“Actually Sally, their family has two mommies”

two mommies

I was recently looking through my facebook feed when I came upon a picture of Haley, whose wife Melissa writes at Permission to Live."Ooo, she's pretty!" said Sally.I smiled. Haley is a transgender woman, and I was pleased that Sally immediately identified her as female. I started flipping through Haley's pictures, and Sally admired them and was excited to note whenever Haley's children appeared in the pictures with her. And then, finally, I came to a picture of Haley with Melissa, smiling … [Read more...]

Women’s Bodies Are Not Male Commodities


Yesterday I came upon two interesting blog posts that discuss the way men's absolute fixation on women's bodies undermines their ability to see women as anything other than objects for their consumption, gets in the way of women being valued for their talents, interests, or achievements, and results in the policing of women's bodies and activities. One of these bloggers used The Modesty Survey to write about evangelical Christianity's modesty doctrine while the other used a the reception of a … [Read more...]

“Hi, my name is … nutrition?”

woman smiling

Hemant Mehta has an article today about atheists who are anti-abortion. Hemant's piece includes this quotation from a member of the group Secular Pro-Life: “When the sperm meets the egg, a genetically complete human being is formed, and all that is required for maturation is time and nutrition.” Yeah...Nutrition. So that's what they're calling women now.Sure, you could say the statement is technically correct, though overwhelmingly simplistic. The problem, though, is that the framing of the s … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Be Afraid, Very Afraid

angry God

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 57-58As I've been making my way through Debi's Created To Be His Help Meet, one question I've gotten from readers pretty regularly is "why do women buy into this?" Given that Debi is telling women that they must submit to their husbands in everything, this seems a pretty good question. The next several installments will be dedicated to the insidious and manipulative coercion that suffices Debi's work.Debi's first four chapters were titled "God's Gift," "A … [Read more...]

Scott Lively, Father of Uganda’s “Pro-Family” Movement

Scott Lively

This interview is two years old, but I only just happened upon it and wanted to share. In it Scott Lively, one of those American evangelical leaders who traveled Uganda to stir up homophobia, discusses Uganda's "kill the gays" bill. It's bad. Really, really bad.Not that even though Lively repeatedly says he is against the death penalty, the rhetoric he uses in talking about Uganda's dire situation and the threat posed by "the gay movement" makes it easy to see how his advocacy, along … [Read more...]

Exporting Hate: American Evangelicals in Uganda


If you're like me, you've been keeping up with American evangelical organizations' role in a Ugandan bill that would criminalize LGBT citizens and strip them of their rights. If you haven't, this is an issue you might want to know something about. Either way, I think you'll find this short video important and informative:When Uganda first moved to impose the death penalty on LGBTQ individuals, many of the exact same American evangelical leaders and organizations that had been actively … [Read more...]

Jesus, Doctor Who, and My Preschooler


"What is that?"Sally had a Bible story book in her hand, and was pointing to the empty tomb. The picture showed the tomb with the stone rolled away, a radiant Jesus standing outside talking to Mary Magdalene, and two sleeping Roman guards off to the side."That's the empty tomb," I told her. "After Jesus died they buried him there, and then he rose again. That means he came alive again."Sally looked from the picture to me, confused. I wrote last month that ever since I overheard Sally call … [Read more...]