Homeschoolers and Socialization: What Is “Fringe”?

When I write about the socialization problems I experienced as a homeschooler, a common response from homeschool advocates is that my experience was just fringe---and that it doesn't in any way represent homeschoolers as a whole. This made me wonder: Just what is "fringe"?When it comes to socialization, HSLDA is still touting 1997 numbers showing that most homeschoolers are involved in a variety of outside activities, including things like 4H, bible club, and music classes. There is one part … [Read more...]

True Womanhood: Get Abused, Win a Crown!

Christian feminist blogger Caris Adel has been reviewing DeMoss and Kassian's bible study for women, True Woman 101 Divine Design, which is the same genre as Debi Pearl's Created To Be His Help Meet. When I write about Debi, I am often told that Debi is extreme, that her teachings are not widespread among evangelicals, etc. As DeMoss and Kassian reveal, however, this is incorrect. (You've heard of Kassian and DeMoss on this blog before, in a two-part guest series.) I want to quote from one s … [Read more...]

It’s about Compassion

Compassion. For me, being pro-choice is about having compassion. This is one thing my time spent volunteering as an escort at Planned Parenthood each week has really impressed on me. Every woman is an individual with her own story, and every woman deserves compassion and access to the tools she needs to build her life as best she can.The other week I stood by a car as a woman crouched behind it, begging for a way into the clinic that didn't involve having to walk by the yelling protesters. … [Read more...]

Judaism 101: Humans’ Nature and Sin

Jewish baby

As an evangelical Christian, I believed that infants were born with a sin nature. Even before they did anything wrong, they were already tainted with sin and already in need of forgiveness. In the Judaism 101 conversation about sin and forgiveness, one strand of the conversation spun off to discuss human nature, whether humans are born good or evil, and the nature of sin. Once again, reading what the panelists had to say I was struck by how different and distinct the Jewish view is from the … [Read more...]

Judaism 101: Sin and Forgiveness

Yom Kippur

Growing up as an evangelical Christian, much of my beliefs about God revolved around forgiveness. I believed that as humans, we were all sinners, and that sin demanded forgiveness and that forgiveness could only come from God through the death of his son, Jesus, on the cross. Without Jesus' death to atone for our sins, I believed, we could not be forgiven for a single one of them and would still bear their blackness---the consequences of which were death. Of course, I was always taught that … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: In Which Debi Has Scientific Proof


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 221-222Debi starts this section with these reassurances: So, is a woman a second-class citizen of the kingdom? Is she to be a subdued, brow-beaten servant to the male species? Certainly not! What the Bible teaches will not put women back into the Stone Age, nor will it turn us into a bunch of Muslim-like women who stay covered in black, sweaty bourkhas. If you knew me (and by the time you finish reading this book, you will know me), you would know that I ma … [Read more...]

Judaism 101: The Messiah


Growing up as an evangelical Christian, I believed Jesus was the Jewish Messiah---I was taught that he fulfilled hundreds of Old Testament prophesies. I was also told that the Jewish people had missed the coming of their own Messiah. Even as a child, I always found this curious---how could they miss something so big and important? As I began to step outside of the world of evangelical Christianity and into a world of greater nuance, however, I knew that there was a part of the story I had never … [Read more...]