Last Chance to Stop the Iowa Homeschool Law Repeal!


It turns out that there is one last chance to stop the repeal of Iowa's reporting and assessment requirement. While the house and senate have passed it, the governor hasn't signed it yet---though he is expected to. Remember that it's an all-encompassing education reform bill, most of which I assume is very good. Here is a link to the entire bill, which is named House File 215. The section of concern is Division XI. Iowa allows a line item veto. That means the governor could veto a specific … [Read more...]

Iowa Just Repealed ALL of It’s Homeschooling Law

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*** Important note! It appears that there is one last chance to stop this repeal. We need to convince Governor Barnstad to do a line item veto of Division XI of House File 215, which he plans to sign next week or shortly thereafter. See this post for more information. ***Yesterday, the Iowa legislature betrayed its obligation to protect the well-being of that state’s homeschooled children. In one fell swoop, the legislature removed every safeguard designed to ensure that they were actually r … [Read more...]

A Time To Conceal and a Time To Tell


Sometimes I come upon an article that speaks to my experiences and struggles so well that I just want to give the author a giant squeeze. Sometimes I come upon an article that explains something about myself that even I hadn't been able to articulate. An article I came upon yesterday was one of these. Let me excerpt the main points and then explain what I mean. The article is called "Why I Don't Tell People I Was in a Cult." I am part of a minority group that I call "People with a Big Story" f … [Read more...]

The Thaw, Evangelical Teens, and Persecution Complexes


I recently came upon a video from Christian youth outreach group Reach America. In it, Christian students explain that they face persecution in their public high schools for their religious beliefs, and list examples of this persecution. They finish by calling for change, calling for other Christians to rise up and throw off the persecution and restore the (mostly imaginary) Christian American of the past.For those of you who don't have the time to watch the entire video---and it does … [Read more...]

When Stereotypes Replace Reality


Christian Post blogger Kae Am recently wrote a post on abortion and women's humanity---or more specifically, a post arguing that abortion is a symptom of not viewing women as people. Upon finishing Kae Am's piece, I have the distinct feeling that she has never actually met someone who is pro-choice---or at the very least, has never actually listened to one. In an earlier article about abortion, I had stated emphatically that in a culture in which women are considered things for use, the results … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: The Purpose of Public Education

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Forward Thinking is a values development project created in collaboration with Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers. Dan is introducing our next prompt today (head on over to see it!), but in this post I will pull together some of the responses to this month’s prompt: “What is the purpose of public education?” In addition to reading these bloggers' responses, if this topic interests you make sure to head over to the original post and read the discussion in the comments.First we have some thought … [Read more...]

Bad Catholic’s Grating Paternalism

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I want to take a moment to address one more thing from Marc's recent post on chastity and contraception, written as a rebuttal to one of my own posts: I can think of quite a few other reasons contraception could be, at the very least, a contributing factor to marital dissolution, though I don’t have the studies to back me up. For instance, consider that the weight of contraception falls unfairly on women. Men have to wear a free condom. Women have to suppress their menstrual cycles with hu … [Read more...]