“That Just Means He Likes You”


This image cropped up in my facebook feed today. The issues it discusses are things I've thought about quite a bit, and I think this little story brings together the threads in a fairly powerful way. First the image, and then some discussion.I was reminded of a viral blog post I ran across a year ago, posted on a mommy blog and provocatively called "You Didn't Thank Me for Punching You in the Face." I am sure every girl can recall, at least once as a child,  coming home and telling their … [Read more...]

The Three Weavers, part I: Introducing a Morality Tale

The Three Weavers

So with her father's blessing light upon her, she rode away beside the prince; and ever after, all her life was crowned with happiness as it had been written for her in the stars. As a teenager, my ideas about love and romance were actually influenced just as much by Annie Fellows Johnston's 1904 purity morality tale, The Three Weavers, as they were by Joshua Harris' I Kissed Dating Goodbye. This was brought to mind recently by a series in which blogger Lana of Wide Open Ground has been running … [Read more...]

Judaism 101: Thoughts on Passover


Given that this week is Passover, I decided to ask the Judaism 101 panel to share some of their thoughts on the holiday, and on what it meant to them. This post is the result of that conversation.(Judaism 101 involves ten Jewish readers of my blog answering questions about Judaism in a panel format. (I introduced this project and provided bios of each panelist here.) Feel free to ask questions or ask for clarification, but remember that the goal here is to learn more about other faith tra … [Read more...]

Selfishness and Detoxing after a Quiverfull Upbringing


Reader Chrissy, who grew up in a large Quiverfull family, recently sent me an email with a question. I'm reprinting it here before adding my thoughts and opening the floor for input and discussion. I have a question for you, Libby, about something I have been pondering recently. It would seem that I am not a very helpful person. I rarely lend a hand unless there is something "in it for me". I am over-the-top helpful at my job, because I am invested in my paycheck and want to keep it coming. I … [Read more...]

Judaism 101: The Torah and Other Sources of Holiness


What various sources do Jews consider holy? How they approach and use these various sources? How do Jews of various persuasions differ in their approach to and use of these sources? In this installment of Judaism 101, we'll be talking about the sources Jews consider holy and the various "denominations" within Judaism. Judaism 101 involves ten Jewish readers of my blog answering questions about Judaism in a panel format. (I introduced this project and provided bios of each pa … [Read more...]

“Boys Are Wonderful and Wild and Dirty”—And So Is Sally

11 girl in field

I just came upon this sentence in a comment on a blog post on some other blog out in the blogosphere: Boys are wonderful and wild and dirty and tender and love their mamas and want to be like their daddies. Here's the thing: Sally is wonderful and wild and dirty and tender and loves her mama and wants to be like her daddy.A couple months ago I was at a wedding, and an older woman stopped by me to admire my small son Bobby, who had just started furniture creeping. He had a bruise on his … [Read more...]

Judaism 101: Sexism and Violence in the Torah


In bringing together the various responses from my Judaism 101 panel into the Creation Stories post, I edited out a few of the responses, because they went off on some tangents and the post was long enough as it was. But I did find one of these tangents really interesting---a discussion of grappling with sexism and violence in the Torah and other holy sources---so I've pulled it together here to give it its own post. So here you go. (For an intro to this series and a bio of each panelist, see … [Read more...]