Married, with Friends


I recently came upon a book called Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It, by Christian author Jerry B. Jenkins. With the divorce rate steadily climbing and infidelity creeping into even the happiest marriages, in a society that trivializes adultery and its devastating effects, with temptation and opportunity coming at you from all directions - how can you keep your marriage from becoming a statistic?The advice from best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins is this: plant preventative … [Read more...]

Forty Years after Roe, Young Activists Speak Out

Blog For Choice Day

Today is the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and it is also Blog for Choice Day 2013. Head on over to read dozens of posts by pro-choice bloggers. I was going to write something original for the occasion  and I did try, but I just couldn't. I spent the first two decades of my life dreaming of overturning Roe only to change my position at the very moment Roe came under serious threat. Growing up, late January was that time of year when the dreary weather combined with solemn remembrances of m … [Read more...]

Is Creationism Racist?


I grew up reading copious amounts of literature from Answers in Genesis and attending conferences where Ken Ham and other leading creationists were speakers. I've been to the Creation Museum, and I've been reading Answers in Genesis' Answers Magazine for close to a decade now. And one thing that was drilled into me over and over again is that racism is rooted in the theory of evolution and that creationism, which teaches that all humans are descended from Adam and Eve, is the antidote to … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Read Jonathan Dudley’s Broken Words

Broken Words

Jonathan Dudley sent me a copy of his Broken Words: The Abuse of Science and Faith in American Politics over a month ago, and I have been remiss in my promise to review it. But now that I've read it, let me put it this way: This is the book you need to read so that you can effectively counter evangelical Christians' opposition to abortion, marriage equality, and evolution. This is the book you need to give to every one of your evangelical friends and relatives.Jonathan Dudley and I have a … [Read more...]

Griego Family Likely Quiverfull


There's something very odd about opening the news and seeing clips of information that make you realize you probably have a better understanding of the backdrop of a story than do the people reporting it....ten children......unregistered homeschoolers......Nehemiah ... Zephaniah ... Jael......prison ministry...Honestly, it's like having a checklist in my head. Check. Check. Check. Check.Yesterday tragedy visited the Griego family. Fifteen-year-old Nehemiah shot and killed … [Read more...]

The Hidden Power of Introverts


This month I was offered the opportunity to take part in Patheos' book club. I am reviewing Susan Cain's Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. It might initially seem like this book has little to do with the topics I regularly write about, but on further reflection I began to see some connections. And even beyond that, the book is simply fascinating.Cain outlines the history of what she calls "the extrovert ideal" and seeks to show that the potential and gifts of … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: Civic Responsibility Roundup

civic responsibibility

How do we balance individual and community? To whom do we owe responsibility - our local community, our nation, or all of humanity?Two weeks ago I announced Forward Thinking, a values development project created in collaboration with Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers, and introduced the first prompt. Dan is introducing our next prompt today (head on over to see it!), and in this post I will pull together some themes from the various responses to round off the one I introduced two weeks ago: … [Read more...]