Pastors and Secretaries: Enemies of a Gothard Marriage

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I’m really tired. But I try to put up a post each day to keep things active and maintain the community here, so today you get more from the Bill Gothard textbook I got my hands on. He’s just so out there that blogging against his teachings is easier than many other topics, somehow. It’s also familiar, in a way. So today you get to find out how pastors and secretaries can be enemies to good, godly marriages. Read more

“I See Things That Nobody Else Sees”

Growing up, my parents placed a lot of emphasis on image. Like Lana, my family was at the center of homeschool activities. People were stopping by all the time, and new homeschoolers were constantly being referred to my mother for advice and mentorship. I cannot emphasize just how highly everyone in our homeschool community and church community spoke of my mother. My family was seen as perfect. We were put on a pedestal—and my parents worked hard to ensure that we stayed there. Signs of weakness were not allowed. Read more

Growing Up Jeub

As I’ve noted, the Duggars follow and promote the parenting methods of religious leaders who teach that corporal punishment must be used to break children’s wills, that children should be required to smile and not allowed to show the slightest negativity, and that “rebellious” young adult children should be shunned and barred from contact with their siblings. Given that, it would be surprising to find all as rosy as the picture they prevent on television. A recent blog post by Cynthia Jeub sheds light on what it ban be like to grow up in an extra-large Christian homeschooling family propelled into the spotlight. Cynthia is one of sixteen children, and her family, too, was featured on TLC. Read more

Reza Aslan and Bill Maher on Islam

In light of recent conversations on atheism, Islam, and progressive religion in general, I thought I’d share a video I came upon today. In it, Reza Aslan, an Iranian-American writer and scholar of religions, responds to comedian Bill Maher’s recent claims about Islam. I really appreciated this video, as it expresses a lot of the concerns I’ve had regarding the way Americans view and portray Islam. I’ll give a short summary for those who don’t want to watch the video. Reza Aslan… Read more

CTBHHM: Playing Telephone with God

Frankly, this book sometimes reads like a diet book. Follow this advice and you’ll have a perfect husband and to-die-for marriage! Look, Jill did it! She followed this advice and all her problems were solved in thirty days! This can be you! Try it now with our money-back guarantee! Read more

Atheism and Me

An atheist friend of mine recently said that any time I blog about atheism, it is to badtalk it. I laughed and pointed out that I myself am an atheist, and he reminded me that being female does not guarantee one is not sexist. This is true. But in this case, I think what’s going on is a bit more complicated. Read more

Can Heitman Prevent His Daughter from Going to College?

Pastor Karl Heitman recently wrote a blog post titled “2 Reasons Why My Daughter Will Not Go to College.” I pledged to myself that I will not sacrifice my daughter on *the altar of men* by sending her out of my home, care, and protection at age 18 just so that she can get a degree and achieve some worldly status. I will count those years as a precious time for my wife and me to prepare her for the… Read more

But What If They Don’t Do What You Ask?

I wrote recently that I would prefer to teach empathy than obedience. As some readers pointed out, at issue here is also responsibility. If we focus on teaching children to obey their parents and other adults in their lives, we aren’t teaching them to make responsible decisions for themselves. One of the things I try to emphasize to my children when teaching empathy is that they live in an interconnected world and their actions affect those around them. This is part of teaching responsibility as well. Read more

More Thoughts on Teaching Consent to Young Children

We need to think about the messages we send children. When they are still toddlers we need to teach them about personal space—that they need to respect others’ personal space, and that they can expect to have their need for personal space respected and backed up—and as they get bigger we need to teach them about consent. Read more

On Transgender Men and “Living Life As a Woman”

Some readers clarify on the transgender experience. Read more

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