Oh Noes! Little Kids Might Learn Gay People Exist!

So, I recently came upon a Family Research Council video from 2008. Yes, it’s a bit dated, but I watched it anyway. The entire thing was Tony Perkins talking with parents of two young elementary school students (one in kindergarten, one in second grade) whose teachers used age-appropriate materials to teach children about gay and lesbian individuals as part of coursework on diversity. It made me think about Sally. Read more

CTBHHM: God Does Not Override a Man’s Authority

We’re in the section where Michael takes up the pen and explains the exceptions to the requirement for wives to obey their husbands. Last week we learned that it’s all about spheres of authority—if a husband is inside his sphere of authority, his wife must obey; if he steps outside of his sphere of authority, his wife need not obey. But what is inside of the husband’s sphere of authority and what is not? This week we learn the answer to that question. Read more

A Word for the Homemakers

My feminism isn’t about limiting others’ choices. It’s about offering as many choices as possible and then letting women choose the choice best for them, whether as dictated by their circumstances or as guided by their desires. I’d like to thank trinity91 for handling the discussions on that recent comment thread so well, and I’d like to thank the commenters who came to her rescue. In the future, there will be no stay at home mom bashing in my blog’s comment sections. Discussion, by all means. But meanness? No. Read more

Oh That Sarah Jones! Censoring the “Nones”

The story the New York Times ran on Sarah is not anti-religious and it does not appear to have an agenda. It simply tells a story. That’s it. There is no stereotyping of all Christians, no attempt to claim just how common Sarah’s story is—it’s not that kind of piece. I’d encourage you to read it and see for yourself. Why am I saying all this? Well, quite frankly, because I’ve been fascinated by conservatives’ response to it. Read more

Preschool Dating Drama

Sally is growing her hair out, but she absolutely hates having it washed. “Sally, if washing your hair is this hard, we can cut it shorter,” I suggested during a recent bath, as Sally was literally in tears over having her hair washed. “But I want to marry Aiden,” Sally objected vehemently, “And he said at the library, ‘you better keep growing your hair out!'” O_o Read more

Child Neglect in a Helicopter World

I find myself a bit conflicted here. I’m seeing a story about a South Carolina mother charged with neglect pass across facebook. “Mom Jailed Because She Let Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Play in the Park Unsupervised,” the title reads. My friends are outraged, and are recounting stories of playing alone at the park themselves at that age. But when I clicked on the link I quickly felt that the title—and my friends’ defenses—were a bit misleading. This was no case of a girl walking to a park several blocks from home to play with her friends for a few hours. Read more

My Daughter, the Encourager

“Dad, did you have your meeting yet?” Sally asked Sean recently. Sean had mentioned the meeting earlier in the day, and Sally had remembered. “Yes, I did,” Sean replied. “Good job, Dad,” Sally said. Our daughter Sally is many things—curious, creative, compassionate—but one thing she has shown herself to be, time and again, is an encourager. Read more

Stranger Danger?

Sally tells me that she learned the term “stranger danger” at her preschool. I can’t say that I’m surprised. I told her what I’ve told her several times before—that most strangers will be nothing but kind and helpful to her. Kidnappings carried out by strangers are actually very rare, and most sexual abuse is carried out by a relative or known acquaintance, not a stranger. I reminded her, as I’ve told her before, that she should be on the lookout for “tricky” behavior—people who tell her to keep something a secret from Sean or I, or who don’t respect her physical boundaries. Read more

Q&A #1: Basic Questions and Conversations

This post is for 101-level questions and conversations about feminism, race, LGBTQ issues, disabilities, and related topics. Read more

Strong-Willed Child: Children Value Strength

By Victoria. So, basically Dobson is saying that kids bullying each other is self-evident and there’s nothing to be done about it (does he even want to do anything about it?). I cannot possibly disagree more. Um, how about we don’t accept this horrible behavior from our kids? Why don’t we start anti-bullying campaigns to bring awareness to this screwed-up social construct and take action to eliminate it or at least reduce it? Read more

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