Honestly, I think these stories are generally more about encouraging the faithful than they are about convincing the doubters, because I can’t imagine how these stories would make any headway with those not already in the group. I’ll write more about this later, but I feel the same way about many other “apologetics” arguments I learned as a child, such as the argument that the resurrection must have happened because the tomb was empty, which rests on the assumption that the Biblical is an accurate historical account. These “arguments” make no sense unless you’re already converted. Read more

In other words, not only did Adelmann act deceptively by portraying Rudner’s HSLDA-funded study as a government study, he used the study’s findings in a way that Rudner explicitly said they should not be used and to mean things Rudner explicitly stated they did not mean. If this isn’t gross deception, I don’t know what is. I am utterly disgusted. Read more

And honestly, who doesn’t have good intentions? Everyone is justified in their own eyes. If we use intentions to gauge whether or not an act is ethical, we will quickly find ourselves in very deep water. The harm an action causes has to matter more to us than the intentions of the one causing the harm. Read more

My daughter is in public school. I would like to know that if a student from school is harassing her off of school grounds, the school would step in and do something about it—including calling law enforcement or social services if necessary. How HSLDA can take such an important bill and turn it into a threat to homeschoolers is utterly beyond me. Read more

Parenting in a healthy and positive way means so much more than just not hitting your child. It’s not something I could achieve immediately or automatically by giving up spanking, though I had once hoped it would be. Instead it’s something I have to keep doing, over and over, every day. It takes intent and commitment, and it sometimes means stopping myself in mid-sentence or pausing to take a step back from a situation and reset my approach. But when my daughter throws her arms around my neck and declares “I love you, mommy,” when she is unafraid to be open with me, when she is comfortable in who she is and in her relationship with me, I know that it is so, so worth it. Read more

I wish more mothers would use Mother’s Day as a time to think about how they treat their children—whether those children are minors and adults—rather than simply another holiday with its trappings and rituals. Read more

Over the last few days, my social media pages have blow up with comments and articles about Joe and Nicole Naugler, an “off-grid” couple whose ten children were removed by CPS following the discovery that the family was living in tents and had inadequate heat, water, and sewage—a discovery that followed a standoff between Joe and one of the neighbors, in which Joe trespassed on a neighbor’s property in order to steal water, and then, when confronted, threatened to shoot said neighbor. Read more

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! Read more

Okay, so you know what’s interesting here? Farris portrays the foster family very positively. He says that “the transfer of Casey was tearful, but without hysterics,” and explains that “the foster parents, Tom and Brenda MacArthur, were kind people who seemed to understand the trauma of all concerned.” Read more

When I saw an article titled “The Gay Rights Movement: ISIS without Bullets?” I was intrigued. The idea was so beyond the pale I wanted to know what it was based on. The author of the piece was Gary DeMar. Wait. Gary DeMar? Read more

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