Pastor: Reporting Child Sexual Abuse Presents a “Dilemma”

My regular readers are likely familiar with Doug Wilson by now. Wilson is an evangelical pastor who is influential in conservative circles. He lives in Idaho and has his own association of Christian schools, his own magazine, and a slew of books. He once co-wrote a book portraying slavery as a time as racial harmony. He also once asked a judge to show lenience toward a man who had admitted to sexually molesting multiple children—a man Wilson later married to a young woman in his church, blessing the young couple with children. And now, he has written an article on pastoral confidentiality and child abuse—something he calls a dilemma.

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Lesbian Duplex 97: An Open Thread

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! If you have a link or article or interesting thought that’s not relevant to an ongoing thread, you can share it here. If a conversation on another post has turned entirely off topic, you can bring it here also.

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Saturday Link Love: White Nationalism, Sexual Taboos, and Millennials’ Murder Spree

Saturday Link Love is a new feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

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Left-Wing Publications Quoting Bible Verses

I always find it fascinating when liberal or progressive individuals or organizations quote Bible verses to support causes or candidates or issues evangelical Christians oppose, or to make points evangelical Christians disagree with. The Bible has a lot of very different types of material in it, and it can be read in many different ways. This one, though? This one takes the cake.

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Anonymous Tip: The Conservative Episcopalian

That’s . . . weird. It’s as though Farris wants Charlie at a mainline church, because he wants to make it clear that Charlie is older and established and well respected in his field and in the world, but he also wants Charlie to be a born-again Christian, because he’s one of the good guys, so he has to be. So we get something strange—an Episcopalian speaking evangelicalese. That’s weird.

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Let’s Talk Gilmore Girls Revival — Spoilers!

I watched Gilmore Girls while I was in college. I saw a few episodes here and there, and then, one summer, I binge-watched all seven seasons. Gilmore Girls was an important step in my acclimation process—I grew up in a sheltered conservative homeschool community. Once in college, I struggled to understand and identify with classmates who grew up attending school, hanging out at the mall, and going to softball games. Gilmore Girls offered me a window into a different world, and built my knowledge of popular culture.

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Republicans Fan the Flames of Big Government Regulations

It’s ironic, really, that Republicans spend so much time talking smack about government regulations, but are so happy to make medically unnecessary government regulations to advance their own ideological causes. Republicans are against big government only until they hold the reins of power. Then they’re all for it.

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Healing Art Project for Sexual Assault Survivors

I recently received an email from Sarah Jane, a longtime reader, about an art project she is putting together to encourage people to see sexual assault survivors as individual human beings with full lives. Sarah Jane’s project sounds fascinating—and it’s one that invites participation.

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The Mountain at the Foot of Donald Trump

A guest post by xCCC. I was born-again as a sophomore in high school. I prayed for Jesus to forgive my sins and make me like Him. I was a devout believer through high school and college. Since I literally believed that people needed Jesus more than anything, I felt I had no choice but to devote my life to ministry. I joined the staff of a very prominent college campus ministry immediately after college – sure that sharing sharing the love of Christ was the ultimate use of the life I had been given.

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Parenting Survey Request!

I took Wendy’s survey this morning—it took me a hair longer than ten minutes. The survey is very straightforward, and I did not find it at all invasive or uncomfortable to fill out. Filling it out will give Wendy and her partners input on the various needs of progressive parents—and that means it’ll help give her direction as she writes.

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