We need to be careful to make sure we’re teaching our daughters “and” rather than “or.” Pushing girls away from “boy” things is a problem, yes—a big problem—but pushing girls away from “girl” things is also a problem. We need to make sure we are not giving our daughters the message that things that are pink, or ruffly, or jeweled are somehow inferior. If we do, they might get the idea that if they like those things, they’re inferior too. Read more

It seems it’s conservatives who are quick to make excuses when children are sexually molested—and yet somehow conservatives are arguing that it’s we progressives who don’t have a problem with child molesting? What sort of upside down world is this? Read more

I have been coming upon more and more truly excellent commentary in the aftermath of the revelation that Josh Duggar sexually molested five girls in two families as a teenager—and that his parents, their elders, and local law enforcement covered this up. There is Samantha’s How Josh Duggar Is Getting Away with It, for example, and Kathryn Elizabeth’s Josh Duggar Says He’s Sorry. So What? Read more

This is why it is so troubling that Josh and his victims appear to have received counseling and treatment in-house, whether from their parents or through their like-minded church or various ATI seminars or conferences. This is why professional counseling and treatment is so important. Read more

I still feel weird about posting this because of the gossipy angle so much of the media is giving it. So, I’d like to make a suggestion. When you see people talking about this story, whether on facebook or in person or in a comment section, try to steer the conversation to some of the points I’ve made above. Let’s use the attention the tabloids and other news sources are giving this story to educate the public about the problems with dealing with sexual molestation in house, the importance of sex education, and the dangers of judging the character of a family by outward appearances alone. Read more

World Magazine prides itself on being conservative and holding the traditional evangelical line, and yet here they are changing evangelical doctrine in an effort to justify blatant homophobia. They’ve sunk quite low indeed. Read more

In which I respond to an email from a reader about the role of male voices in the abortion debate. Read more

I recently came upon an interesting blog post by Sarah Moon of the progressive Christian channel on Patheos. In it Sarah pushed back against a blog post in which Roger Olson of the evangelical channel on Patheos argued against calling God “mother.” I’m no longer religious myself, but I was struck by the role gender constructs played in Roger’s post. Read more

In the end, “your human brain can’t understand the mystery that is God” became a cage—regardless of who was saying it—and it was only when I managed to say “no, I don’t believe that” that I was able to fly from the cage. Read more

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! Read more

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