and thus be protected. The reason Eve at the apple, Debi says, is that she stepped out from Adam's armor and was thus vulnerable. Some … [Read more...]

HSLDA as a Supervillain


I recently received an email from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) with the headline "Single Mom Shields Son from Bullies, Faces Charges." Curious, I looked at the summary the email provided: New Jersey: Charges Dropped, Case Dismissed After HSLDA IntervenesHome School Legal Defense Association worked closely with a local attorney to prove that charges of educational neglect against a single mom were false. Still curious, I clicked the link to the full article. Single mom … [Read more...]

A Response to a Failed Courtship—A Humorous Poem


In google searching for something totally unrelated, I came upon a humorous poem about a failed courtship. As someone raised in this mentality, I found it familiar---and quite funny---and thought I'd share. It's written like a letter from a girl's prospective suitor to her father, sent after learning (from the father, of course) that the girl had rejected his suit. And weirdly, this poem was posted approvingly on the website of Scott Brown, Vision Forum ally and courtship promoter … [Read more...]