Guest Post: HSLDA—Why We Fear the Child Snatchers


A Guest Post by AnonymousI wrote a post for Homeschoolers Anonymous. My parents know. They are supportive. They understand, after years of homeschooling, that there are some crazy people who believe some really crazy things in homeschooling.I love that they not only understand that, but readily acknowledge it. My parents, like many other homeschooling parents, got sucked into the system. But they broke free, as I did as well.We’ve been talking a lot lately about HA, in fact. It’s bee … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: The Woman Was Deceived

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Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 106---108This chapter is called "The Nature of Man and Woman." Last week, in the first section of this chapter, we learned that it is in men's nature to beat their chests and roar at each other while women by nature sit back, admire, and wait to be conquered. This next section is called "The Woman Was Deceived." I think you can guess the topic. Debi starts by telling the story of the fallen angel Lucifer and God's creation of Adam.Debi explains that Adam … [Read more...]

When Abusive Parents Homeschool

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Earlier today I talked a bit about some of the things abusive and neglectful parents might find attractive about homeschooling. Now I want to look at what happens when abusive parents homeschool their children. Sometimes these parents homeschool for the same reasons as anyone else---for religious or educational reasons, for instance---and sometimes they homeschool for other reasons---because they want to have complete control over their children, or to hide their abuse. Whatever their reasons, … [Read more...]

Why Homeschooling Is Attractive to Abusive Parents

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Last week a homeschool father named Steve left a comment on a post about HSLDA's efforts to deregulate homeschooling, and I found what he had to say very familiar. "Homeschooling" parents have manifestly demonstrated that they are willing (and able) to take a far more responsible and active role in child-rearing. Clearly they must be far less likely, on average, to neglect their children. Look at it this way: will a neglectful parent homeschool? He will not. Doing so would require an … [Read more...]

Solving the “Problem” of Stay at Home Moms

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Early on in graduate school I met a woman who identifies as a second wave feminist (personally, I'm third wave all the way). She told me that she's opposed to stay at home moms, because every time a woman drops out of the workforce, or declines to enter it, she stands in the way of gender equality and makes things harder for women as a whole. How? Well, the greater the number of women who drop out of the workforce, the more likely employers will be to view women as a risky investment---and the … [Read more...]

Dear Pearls: Crying Is How Babies Communicate


I spent an hour this evening at the park with Sally and Bobby. I put Bobby in a swing, and gave him a good push, and you should have seen his face---it was like he'd just realized he had wings! After he'd been in the swing for about fifteen minutes, I took Bobby out to take him to play with something else. He immediately stiffened and started screaming, bucking and thrashing until it was all I could do to hold onto him (he's getting big!). So I put him down and watched him crumple, collapsing on … [Read more...]

Did R. C. Sproul Jr. Incite Anti-Abortion Violence?


Let me tell you a story of two seemingly unconnected events. Both took place in Bloomington, Indiana, in early April of this year. Event #1: The first event took place on April 5th on the campus of Indiana University. It was that evening that Clearnote Campus Fellowship, the student outreach arm of Clearnote Church, brought in R.C. Sproul Jr. as a guest speaker. Sproul Jr. is a popular conservative pastor and theologian. This same group, Clearnote Campus Fellowship, brought Douglas Wilson as a … [Read more...]