I read constantly. It was a way to find out more about the world outside my parents home, and escape from the day in day out monotony, and other than our family movie nights, some of my only entertainment. Read more

In other words, Code B means falsifying reports and making things up in order to charge parents with abuse they are not actually guilty of. And in spite of Blackburn’s desire to win top child advocate and to keep his office number one in the state, he’s on board with this. Ostensibly, he’s trying to avoid getting sued. But if they’re closing the case anyway, would Gwen really sue? And if she did sue, she would only have a case if the office had done something wrong. Read more

It is easy to call out abuse carried out by your enemy, but far, far harder to call out abuse carried out by someone on your own team. I get that. But if we are serious about calling out abuse and protecting victims, we have to be willing do this in every forum, including our own. I only hope that Rachel Held Evans remembers that. Read more

That Chris Jeub has the gall to go into the comments section of an editorial in a newspaper halfway across the country and claim that homeschoolers are in the top ten percent when he himself left his daughter unprepared to succeed in college and undervalued her education is staggering to me. This is hypocrisy at its grossest level. Read more

It’s interesting how HSLDA has managed to turn marriage equality into a threat to homeschooling, isn’t it? The line they draw from here to there is shaky at best and filled with unsupported leaps. Still, I have to admit that I am in fact a little bit impressed. I would expect HSLDA’s conservative Christian leadership to oppose marriage equality. But tying the legality of homeschooling to opposition to same-sex marriage? That takes some imaginative thinking right there! Read more

The pope says that “God gives you methods to be responsible.” I have to wonder, why is NFP the only method God allows? I know the justification is that artificial birth control negates the procreative purpose of sex, but doesn’t using NFP to prevent pregnancy do that as well? You know what’s interesting? Of all methods of birth control, it is NFP that is most difficult to use. NFP also only works with complete cooperation of the male partner, which prevents a woman from making independent decisions about her own reproduction. Read more

I know numerous young adults who have cut their parents off. They tend to do so because their parents are narcissists, not because they are narcissists. The stories I’ve heard are horrifying—stories of parents who abuse, threaten, and manipulate, who withhold contact from siblings and even who speak before legislatures alleging that their adult children are being abused by their therapists. Read more

In Sally’s eyes, parents who hit their children if they do something wrong are acting like babies, who hit because they have no words. Parents aren’t babies, they have words, and they should use them. Read more

As an ex-evangelical and blogger, I am sometimes accused of having exchanged one form of fundamentalism for another. There are other arguments I run into that are similarly problematic. There have been some incidents in the past week where commenters have accused myself or other commenters of retaining fundamentalist thinking or of silencing disagreement, and these accusations are always frustrating. Read more

Farris is horrified by the strip search he describes not because of the harm to Casey, but rather because he sees it as a violation of parental rights—a violation of Gwen’s rights. If Gwen did the exact same thing to Casey—and we know that she does—Farris would be at Gwen’s side defending her up and down. The issue is not whether a child should be allowed to be terrorized. The issue is who should be allowed to terrorize a child. Read more

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