Should Parents Be “Involved” in Their Children’s Love Lives?

Parents should absolutely be there for their children, and they should absolutely offer advice, both solicited and (at times) unsolicited. But (adult) children have are not obligated to follow this advice, and their parents have no business calling the shots. When parents think their (adult) children are under some sort of obligation to follow their advice, or that they as the parents have a right to call the shots, the results are incredibly toxic. So if by “involved” we mean Linda, or Sean’s parents, I’m all for it. But if by “involved” we mean my parents, I couldn’t be more opposed. Read more

Strong-Willed Child: Flushing Kitties down the Toilet

By Victoria. The intro is rather wordy, so I’m not going to reproduce much of it verbatim. He waxes on about how difficult parenting is, but about how it’s insanely rewarding and speaks of his own children and how much he loves them. He does use the phrase “the thrill of procreation” which made me snicker a little. Anyways. Then he describes this so-called “strong-willed child” and here is where the book starts to become disturbing. Read more

Young Earth Creationism Isn’t Science

Seven years ago, I left young earth creationism. Three years ago, I blogged about the reasons I left. What stunned me most, at the time, was just how unscientific creationist claims were. I felt conned. When I actually looked at the science, and not just by reading Answers in Genesis and other creationist literature, the entire thing just fell apart. But recently, I’ve been struck by something slightly less specific. Namely, that while Answers in Genesis scientists claim they are doing science, they actually aren’t. Read more

CTNAHM: Let’s Talk in Circles!

By Aletha. As usual, I am struck by how little introspection Michael has. Debi is a great servant, telling other women to be servants to their husbands (and if you think I’m overexaggerating, read her book), yet Michael claims being a man isn’t license to be served. I’m confused as to how he came to that conclusion. Literally 5 or 6 times so far IN THIS VERY BOOK, he talks about what a great servant Debi is. Read more

The Soul Is in the Sperm

Now this is weird. I just came upon a video in which Michael Pearl answers questions about sin nature, the soul, sperm, and the artificial insemination of Mary. Not only is Michael’s theory unscientific, it’s also yet another way to minimize the role of women. If the soul is passed down through the sperm as Michael says, the difference in role between male and female becomes only more stark. Also, if the soul is in the sperm, is masturbation the same thing as abortion? Read more

CTBHHM: How to Make an Appeal

I don’t think Debi realizes the effect her book is likely to have on me and on other women in healthy, egalitarian relationships. Debi promises women a “heavenly marriage,” but what she describes sounds more like a hellish marriage. Indeed, Debi makes me appreciate my own relationship even more, and sometimes after going over another section of Debi I have a sudden urge to find Sean and squeeze him dight. I’ll take my healthy, egalitarian relationship over the bullcrap Debi describes any day of the week. Read more

Stuff White People Say

When we talk about “privilege” one thing we mean is that it can be easy to miss the little everyday indignities or challenges minorities face when you are not yourself a minority. I remember reading an article written by a black alumnus trying to explain to his white brothers and sisters in Christ what it was like to be a minority at an evangelical college. He talked about all those little things, things white students may not even notice, and how they pile up. Read more

Religious Tolerance and Christianity

I recently came upon an old blog post by a Christian homeschooling father. In the post he described being at an Institute for Basic Life Life Principles (IBLP) conference in 2007. What I found really interesting was his description of a sermon he heard there about Islam—and religious tolerance. The basic argument here seems to be that religious tolerance flows naturally from Christianity, because Christianity naturally teaches that everyone is equal. Except that a quick look at history makes it obvious that neither of these things is true. Read more

It Starts at Five

Sally’s concerns revolve around learning to ride a bike without training wheels and remembering something to bring to show and tell each week. If are men out there turned on by her little girl leg showing through the slit in her dress, they’re the ones who have a problem. At this age, Sally’s clothing choices should focus on what is comfortable, what makes her smile, and what is activity-appropriate, not on what men will think when they see her legs. Read more

Can We Please Not Defend White Supremacists?

Several months ago I took a stroll through some rather scary youtube videos about the English Defense League. Basically, the United Kingdom has a racism problem. So when I came upon JT Eberhard’s post about three British individuals given prison terms for invading and desecrating a mosque, I immediately assumed that this was the handiwork of the English Defense League and its associates. And perhaps for that very reason, I was surprised to see JT arguing that their sentencing was unjust. Read more

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