Is Shame a Productive Tactic for Affecting Change?


By now you've probably heard of Nice Guys of OK Cupid. It's been taken down, but here's a link about it in case you're not in the know. Basically, someone went through OK Cupid profiles and took excerpts from the profiles of men who claimed to be "nice guys" but whose profiles also contained sexist or misogynist statements, imposed these statements over their pictures, and posted them on a tumblr. I think this offers a moment to pause and ask some questions, questions about privacy and shaming, … [Read more...]

Custador Makes a Pledge


Yesterday Custador, who writes at Unreasonable Faith, published a post called "Venturing off the Atheism Track" in which he tackled rape culture, discussed some of his own experiences, and finished by making a pledge: To imply that women will stop rape, to my mind (however unintentionally), perpetuates the harmful myth that women are responsible for rape. That is, on the whole, untrue. I’m not saying that women don’t have a role to play, they clearly do: It’s a role that they share with men, thou … [Read more...]

On “Equity Feminism” and “Gender Feminism”


You may or may not have been following all the hoopla over feminism in the online atheist community in the last two years. While I have never addressed it directly on my blog, I've definitely kept up with it. Blogger vjack of Atheist Revolution has written about it quite a bit, and recently put up a post in which he suggests that the conflict stems from competing definitions of feminism: "equity feminism" and "gender feminism." Here is how he describes them: In a nutshell, equity feminism refers … [Read more...]

On God and Relationships with Others


Blogger Lana has posed a fascinating question: Why does theology affect how we relate to each other? The related question, of course, is how theology affects how people relate to each other. Here is what Lana has to say: I think ideas do matter. Because we are not just emotion, but are also mind, our ideas effect how we relate to other people (and if your a Christian, your view of God).For example, I no longer believe everyone who is not a Christian goes to hell. This has changed my view of … [Read more...]

Critical Thinking and Compromise: Sally Strikes a Deal


"Sally, it's cold outside and we're about to go out. I would like you to put on some warm clothes.""No mommy, I want to wear this."Sally was wearing her sarong, a Christmas gift. It was light, colorful, and silky, a rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around her body and tied behind her neck. Outside, though, the snow was almost six inches deep and still coming down."I know you love your sarong, but we're going out and it's winter and it's cold and there's snow outside, so you really … [Read more...]

If Corporations Are People, They Can Be Martyrs. Right?

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby: The First Martyr Under Obamacare? This is the title of an article by Karen Swallow Prior posted today on Her.meneutics, Christianity Today's women's blog. I know there's a lot more going on here that I should be interested in, but I have to say, what is utterly fascinating to me right now is the assertion that a company can be martyred. December 26 was a fitting day for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to refuse judicial relief to the Hobby Lobby craft store chain, whose … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: What Does Civic Responsibility Mean to You?

Civic Responsibility

Our first prompt involves an issue that is, I think, too often left undiscussed. It is my suspicion that differing ideas about the nature of civic responsibility and what all it includes often underlie political differences in ways we do not always recognize. I believe that we as forward thinkers would benefit from bringing this issue out of the shadows and discussing it directly and enthusiastically. And so, without further ado, I give you this month's Forward Thinking discussion q … [Read more...]