Forward Thinking: Personhood


 Forward Thinking is a values development project created in collaboration with Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers. Dan is introducing our next prompt today (head on over to see it!), but in this post I will pull together some of the responses to this month’s prompt: "What is personhood? When does it begin? When does it end? Is it gained and/or lost gradually or all at once?"Trollface McGee responded like this: I think that the idea of personhood isn't a single idea. There's the biological vi … [Read more...]

How I Lost My Fear of Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger

Growing up in the pro-life movement, I was taught that birth control originated as an attempt to eliminate "unfit races," and that the chief instigator in this was Margaret Sanger. In my circles, Planned Parenthood carried a stigma because it was founded by that eugenicist, Margaret Sanger. Yesterday I wrote about Teddy Roosevelt and suggested that antifeminists may want to look elsewhere for an endorsement of childbearing, because Teddy's endorsement was rooted in his racist and classist … [Read more...]

SMM: Introducing a Review Series on So Much More

So Much More

A Guest Post by KateKate and I were friends growing up, until my step outside of our conservative Christian homeschooling community tore us apart. When Kate began to step outside herself, she found my blog and reestablished contact. Kate is now starting a blog of her own, which she has named Time To Live, Friend. Inspired by my reviews of Created To Be His Help Meet, she has decided to review So Much More, by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin. With her permission, I will be reposting this … [Read more...]

Scott Brown, Ladies Against Feminism, and Eugenics


Ladies against Feminism recently reposted a short article from Scott Brown's blog. The article consists of a paragraph of introduction and a quotation from Teddy Roosevelt. Today, the idea of having lots of children is looked upon with disdain, as if you hate the planet or have become one of those parasites of nature that needs to be restrained. Here is a blast from the past from a speech Teddy Roosevelt gave on motherhood in 1905: There are many good people who are denied the supreme blessing … [Read more...]

New Survivor Blogs?

What with all of the Homeschoolers Anonymous activism and the rest, I've started to notice that there are a whole lot more of what I term "survivor blogs" than I currently have on my list. So, I want to add to and revamp my list.For my survivor blogs, I am most interested in bloggers who were themselves homeschooled and are today critical or some or all of the homeschool culture in which they grew up. They do not have to blog about homeschooling directly, but from time to time they should at … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Earning Your Abuser’s Trust


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 132-133***trigger warning for domestic violence***This section is called "Earning His Trust," and calling it that is messed up on about three million levels, as we shall see. It is the story of a young woman named Sunny. Years ago I knew a sweet young girl who was really dumb. She had a very tender heart (which she thought was GOd's love and compassion in her), and she always showed a weakness for guys who "needed" her. Her name was Sunny, and she was as … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Methodological Problems with Brian Ray’s Study on Youth and Religion


A Guest Post by Apodosis Libby Anne posted recently about a new survey conducted by Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute, a non-profit which conducts studies of questionable scientific validity on homeschooling. As a Ph.D. social scientist myself, I looked over the new survey with a critical eye and I'm sorry to say there won't be much useable data gleaned from it because it is rife with methodological problems.The survey has over 100 questions and nearly every q … [Read more...]