I want my daughter to know that her value does not come from her looks. Purity culture teaches the exact opposite. In fact, purity culture ramps the idea that your value comes from your looks up to 11. Read more

Take a look at the comments on Rep. Chang’s facebook page to see how homeschooling parents are responding to her proposed bill. Then remember that most of them profess to be Christians, and ask yourself whether this is how Jesus would have responded. To their credit, several homeschooling mothers voiced their support for the bill during a twitter conversation under the hashtag #makehomeschoolsafe earlier today. Now if only more would follow their example. Read more

I feel for MaryEllen’s children. I was raised in just the environment she describes in her post. I was not allowed to say “no” to my parents—it was considered backtalk. I learned that obedience is “immediate, complete, with a smile, without question, and without complaint. This did not prepare me well for the world around me at all. I still have trouble interacting with authority figures like my boss, because I’m forever afraid of getting in trouble, even over little things. “Obey me completely or reap the consequences” does not prepare children for adulthood. Instead, it simply warps them, and I’m still dealing with the consequences of that today, as an adult with children of my own. Read more

This Easter, I talked to Sally about spring holidays and the stories societies share. I explained that many different religions and cultures have holidays that celebrate spring, and that Easter is our culture’s spring holiday. I also talked about the history of Easter, and the religious significance the holiday has for Christians. I explained that we as humans create stories about the world around us, and drew parallels to other religions and other cultures. I brought up Greek mythology, which she loves, and reminded her of how the story of Persephone is used to explain the changing of the seasons. Read more

Evangelicals’ understanding of LGBTQ individuals is less about reality and more about crafting an image that fits within their worldview. In evangelical parlance, homosexuality, orgies, and pedophilia—these things all naturally go together. This is why evangelicals believe that gay people are naturally promiscuous and that transgender individuals are likely to abuse children in public restrooms. This image they have crafted of LGBTQ individuals may not resemble the reality, but it does allow them to fit the issue snugly into their belief system. Read more

Last week Gwen bumped into a new lawyer, Peter Barron, and they headed off to talk about the case over lunch. This week we pick up with Donna, who is also having lunch out. Read more

This letter communicates to an impressionable little girl that she is selfish and a bad person for a completely natural human want—to have friends. In fact, it’s not a want, it’s a need. People—including children—need friends. Read more

The last time I visited my hometown to see my parents and siblings, I found myself in the gym at my parents’ church, juggling kids and donuts. One of the church elders saw me and struck up conversation. He asked where I was living now, and when I told him, he shook his head. “It must be hard to raise a family in such a godless place,” he said. I found that comment so bizarre—and yet somehow so insightful—that I haven’t been able to shake it. Read more

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that, when speaking of my conservative evangelical homeschool upbringing, I frequently say “I was told X” rather than “my parents told me X.” There is a reason for that—sometimes I can’t remember whether my parents actually taught me some specific aspect of purity culture or political conservatism or whether I just picked it up from the Christian homeschool culture around me. After all, I read the homeschool magazines we subscribed to, listened to the… Read more

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! Read more

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