Why It Matters That Farris Strawmanned Patriarchy

I would say that it would help if Farris would come clean and admit that he used to believe the things Phillips taught, but I’m not sure he can, because I suspect he still believes most if not all of them. How can you call out patriarchy, really call it out, when you believe wives must submit to and obey their husbands, even when their husbands are wrong? You can’t. All you can do is create a strawman version of “patriarchy” and then burn it—which is exactly what Farris did. Read more

“A Mommy and What Else?”

When my mother was in grade school, her teacher asked each child to share what they wanted to be when they grew up. When the question came around the room to my mother, she said she wanted to be a mommy. “A mommy and what else?” her teacher asked her. My mother recounted this story to me many times, using at as an example of the evil feminist indoctrination of girls against their god-given maternal impulses that takes place in… Read more

Strong-Willed Child: Flushing Dobson Down the Toilet

I know this post is much shorter than I usually do, but that’s about it for me for today. This section is utterly horrifying to me. He’s flat-out admitting that children raised on his methods grow up miserable and resentful and he’s actually proud of that. I just…. I just can’t…. Read more

The Binary Is Collapsing

I will continue to hold Farris to his word, and to ask questions where his word seems contradictory. I will continue to point out cases where he was for something before he was against it, and to draw attention to his emphasis on parental rights to the exclusion of children’s right. I refuse to let him gain a greater microphone as the voice of reason unless he actually becomes a voice of reason—and so far he has made only baby steps. But the binary that used to underlie my blogging has collapsed. Read more

In Which Kevin Swanson Faces Consequences

Do you see what’s in that yellow box there? The conference is being hosted by Generations Radio. You know, Kevin Swanson’s radio ministry. The one he recently used to mock educationally neglected homeschoolers. The one where he denied that educational neglect was a thing, because it wasn’t in the Bible. The one where he said abuse is only verified if it has two to three witnesses. That radio ministry. Read more

CTBHHM: The Bottomless Line

And that’s it—Debi’s summary. You’ll know the line when you see it, don’t ever say something is across the line when it’s really just you wanting to control your husband—if you do you are a complete failure—if you are submissive and subservient enough you will find safety from your abuser, and God can show a way to obey and still have everything work out well even in terrible circumstances. Read more

In Which I Am the Greatest Threat to Homeschooling

Remember Thomas Umstattd, that homeschool blogger who spoke out against courtship a few weeks ago? Today he put up a post congratulating Michael Farris for speaking out against patriarchy. And, wow. The problems abound. Read more

Kevin Swanson, and Letting the Foxes Guard the Hen House

Do you guys remember last week’s WORLD Magazine article on abuse and neglect in the Christian homeschooling community? The two solutions suggested by WORLD (and by the Home School Legal Defense Association) were these: (1) the homeschooling community should self police, including investigating educational neglect tips through agreements with state child protective services; and (2) homeschool families should be active members of churches, which will step in if there is a problem. Read more

Patriarchy: What’s in a Word?

Today Michael Farris published a white paper titled “A Line in the Sand.” In it, he called out patriarchy and legalism directly, and condemned both. I am grateful for any additional freedom his words may bring children in Christian homeschooling families influenced by his words, but I am very concerned that we are once again getting caught up in what amounts to a word game. Read more

(Mis)Reading Children’s Intent

Having watched Sally’s words and reactions—and having seen the neighbor lady’s reaction—I decided that Sally could not have been other than intentionally unkind. I tried to talk to her about it, but Sally clammed up and ran out of the room. I told her later that I couldn’t take her out in public if I couldn’t be sure that she would treat those around her kindly, and she again became angry and then teared up. She put a pillow over her head, but I could hear her small voice through it. Read more

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