If only my parents had avoided all of that the courtship literature and rhetoric—all of those leaders telling them that this sort of interference was their right and duty—how much healthier our relationships would be today. Read more

Farris has here established that Gwen did not have biblical grounds for divorce. If there were other women—i.e., if Gordon committed adultery—Gwen would arguably have biblical grounds for divorce (though whether she could remarry—biblically—is a separate question). But Farris has made it quite clear that there were no other women. By establishing that Gordon didn’t drink before he left, Farris may be suggesting that he was not physically abusive toward Gwen and Casey. Read more

Remember when I said that HSLDA opposes allowing parents a wider range of options when it disagrees with those options? My daughter goes to a Title 1 elementary school that has its own social worker—and I’m glad it does. But if HSLDA had its way, they would take that away. In other words, HSLDA is less interested in what I, a parent affected by this kind of legislation, want than in pursuing their anti-social services agenda. Read more

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! Read more

Many of my commenters grew up in bad or abusive home situations, and as I’ve read some of their comments over the years I’ve realized hoe truly devoid of warmth or love these situations can sometimes be. But my own case was not one of these. I grew up with parents who threw themselves into activities with us, made time for us, and fostered our curiosity. Read more

Yesterday I argued that we sometimes hold higher expectations for our children than we do for ourselves. One example I gave was when parents expect their children to jump up and come immediately when called while they themselves feel free to take a moment to finish something when someone else calls them. I grew up with parents who expected obedience to be “immediate, complete, cheerful, and without question.” Anything short of this was considered disobedience. Half of my many siblings… Read more

How often do we expect more of our children than we do of ourselves? Read more

Should we care about the fact that job opportunities for working class men have declined? Absolutely. But we should also care about the fact that job opportunities for working-class women have always been slim. Neither Carl nor Lily should have to work two jobs to make ends meet, and yet it is Lily who is doing just that in an article that calls for expanding economic opportunities for men. There seems to be some irony going on here. Read more

Gwen is a nurse and Stan spends his time playing golf, and yet $500 is all they can come up with between them. Does this strike anyone else as odd? Now perhaps they live outside of their means and don’t save, or perhaps golfing is a less expensive hobby than I’ve been given to believe and nursing a less financially sound career than I’d thought, or perhaps Gwen spent all of her money during the divorce settlement. But this is fiction, and Farris made these choices. I feel like this would feel more realistic if Gwen worked as a gas station attendant for minimum wage and Bill spent his retired life watching ESPN. Read more

If nothing else this article makes HSLDA’s view of the public schools fairly clear: They believe that public schools are “radically atheistic” and that they show “hostility toward faith.” As a public school parent myself, I have to wonder. The attorneys at HSLDA all appear to be homeschooling parents. Is it possible that they are so out of touch with what twenty-first century public schools actually look like that they actually believe their rhetoric Read more

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