As someone who went through a controlling and manipulative courtship process and then lived in fear that my mother would find out I was having sex during my engagement, I am utterly and completely appalled at how the Duggars have approached this whole mess. Read more

In the end, parenting shouldn’t be about taking a stand and refusing to move from it. Parenting should be about teaching skills and preparing children for adult life. Read more

Jill and Jessa Duggar’s interview with Megyn Kelly aired this past Friday. For the most part, the two reiterated their parents’ talking points, minimizing Josh’s crimes and crying foul at the media. I want to focus on the Duggars’ criticism of the media’s role in all of this. It’s not the legality of the Freedom of Information request through which In Touch learned of Josh’s crimes that I’m interested in, but rather the Duggars’ claims that they are being persecuted by the media for their Christian beliefs. Read more

Time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! Read more

And that is perhaps the biggest irony of the Christian homeschooling movement. As children we were told we were mature independent thinkers, but the moment we actually became that we were treated as children. Read more

A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farris Pp. 79-82 When we left off last week, Peter had just met with Gordon and obtained the reports from Gail, all in the space of one busy afternoon. Peter called Gwen to talk to her about Gordon, but she said she was at work and didn’t have a break until 7:00. Because his office’s phones would automatically switch to an answering service by then (um . . . doesn’t he have a car… Read more

This evening I listened to Megyn Kelly’s interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. I’ve written a number of posts about the Duggar situation over the past two weeks, including What You Need to Know about the Josh Duggar Police Report, What Did Josh’s Counseling Look Like?, and Why Josh Duggar’s “Teenage Mistakes” Matter. As longtime critic of the Duggars and as someone who had a similar upbringing, and this entire situation has weighted heavily on me. Today Jim Bob and Michelle spoke publicly about the situation. I want to give you some of the highlights. Read more

Jana is in a tight spot. She can either make the break completely and risk losing contact with her siblings, or find a way to move her parents slowly and incrementally, convincing them to give her more independence. Perhaps she may choose a Christian college because she thinks her parents would be more likely to get there to send. Perhaps she may mention when asking for a car that she’ll be able to help ferry the younger children around. In either case, she’s negotiating for her very freedom. Read more

As an evangelical child and adolescent, I grew up thinking that I would marry a man who would spend his entire life struggling with lustful thoughts, that he would need an accountability partner to help prevent him from cheating on me, and that from time to time he would come to me and confess some “sexual sin,” whether that be sexual thoughts or pornography use. I anticipated standing by my man as he spent his life battling with sexual desire. Read more

And so, when my friend said “sister wives,” my mind went to books I’ve read by women who have left polygamist cults, and to the way they write about protecting their children from the other wives, and sometimes having to watch, helpless, while another wife punishes one of their children, often more severely than they feel warranted. And suddenly that hits home, hard. Read more

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