Stop Saying Homeschoolers Are Brilliant!


Growing up, I read HSLDA's Home School Court Report and various other homeschool newsletters. I attended homechool conferences and listened to my parents praise the virtues of homeschooling to people they met. I came away believing that homeschooling in and of itself causes kids to excel academically---and that studies had proven this. I heard over and over again that homechoolers scored in the 80th percentile, and listened raptly to stories of homeschoolers getting into Harvard or starting … [Read more...]

That Time I Put Myself in a Timeout

tantrum girl

Sometime last year, shortly after Bobby was born, Sally had the worst temper tantrum she has ever had. Sean was working late and I had the kids. Bobby was fussy and I was trying to cook supper and I don't even remember what set Sally off. But she wasn't the only one who got mad---I got mad too. Really angry, and not just at her. My evening was not going as planned. Sally was lying on the ground, screaming and kicking things. So I chose a course of action and took it. I turned off the stove, … [Read more...]

Vision Forum’s Scott Brown Doesn’t Get Feminists

Scott Brown

I recently came upon a post called "The Most Pro-Woman Text in Scripture," by pastor and homeschool leader Scott Brown, who is on Vision Forum's board (for more on Vision Forum, see Rethinking Vision Forum). Last weekend, I was glad to participate in another wedding and to have the joy of giving a message. It was the wedding of Jordan Muela and Sarah Mendenhall in Indiana. As I was meditating on Ephesians 5:22-33 before the wedding, it struck me again that this passage is the most pro-female d … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cake Can’t Consent

chocolate cake

Note: After I wrote this post and slated it to go up today---I frequently write posts in advance and then schedule them---I noticed that Samantha of Defeating the Dragons had just posted an awesome look at it herself. Check it out. I recently came upon a Christian blogger explaining why she doesn't wear bikinis---using all the standard purity culture rhetoric of course---and this one paragraph really stuck out at me: Let’s try and put ourselves in a guy’s shoes. I think we can all agree that … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: The Proverbs 31 Woman Served Her Husband

Proverbs 31

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 114-116 Proverbs 31 defines the virtuous woman. She is NOT a mousy, voiceless prude. She is confident, hardworking, creative, and resourceful. In this section, Debi examines Proverbs 31. For those who may not know, Proverbs 31 is a poem about a virtuous woman whose "price is far above rubies." Evangelicals are quick to hold the Proverbs 31 woman up as a model for women to emulate.Debi begins her discussion of the Proverbs 31 woman as follows: Her first … [Read more...]

What (Not) To Do If Your Husband Abuses Your Kids

mother and child

I recently ran across this quote from Michael and Debi Pearl's child training manual child abuse manual, To Train Up a Child: Mother, if you think the father is too forceful in his discipline, there is something you can do. While he is away demand, expect, train for and discipline to receive instant and complete obedience from your children. When the father comes home the house will be peaceful and well ordered. The children will always obey their father, giving him no need to discipline … [Read more...]

Sally’s Emotions Are Hers, Not Mine

defiant kid

"I'm really angry with you, mom! I don't like you right now! I don't like you!"I don't even remember what I'd done. I think maybe I told her that no, we weren't going to get ice cream while we were out, or maybe I told her we really did have to go inside because I had to make dinner. Whatever it was, my preschool-aged daughter Sally was very upset with me.But you know what? I didn't try to stop it. I can't control Sally's emotions, and I'm not going to try to. I can't force Sally to feel … [Read more...]