I am a Homeschool Alumna. I Care.

What I’m hearing in these comments from homeschool parents is that the only possible reason homeschool alumni could possibly want to protect homeschooled children from abuse and neglect is to “get back at” their parents. That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Of course, these homeschool parents claim—with absolutely zero evidence—that homeschool alumni like myself are not interested in protecting homeschooled children but rather in taking down homeschooling. I’m having troubles finding words for how angry this complete unwillingness to actually listen makes me. Read more

Pastor Mark Driscoll Called Women “Penis Homes”

Things have been getting worse and worse for Mark Driscoll in recent weeks. But what I want to point out for a moment is one of Driscoll’s posts from 2001, when he was posting to a church message board under the name William Wallace II. I have rarely seen an evangelical man be this direct. Read more

Wisdom and Thoughts from Sally

From time to time I jot down something my five-year-old daughter Sally says to me, and the thoughts it leads to on my part, intending to share them here on the blog. But there’s so much to blog about, and these words and thoughts are often shorter and don’t seem to justify an entire blog post. So today I’m collecting a few of them together for your enjoyment and edification. Read more

Progress, Slowly

In light of WORLD Magazine’s recent treatment of a women’s college decision to accept trans* women—not surprisingly titled “Women’s College Redefines ‘Women'”—and other less-than-uplifting news on the transgender and gender fluidity front, I thought I’d post something encouraging I noticed during a visit to the health center at my own institution. Read more

The Male Gaze

This video was taken by a woman crossing a busy pedestrian bridge in Cairo. She held her cell phone close to her mouth and pretended to talk on it in Arabic, but was actually recording. She was dressed as you see in the beginning of the video, in a conservative skirt, a shirt, and a cardigan, with her hair down. The entire recording was done on one five minute walk. To read more about this video and how it was made, click… Read more

CTBHHM: In Which Debi Explains Abigail

Obviously, I don’t have a problem with Abigail’s actions. I think she took her fate in her own hands and made a series of decisions that changed her life forever and brought her to the center of power in her region. Abigail, after all, became one of David’s most trusted and honored wives. But then, this seems to fit more with my emphasis on women as self-activated agents than with Debi’s emphasis on wifely obedience and respect (remember that word?). Read more

“Women Have Always Fought”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been fascinated by the recent articles alleging that as many as half of all Viking warriors may have been women: Researchers at the University of Western Australia decided to revamp the way they studied Viking remains. Previously, researchers had misidentified skeletons as male simply because they were buried with their swords and shields. (Female remains were identified by their oval brooches, and not much else.) By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves,… Read more

The Gothard-Sized Skeleton in HSLDA’s Closet

I have just two questions: First, what time frame does “for several years” imply? Second, what does “we did not directly promote their teachings” mean? I ask these things because something has just come to my attention as a result of the investigative reporting of R. L. Stollar of Homeschoolers Anonymous—an unacknowledged elephant in HSLDA’s closet. Read more

How Not to Address Marriage or Child Abuse

I am sure St. John has lots of genuinely good advice. The Amazon reviews of her book (which I have not read) speak of chapters on things like household organization and “me time.” My concern with St. John centers on two things: first, her use of the comic book image makes me concerned about what she teaches regarding sex and consent, and second, he treatment of HA and HARO on her facebook wall makes me concerned about how her homeschool co-op ministry addresses (or does not address) things like abuse or neglect. Read more

Why It Matters That Farris Strawmanned Patriarchy

I would say that it would help if Farris would come clean and admit that he used to believe the things Phillips taught, but I’m not sure he can, because I suspect he still believes most if not all of them. How can you call out patriarchy, really call it out, when you believe wives must submit to and obey their husbands, even when their husbands are wrong? You can’t. All you can do is create a strawman version of “patriarchy” and then burn it—which is exactly what Farris did. Read more

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