When “I’m Sorry” Means “Please Don’t Hit Me”


Yesterday I finally brought a Christmas mug I was given a couple months ago home from the office. Sally was playing with it in the car, and when I opened the car door it fell out onto the pavement and broke."Oh, I'm sorry, mommy!"Sally was heartfelt and genuine, and that took me aback, because I realized something in that moment. I realized something that hit me in the gut.When I was a child, "I'm sorry" meant "please don't hit me."Reeling from this realization, I queried Sally about … [Read more...]

Your Children Are Not Programmable Robots!


It's not often I come upon an article that just makes me want to tear out my hair. Actually, that's not true. I come upon articles that make me want to tear out my hair all the time. But for some reason, this one felt different. In this article, the author, a Christian pastor, wrote about all the dreams he has for his toddler son, and about how he realized that, because the Bible says that if you are a Christian the world will hate you, he has to raise his son not to be loved or admired, but to … [Read more...]

Judaism 101: Creation Stories

1 creation story

How do Jews today understand the dual creation stories in the first and second chapters of Genesis, and how have they understood these stories in the past? What significance do these stories hold? How do Jewish understandings compare to Christian understandings like young earth creationism or theistic evolution? Welcome to the first post in Judaism 101! This series involves ten Jewish readers of my blog answering questions about Judaism in a panel format. (I introduced this project and … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson’s Race Problem


Abortion is at least as great an evil for black culture as slavery was. And with that line, Doug Wilson strikes again.There are all sorts of parallels drawn between slavery and abortion in the so-called pro-life movement, some implicit and some explicit. I've heard pro-life speakers call for a second civil war, in fact, in order to "rid the country of the evil of abortion." The problem, though, is that Wilson isn't just saying that abortion is at least a great an evil for black people as s … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: What We Owe Our Parents

two women hugging

Forward Thinking is a values development project created in collaboration with Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers. Dan is introducing our next prompt today (head on over to see it!), but in this post I will pull together some of the responses to this month’s prompt: “What do we owe our parents?” A total of five bloggers wrote posts in response.I want to start with this succinct summary by B. of Celebration of Gaia: We owe our parents everything. Without them, we would not exist. We wouldn’t b … [Read more...]

Minorities, Appropriation, and Privilege Checking


What with trying to put together this week's Forward Thinking post and the first post of the Judaism 101 panel I'm hosting here, combined with trying to prepare for an academic conference, being out of town, working on projects that need doing around the house, and putting time into a new professional project, I don't actually have a post ready for you this morning. But I thought I'd share two comments that were made by the panelists in the Judaism 101 project, because I think they say some very … [Read more...]

Introducing: Homeschoolers Anonymous


I grew up in the conservative Christian homeschool subculture of Michael Farris, Doug Phillips, Michael Pearl, and Doug Wilson. In college I left my upbringing behind and struck out on my own, embracing progressive political positions and eventually leaving religion entirely. This left me in an odd spot---I no longer fit in with the homeschoolers I'd grown up with, but my background wasn't something the young progressives I hung out with could really understand. I felt very, very alone, and … [Read more...]