What you do with Rachel Held Evans’ apology is up to you. But for me, if nothing else, I am appreciating the reminder that even people I have a lot of respect for can—and do—make mistakes. And sometimes they end up apologizing for them. Read more

I have grown increasingly uncomfortable with the Tony Jones situation over the last week, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to weigh in again. By word of background, Tony is a leader in the emergent church movement, a branch of evangelical Christianity strives to be less judgmental and more open, works to create space for women and LGBT individuals, makes use of new styles of worship, and focuses on personal connection with the divine. Recently, Tony’s ex-wife Julie has gone… Read more

Forging our own paths after the level of parental control homeschooling afforded our parents isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. I wish Josh the best as he leaves the conveyer belt he was set on—by both his parents and evangelical leaders like C.J. Mahoney—and makes his own decisions. Read more

We take Sally and Bobby to the library regularly, and read to them quite a bit. They love books, and they love learning. We watch Cosmos and other educational shows on Netflix with them. We practice math problems in the shower, and write notes back and forth with Sally to encourage her reading and writing skills. We do science experiments at the kitchen table, and talk about history. Read more

When I write about parenting, my pieces are usually upbeat and happy. I’m sharing some new connection I’ve made with my children, or something I’ve learned or realized. Today I simply want to point out that not every day is a good day. There are days when the children are yelling at each other and can’t seem to play nicely, and days when I’m trying to finish a project and they’re continually asking me for things, like I’m a dispenser of some sort. Read more

Honestly, we get more character development of Gail here than we’ve gotten of Donna in all these pages! All we really know about Donna is that she is her department’s ace investigator, that she was a party girl in college, and that she’s dating a rich kid who is about to graduate from law school top in his class and has daddy issues. We have very little to help us understand why Donna is acting the way she is. Read more

And so, when I got to that part of HSLDA’s statement, I wanted to tear my hair out. This is no way to talk about abuse. This sort of rhetoric undermines what little chance abused children may have of getting help—especially when they are homeschooled and the number of adults they may have contact with outside of their parents’ circle of friends and acquaintances is limited. Read more

I recently stumbled upon a guest post on Camels with Hammers that I found quite interesting. In it the author, Alexandra, wrote about what it was like growing evangelical in France. She very effectively got at something I attempted to write about a few weeks ago—that when you are in a religious subculture, being treated judged or mocked by those in mainstream culture will only make you become entrenched further in that subculture, because it is there and only there you will feel accepted and valued and loved. Read more

Make no mistake about it, Piper is equating men raping with women seducing. Same sin, different form. There are so many problems with this! Perhaps most prominently, a man can say “no” to seduction, but a woman cannot say “no” to rape. Giving in to seduction is voluntary. Rape? Not so voluntary. Given my own consent-based sexual ethics, I find it appalling that one could equate the two and treat them as the same sin. But then, Piper does not operate from consent-based sexual ethics. Read more

What, exactly, is an atheist parent anyway? Is an atheist parent simply an individual who happens to believe in God and is also a parent? That does not appear to be the definition Kate is using, or she would not be annoyed with Bones for allowing Christine to be baptized. Kate says “it’s OK if a grown-up has doubts about God, even if she doesn’t believe. It’s not so OK if she raises her kids that way.” But what does that mean, exactly? Read more

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