Forward Thinking: What Does Civic Responsibility Mean to You?

Civic Responsibility

Our first prompt involves an issue that is, I think, too often left undiscussed. It is my suspicion that differing ideas about the nature of civic responsibility and what all it includes often underlie political differences in ways we do not always recognize. I believe that we as forward thinkers would benefit from bringing this issue out of the shadows and discussing it directly and enthusiastically. And so, without further ado, I give you this month's Forward Thinking discussion q … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: A Values Development Project


I am excited to announce the creation of a new blogging series: Forward Thinking: A Values Development Project, created in collaboration with fellow Patheos blogger Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers. It is our hope that this series will serve as an invitation to readers and fellow bloggers big and small to participate in forming values and grappling with thorny questions. Like many other bloggers, I spend most of my time criticizing the ideas of others - toxic religious beliefs, patriarchal g … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: A Parent’s Perspective

Homeschool Parent

A guest post by NorthstarLibby Anne, I’ve been following your comments on homeschooling with avid interest. As a homeschooling parent, I was most interested -- and terrified -- by the anger I saw from young adults who had been homeschooled. I followed a few links to read their stories because I truly, truly wanted to know if my kids were going to end up hating me for homeschooling them.To my relief, I quickly saw a pattern emerging. The young adults who were angry were almost invariably s … [Read more...]

A Mea Culpa; On the Devaluation of Domestic Labor


I've been thinking a fair bit over the past few days about the devaluation of women's domestic labor. Why? Because, quite simply, I unintentionally contributed to it in a recent post, as several commenters pointed out. I really do appreciate how frequently those who comment on my blog point out errors or weaknesses in my arguments and simply give me food for thought.On Wednesday as I wrote about why my son Bobby needs feminism too I pointed out the unfortunate reality that while feminism has … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: In Which Debi Poisons the Well

poison the well

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 49-51 Dear Debi,How can I have a merry heart when my husband treats me harshly? Do I just pretend he is a good man instead of a lazy, TV-watching, selfish jerk? Do I just let him walk on me? How can I have a merry heart when all I feel is pain?Linda Debi's response is typical of what we have seen so far: Dear Linda,You have two choices. You can doubt God and say, "I know God does not expect me to honor this man." Or, you can say, "God, I know your … [Read more...]

Sometimes I Really Hate Advertising


A friend of mine just sent me an email she got from Ebates.[Text: Boy's Shoes. Keep Them Active. Make sure your boys is comfortable for all of his activities, indoors and out.][Text: Girl's Shoes. Show Them Off. From the school yard to the birthday party, find the perfect pair for activities and comfort.]I am doing my best to raise my children in an egalitarian way, but I often feel like I am swimming upstream. I mean, really? Really? Boys shoes: "Keep Them Active." Girl's sh … [Read more...]

The Patriarchal Utility of the Threat of Rape

India Gang Rape Protests

I would hazard a guess that many people think rape is wholly about individual men forcing individual women to have sex with them. Many people object when the phrase "rape culture" is used because, they argue, everyone knows rape is wrong. There is an inability, I think, to look at rape on a national level, or even a global level, because for many people rape is simply local and individual, a random criminal act like theft or vandalism. But to view rape in this way misses the bigger picture. You … [Read more...]