Guest Post: Focus on the Family: “True strength . . . submits”


A Guest Post by Samantha[In this two-part series, Samantha offers her thoughts on a Focus on the Family radio interview with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian, authors of True Woman 101: Divine Design.]Tuesday and Wednesday (March 5 and March 6), Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly and John Fuller hosted Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian on their daily radio show. DeMoss and Kassian are currently promoting their new eight-week Bible study: True Woman 101: Divine Design. The jacket mat … [Read more...]

A Difference in Perspective


There are a lot of things that the protesters at the Planned Parenthood clinic yell at the women walking in. One of the things is this: Money is not an issue! If you need money, come to us and we will help you afford to keep your baby! Every time I hear the protesters yell this, I am reminded of a post by Carl Freiburger of Life Action News, of my response to that post, and of his response to my response. In his first post, Freiburger responded to my assertion that if pro-lifers really care … [Read more...]

I Am One Lucky Atheist: On Location and Belief


I am a graduate student in a humanities field, living in a progressive college town. Because of this, not believing in God doesn't cause me any trouble at all in my day to day life. No one cares. No really, no one cares. The people I interact with on a day-to-day basis are atheist, agnostic, "spiritual," or, less commonly, some form of progressive Christian.There are the mothers of Sally's daycare friends that I've gotten to know: One is lapsed Catholic who is now agnostic, another is a … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: Escaping Bullying


A Guest Post by Katherine I was homeschooled in a Christian home from 8th grade on because I was mercilessly teased in 7th grade (tortured is probably not too harsh a word to use on the subject.) It was that period of time where I was just beginning puberty and I was having all kinds of issues with my sexual orientation and gender identity so I'm not really going to get too much into it suffice to serve as backdrop.My mother homeschooled my sister and I largely because of this, and while … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll (Re)Invents Patriarchy

father daughter

You know what is interesting? Essentially every time conservative evangelical leaders wax on about patriarchy, they act like what they're preaching is new and shiny and totally different from that bad woman-hating patriarchy thing we had in the past. As an example of this, I give you Mark Driscoll's January sermon, "Real Men: Men and Marriage," which Ahab of the Republic of Gilead has transcribed for us. In it, Driscoll preaches the same-old age-old patriarchy but appears to think that what he's … [Read more...]

Your Birth Name Is Your Identity? Says Who?


Jill Filipovic recently penned an article against name changing for the Guardian. Or I should say, an article against women changing their names upon marriage. With all due respect to Jill Filipovic---and I have a lot for her---I very much disagree with her on this one.Jill's main point is this: When women see our names as temporary or not really ours, and when we understand that part of being a woman is subsuming your own identity into our husband's, that impacts our perception of … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Created in the Image of Man


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 75-76In this section Debi argues that there are three basic "types" of men, but that women, unlike men, are fluid and flexible, able to become the "composite" of any of those three types depending on who they marry. But Debi says that teenage girls and young women generally fix on an ideal male type, whether it is that of their father or that of a character in a book or movie, and go about making themselves into composites of this type. This creates problems … [Read more...]