Women Over There Have It Worse!

Do women in other areas of the world face greater challenges and barriers than we do here in the U.S.? Yes. But the fact that other women have it worse should not be used to downplay the very real challenges and barriers women in the U.S. continue to face today. Read more

Malala, Nobel Prize Winner and Muslim Feminist

If you’ve read my other posts on this topic, this concept should be familiar to you. Islam is a religion like any other, and like so many others it has a varied and complex history and a sacred book that has to be interpreted by the reader. Religions change over time and mean different things to different people. They are rarely static or brittle—if they are, they will not survive. Malala is drawing on her religious tradition and faith as she works toward education and empowerment for women and girls. Read more

CTBHHM: A Young Wife Should Be “Bored and Lonely”

Frankly, I found this passage even more troubling than some. No wife should be encouraged to cut off her other means of emotional support and become completely dependent on her husband. Are there some women who spend so much time on other relationships that they have little left over for their partners? Sure. But the solution is more balance, not cutting off all legs but one. Read more

The Old Schoolhouse: The New Homeschool Scandal

Right now my heart feels heavy. There are some days when I wonder if the world can actually be a good and happy place. I’ve written before about scandals in the Christian homeschooling movement and I’ve talked about the homeschool alumni reform movement of which I am a part. But some days, I just don’t think it can get any worse. Read more

“Such! A! Flirt!”

This comment by reader onamission5 was left on “What’s Your Favorite Princess?” Read more

The Problems with Spanking a la Dobson

The word “spanking” is used in so many different ways. Some use it to mean slapping a toddler’s bottom or thigh for misbehavior in the moment, others use it to mean sending a child to their room for a paddling, and some use it to encompass essentially any physical violence. My parents practiced a sort of “ritualized spanking” a la Michael Pearl and James Dobson. Despite my parents’ best intentions—and their care in following the rules laid out by these teachers—my experience was profoundly negative. Read more

The Lesbian Duplex 8: An Open Thread

This space is for conversation between commenters.* If you have a link or article or interesting thought that’s not relevant to an ongoing thread, you can share it here. If a conversation on another post has turned entirely off topic, you can bring it here. And so on. Every so often, as the number of comments on a given Lesbian Duplex post becomes unmanageable, I put up a fresh post. Read more

Pastors and Secretaries: Enemies of a Gothard Marriage

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I’m really tired. But I try to put up a post each day to keep things active and maintain the community here, so today you get more from the Bill Gothard textbook I got my hands on. He’s just so out there that blogging against his teachings is easier than many other topics, somehow. It’s also familiar, in a way. So today you get to find out how pastors and secretaries can be enemies to good, godly marriages. Read more

“I See Things That Nobody Else Sees”

Growing up, my parents placed a lot of emphasis on image. Like Lana, my family was at the center of homeschool activities. People were stopping by all the time, and new homeschoolers were constantly being referred to my mother for advice and mentorship. I cannot emphasize just how highly everyone in our homeschool community and church community spoke of my mother. My family was seen as perfect. We were put on a pedestal—and my parents worked hard to ensure that we stayed there. Signs of weakness were not allowed. Read more

Growing Up Jeub

As I’ve noted, the Duggars follow and promote the parenting methods of religious leaders who teach that corporal punishment must be used to break children’s wills, that children should be required to smile and not allowed to show the slightest negativity, and that “rebellious” young adult children should be shunned and barred from contact with their siblings. Given that, it would be surprising to find all as rosy as the picture they prevent on television. A recent blog post by Cynthia Jeub sheds light on what it ban be like to grow up in an extra-large Christian homeschooling family propelled into the spotlight. Cynthia is one of sixteen children, and her family, too, was featured on TLC. Read more

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