Anonymous Tip: The Creep Factor Goes off the Rails

And I ask, once again—why are there no good men in this book? For serious? Why are they all creeps and pervs? Both of the men in this passage are guilty of behaving shamefully toward Gwen, and as a result of that, neither of them can call the other out for their behavior. Instead, they feed on each other, engaged in some sort of grotesque dance in a contest of ownership over Gwen. This book stopped being about CPS malpractice a long time ago, and became something much, much darker entirely.

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The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Fetal Imaginings

Nearly 66% of abortions happen in the first eight weeks of pregnancy. Another 26% happen between weeks nine and thirteen. Only 1.3% of abortions take place after week 20, the halfway point of pregnancy. And yet, anti-abortion activists frequently produce and share images and advertisements like this one.

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For Women’s Health and Innocent Lives: Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Response to Whole Women’s Health v. Texas

Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down H.B. 2, a Texas law that restricted abortion access by requiring abortion facilities to adhere to unreasonable rules and regulations—rules and regulations that would have forced most abortion facilities in the state to close their doors. This is all matter that has been discussed before—abortions are incredibly safe procedures, safer than colonoscopies for instance, and there’s no need for them to be performed only in ambulatory surgical centers. The Supreme Court agreed.

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Game of Thrones Open Thread, Finale Edition

The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale was yesterday. I thought it was probably the best finale of any season yet. I am also amazed, now that the season is over, at how dramatically its treatment of women changed as compared to the last season. I would love to know what conversations took place in the writers’ room! Now that the season is over, what did you guys think?

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Lesbian Duplex 74: An Open Thread

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Saturday Link Love: Bill Gothard, Jesus’ Wife, and Racist Algorithms

Saturday Link Love is a new feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

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Anonymous Tip: Here Come the Cavalry

Whatever the cause, evangelicals ended their political isolation. But what is less studied is the impact of the various think tanks and lobbying groups evangelicals founded during the 1970s and beyond. Historians have recently paid more attention to the role of conservative think tanks like the Cato Institute or the Heritage Foundation, but evangelical lobbying groups like Concerned Women for America (CWA), founded in 1979, tend to be less studied.

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Orange Is the New Black Open Thread

Hey guys! Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black came out last Friday! This open thread is for all things related to season 4, as well as any previous season. You do not have to have finished the season to join in the discussion, but be aware that the discussion may include spoilers—that’s the nature of the game when Netflix drops full seasons at once like this. Not that I’m complaining, mind you!

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Game of Thrones Open Thread

After this past Sunday’s episode, I feel like we need another thread for discussing this season of Game of Thrones! I have started to feel like this season surely cannot be written by the same people as last season—it almost feels like an entirely different show. The treatment of women this season has been amazing. When I watched the meeting between Danaerys and Yara, I felt I must surely be watching someone’s carefully drawn up feminist fan fiction, and not the actual show. [Read more…]

Hate Doesn’t Always Come at the Point of a Gun

Within twenty-four hours of last week’s Orlando attack, I saw an evangelical Facebook friends post that this is the difference between Christians and Muslims on LGBT issues—that Christians love gay people while Muslims try to kill them. In a sick, twisted way, last week’s brutal attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando is a boon to evangelicals. Now every time someone calls them out for their opposition to gay rights or their homophobia, evangelicals can now point to Orlando and say “no no, that is what hating gays looks like, we don’t hate gays” or “we’re not the ones who are killing you, go deal with Muslims, we’re not like them, we love gay people.” [Read more…]