Do They Care about Women, or Simply Bashing Religion?

Last week blogger Adam Lee of Daylight Atheism wrote for the Guardian about Richard Dawkins’ sexist comments. The article was titled “Richard Dawkins has lost it: Ignorant sexism gives atheists a bad name.” Blogger Jerry Coyne of Why Evolution Is True was not pleased, and wrote a post titled “Adam Lee Has Lost It.” My regulars will know that I don’t usually dig into the issue of sexism in the atheist movement—largely because I don’t really engage in the atheist movement—but given that I dipped my toe in it last week (“Is Sam Harris Sexist?”) I do want to respond to one thing Coyne said in his post. Read more

The Catholic Church Attempts to Silence Abuse Victim

Let’s talk about a Louisiana court case you probably haven’t heard about. What I find fascinating about the case is how completely divorced the actual case is from the rhetoric about it on Catholic blogs and news sites. Read more

Is Sam Harris Sexist?

I recently wrote about League of the South’s Michael Peroutka’s denial that he is racist. The organization he says taught him everything he knows openly promotes secession and the creation of a white Christian South, but because it also eschews racial hatred Peroutka is aghast at the charges of racism. In fact, he has accused those charging him with racism of playing a “cynical, dishonest race-card-smear game.” It was this situation that my mind was drawn back to as I read Sam Harris’s recent post, “I Am Not the Sexist Pig You’re Looking For.” Read more

AIG Denies White Supremacist Connections

The gist of what’s going on is this: On October 18th, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis will be presenting a conference for a conservative organization (the Institute on the Constitution) with strong ties to a white supremacist group (the League of the South). Answers in Genesis is currently denying that Michael Peroutka, the man behind the Institute on the Constitution, has every had any ties to the League of the South, but this this is absolutely bizarre given the existence of this thing we call the internet. Read more

Adrian Peterson and Black Parenting

Several of my commenters have pointed out that there’s a racial dimension important in understanding the Adrian Peterson situation. This isn’t about saying that what Peterson did in abusing his son was okay, but rather that it’s important to understand the context within which black parents make their disciplinary decisions. As a white woman, I don’t feel qualified to speak to this directly, but I want to point to several articles I’ve seen written on this dimension over the past few days. For each article I’m including a brief excerpt, along with a link to the full piece. Read more

CTBHHM: In Which Debi Mangles Another Bible Character

What Debi Pearl advocates throughout her book is man-worship. Many conservative Christians would suggest that if your children are out of control and your home is in shambles, you should cry out to God. Not so Debi. Debi says that if your children are out of control and your home is in shambles, you should worship your husband. Read more

James Dobson and Adrian Peterson

Two days ago, Focus on the Family’s Jared Pingleton condemned Adrian Peterson’s abuse of his son but defended corporal punishment. Yesterday I explained that the words Pingleton used to justify “appropriate” corporal punishment are the same words abusers use to justify their abuse. In the comments on that post, a reader pointed out, using quotes, that in the punishment he delivered Peterson was simply following the advice of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson himself. Read more

From Humiliation to Cooperation

Yesterday I wrote about an article in Time Magazine’s online parenting section written by Focus on the Family’s Jared Pingleton. In that article Pingleton addressed the Adrian Peterson child abuse controversy. My main argument in my own post was that by misunderstanding the dynamics of abuse, Pingleton both erased abusers and reinforced abusers’ justifications for their actions. Today I want to address the rest of Pingleton’s article—namely, his advice on how to properly apply corporal punishment. In this post, I will speak from my past experience as a child and my present experience as a parent. Read more

Failing to Understand the Dynamics of Abuse: Focus on the Family on Adrian Peterson and Corporal Punishment

Yesterday, Time Magazine’s parenting section featured an article by Focus on the Family’s Jered Pingleton. The article, titled “Spanking Can Be an Appropriate Form of Discipline,” addresses the controversy surrounding Adrian Peterson’s suspension from the Minnesota Vikings on pending child abuse charges after leaving open lacerations on his son. In his article, Pingleton makes a case for corporal punishment while clearly calling Peterson’s actions abuse. Read more

Missouri Father Sues for Control of Daughters’ Sexuality

I have no idea what Wieland’s daughters think of all of this. They may be completely involved and invested, as I would have been at their age. I would have seen it as a way to fight back against the big bad government in favor of our religious beliefs. But at 21 I would have seen it differently. At 21 I would have felt used, and I would have wanted out. Frankly, I probably would have gotten off my parents’ plan entirely and found a way to make a go of it on my own, were I in their shoes. After all, that’s what I did when it came to paying for college. I didn’t want anything else they could use to control me and my choices. Read more

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