Reinforcing Other Axes of Oppression Isn’t “Punching Up”

If we want to dismantle certain structures of oppression, we need to not reinforce other structures of oppression in the process. We need to take down all the structures of oppression, whether based on gender, race, class, sexual orientation, gender preference, or appearance. Read more

Mockery and Alienation: Or, Thoughts on Snark

I was struck by a recent post by fellow homeschool alum Leon Brooks-West. Text here: The unexamined (internalized or otherwise) misogyny of ex-fundies or ex-homeschoolers as they create a stereotyped spectacle of “homeschool girls/moms” further isolates and alienates all those who identify or present as women or girls within the fundie homeschool system, many of whom are subject to a high level of abuse and control. The denim skirts and scrunchies are not the problem. Your notion that women ought to… Read more

#DefendTheDuggars (Sort of)

I’ve said it before on social media and I’ll say it again here. The mocking of Duggar children is not something I can get behind. Criticize the Duggar parents for what they’re doing to their children, criticize Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josh for their anti-LGBT activism, that’s fair game. Mocking the kids isn’t. Read more

Anonymous Tip: Meet the Social Worker

Donna Farris establishes as follows: She spent the night in bed with her boyfriend; she drank herself silly at a party; and she called into work sick as a result. We are also told that she is an ace investigator who is “tough as nails,” but we watch her put off investigating a Priority 2 child abuse report. Farris establishes Stephen as is a soon-to-be lawyer who is given to partying, has daddy issues, and comes from old money. Finally, Farris establishes Blackburn as primarily concerned about maintaining his office’s top rating and winning another “Top Child Advocate” award. Read more

Do Traditional Gender Roles Lead to Good Sex? No.

In other words, the author’s gendered marriage roles do not by themselves lead to trust and respect, and they are no way necessary for achieving trust and respect. I am getting really tired of people describing relationships that are successful because they are built on healthy relationship skills and then attributing their success to traditional gender roles. Think of the message this sends young couples or unmarried individuals! Don’t worry about working on healthy relationship skills! No no! Those aren’t the key! The key is traditional gender roles! That is what will make your marriage successful and happy! Read more

Things HSLDA Opposes: State-Mandated Medical Exams for Homeschoolers

Now yes, the vast majority of homeschooled students do not homeschool to hide child abuse—but it does happen. When a child dies or is horrifically neglected, it’s normal for officials and lawmakers to look at the system and ask what went wrong—and how they can change things so this won’t happen again. This happens when the victim attends public school, and when the victim is homeschooled. If having an annual medical examination has the potential to help even a few abused homeschooled children—doctors are mandatory reporters, remember—I’m all for it. After all, what do we lose? Read more

The Longsuffering Godly Abused Wife

And so if it is already accepted that being a properly submissive wife is all that is needed to change an abusive partner, there is no need for the author to describe the actual link between her actions and the ultimate result she says she obtained. But the practical effect of stories like this is to convince women with unhappy marriages or abusive partners to stay and submit rather than asserting themselves and leaving. Read more

HSLDA’s Core Agenda: Abolishing Compulsory Education

So next time HSLDA comes out against this homeschool law or that homeschool bill, bear in mind that they’re not just interested in keeping homeschooling legal, or in reducing oversight of homeschooling. They’re interested in abolishing compulsory education altogether. Read more

The Lesbian Duplex 10: An Open Thread

This space is for conversation between commenters. Read more

“Daylight Robbery”

I was struck recently by this bit by Nancy Campbell, on Above Rubies: Last night my husband and I were talking to our daughter-in-law. My husband asked her, “What is your main reason for homeschooling?  “I don’t want to be robbed of the time I can spend with my children,” she replied. And that’s a lot of hours! During the twelve years of a child’s schooling (before they even go away to college), they will be away from home for THREE… Read more

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