The Conservative Media Bubble


In the run up to the election, conservatives and the conservative media rejected the dominant narrative regarding who would win the presidential election. While New York Times blogger Nate Silver analyzed polls and consistently predicted an Obama win, Fox News and the rest of the conservative media insisted that Silver and the polls were skewed and predicted that Romney would win handily. And then Obama won. What happened, exactly? Barack Obama just trounced a Republican opponent for the second … [Read more...]

Raised Evangelical: Julie’s Story


A post in the Raised Evangelical series.Section 1: Introduction Question 1: Please introduce yourself before we get started, providing a brief snapshot of your background an overview of your beliefs today.Hi, my name is Julie. I’m twenty years old. I was brought up with a mixture of evangelical and fundamentalist beliefs. I am the middle child in a family of ten kids, though we were not Quiverfull, my dad just wanted a large family. I was a Christian until I was eighteen and then I drift … [Read more...]

A Paradigm Shift: My “Aha” Moment on Abortion


Some commenters on my pro-life movement post expressed skepticism that I could have so changed my mind so thoroughly over one lunch and one set of statistics. And so I asked myself: How did my perspective change so completely and so suddenly? What was it that so challenged how I had viewed the issue before, and exactly what changed and why? In this post I further hash out what went on in my mind that day, and explain the paradigm shift I underwent.At that time I had been pro-life my entire … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: What is a “help meet”? (In the KJV)


Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 24Debi finishes this her first chapter with a memo on the background of the word "help meet." I sort of feel like this should have come earlier, given that most people I've mentioned the book to find the term odd. The word help meet appears in the KJB just two times - Gen. 2:18 and 20. However, it is the translation of one word - ayzer - which is found 21 times in the Hebrew Bible. Other than being translated "help meet" two times, it is translated just plain … [Read more...]

I Don’t Want To Be Anyone’s Special Little Princess


I recently ran across this quote from Christian Patriarchy advocate Don Miller. Let's take it from the top, shall we? Do you want to be treated like men in every area of your life? And if not, is it confusing for you to want to be treated more kindly and tenderly in a social area, but more straight-forwardly in the sense of economic and cultural equality? People like Miller are always saying that feminists want women to be treated "like men." The reality is that I and other feminists want wo … [Read more...]

2012, the Turning Point for Marriage Equality?


For ages now, proponents of "traditional" marriage have been arguing that any gains in marriage equality were the products of judicial or legislative "activism," pointing to the fact that every time marriage equality has been put to a popular vote it has been voted down. The people, they said, affirm the importance of "traditional" marriage. Yesterday that changed.Washington, Maine, and Maryland all voted to approve marriage equality while Minnesota voted down an amendment that would have … [Read more...]

Okay Then, Let’s Talk about Natural Family Planning


A number of the Catholics who commented on my pro-life movement article pointed me to Natural Family Planning as the solution for everyone who has sex and doesn't want to get pregnant. As one commenter said: Natural Family Planning, when done correctly, is more effective that ANY form of artifical contraception. It is a fairly simple method but it does take a little time and effort. There must also be a willingness to abstain for a period of time during the woman’s cycle. This time of abstinence … [Read more...]