CTNAHM: Michael the Manly Man


A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally posted on Yllom MormonBlogger Aletha of Yllom Mormom, a frequent reader on Love, Joy, Feminism, has taken a page out of my book and has begun a series reviewing Michael Pearl's, Created To Need A Help Meet. Michael wrote this book for men after the phenomenal success of Debi Pearl's Created To Be A Help Meet. I've been wanting to read and review it myself, but I already have my hands full in the review department, so I'm thrilled with Aletha's project. … [Read more...]

How Has Pregnancy Changed Your Views on Abortion?


I recently received an email from a journalist who is seeking parents who were pro-life until they had children, and then adopted a more pro-choice stance after experiencing firsthand the costs of pregnancy, birth, and childcare. I myself identified as pro-choice before I became pregnant or had children (though pregnancy did make me more pro-choice) so I don't fit the qualifications for this story, but I thought some of you might. If you're interested in offering your thoughts, ema … [Read more...]

SMM: Chapter 4—Why Your Daddy Needs You

Father Holding Daughter's Hand

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted Time To Live, Friend.[alternative title: The One Where they Use the “S” word]Get ready because this one is a doozy. “Perhaps the most spiritually foundational chapter in the book is Chapter Four, about your duty of submission. Please pray for a responsive heart before you read it” (7). In other words, check your natural gut reaction at the door, and if you are balking at our ideas about submission then you must have a rebellious heart against God. Sorr … [Read more...]

Race, Feminism, and #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen on Twitter

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One thing I write very little about here on the blog is race. Maybe this is something I should change, I don't know, but I'm as white as you get and I grew up in an upper middle class family in a lily-white community, which means that I am awash in white privilege---and I try to make sure to always bear this in mind. As a result, I'm often hesitant about bringing up race here, because I don't feel that I'm in a position to appropriately speak to the issue. I don't want to appropriate others' … [Read more...]

Spanking Tears

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I've written a lot about spanking in the past, but one thing that is difficult is that, for my family, it's not really the past. I am the oldest in a family of over a dozen; many of my siblings are still minors, living at home. My parents still spank. This can make visiting home painful. I keep trying to write about this but I'm having trouble doing it it in my normal fashion. So instead, I give you a series of vignettes---short scenes or conversations from recent visits … [Read more...]

TTUAC: The Promise of Perfection


To Train Up A Child, pp. 1---2Quick note first, while the book is written by "Michael & Debi Pearl," certain sections are labeled "by Debi Pearl," leading me to conclude that the rest of it is written by Michael. That's the assumption I'll be working on in these reviews. Also, the first part of the title of each of these posts is the actual title of the section in TTUAC. The second part, after the dash, is my addition.Anyway, moving on: SWITCH YOUR KIDSWhen you tell some parents … [Read more...]

“Ghost” Rapes in Mennonite Bolivia


Any time someone says "oh, but they're such good Christians, they could never do XYZ," I just want to bang my head against a wall. This is especially true with groups like the Amish and the Mennonites, and also in how I've seen people react to the Duggars' TLC show. "Look at them, raising big families, praying together, going back to the solid way things were in the good old days, not dependent on anyone---aren't they quaint and sweet and wholesome?" Look, no one is immune to doing terrible … [Read more...]