Prayer That Can’t Go Wrong

Over the holidays, my brother David lost his glasses. Soon a search was called and everyone got busy looking for the missing glasses. Finding them was important, because he needed to be able to drive, and he needed his glasses to drive. We searched high and we searched low, and it quickly became apparent that this would be no easy search soon over. We took a break and my mother soon began a prayer with words familiar from my childhood."Lord Jesus, please show us where David's glasses are. … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: God the Father—In Human Form

A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally posted on Yllom MormonCreated To Need A Help Meet, pp. 109---111Howdy! Today we are talking about the Command Man. If you recall, the Command Man typifies God the Father. Michael himself is a Command Man, so I'm really curious to see how he spins this one. Off we go! Visionary, Steady, CommandGod the Father is King, ruler of the universe, commander of heaven's forces, the fullness of life of the godhead. He is dominant, sovereign, omnipotent God. … [Read more...]

Is Vision Forum Gone?

There has been no public announcement, but the Vision Forum Ministries site now includes only the resignation statements and the Vision Forum Inc. site is no longer selling anything, or even listing any products. This suggests to me that Vision Forum has collapsed entirely, and that the corporate wing is disappearing in addition to the ministry wing.If this complete collapse is the case, as it appears, this is an extremely positive change. Vision Forum has been probably THE pillar of the … [Read more...]

In Which HSLDA Conducts a Child Abuse “Investigation”

I recently came upon something posted on HSLDA's site some years ago that I found interesting, in light of what I have written about HSLDA in the past. HSLDA releases stories of the cases it handles in various states, partly to keep its members apprised of what it does and partly to encourage people to stay members. Anyway, this incident happened in Kentucky. Here is how it starts: Coming home at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday this summer, the Wall family were puzzled to see a sheriff's car and another … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Covenant College Censored My Alumni Update

A Guest Post by KathrynOriginally posted on The Life and Opinions of Kathryn Elizabeth, Person He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?-Micah 6:8, KJV When I was asked at the start of last spring semester whether I would be interested in assisting on research for an amicus brief in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases set to be argued before the Supreme Court later that spring, I jumped a … [Read more...]

TTUAC: The “Magic Wand”

To Train Up A Child, chapter 5, part 5This week we finish chapter 5, "The Rod." If you've read nothing else of this series of reviews, read this section. This section gives a great deal of insight into how Michael views the rod, and what he alternately calls "spankings" and "whippings." We've noted previously that Michael continually tells parents to spank, hit, and otherwise beat their children, seemingly unaware of any other tools a parent might use to correct or guide a child. In the … [Read more...]

Sally and Me

As I watched Sally at her preschool's winter program recently, something struck me in the gut, hard. Sally's upbringing will be so different from mine that it will in some ways be like we are from different cultures. I have talked before about growing up in the Christian homeschooling subculture being like being raised as a "third culture kid." I've talked about how our parents, raised in normal mainstream homes, could not understand the experience of growing up like we did, out of sync and in a … [Read more...]