What we see as clear and obvious evidence that transgender teens need acceptance and support evangelicals see as clear and obvious evidence that transgender activism ends lives. This is one of the things that makes progress on this issue so difficult—and that is why it matters. It is these narratives we must dismantle and deconstruct if we are to ever reach a point where transgender individuals are accepted as whole and healthy instead of derided as disordered and sinful. Read more

This year Love, Joy, Feminism had over five million pageviews. Today I want to share my nine most popular posts. I’m always excited to tally this up at the end of the year, and this year is no exception! Read more

By Darcy Originally posted on Darcy’s Heart-Stirrings Someone posted this article today on Facebook, from a famous Christian author and blogger: If Only She Knew ~ Thoughts On Modesty I read this against my better judgment and honestly, I’m sitting here furious. I have said for years that boys in conservative Christian homes are conditioned to struggle with “modesty” and everyday normal things regarding female bodies. That they are programmed to see non-erotic body parts as erotic. This article is… Read more

What’s my point? I suppose my point is that it’s only normal to feel frightened in a situation like this. But social workers don’t generally fabricate evidence or remove children for no reason. Yes, Gwen was within her rights to close the door and deny Donna entry, but if she had invited Donna in and showed her around and let her talk to Casey, well, I suppose if she had done that we wouldn’t have this book, now, would we? The story would end on page 8. Read more

Both men and women struggle with dating and romance. Those who are shy, or nerdy, or not conventionally attractive may struggle more than others, but that goes for girls as well as guys. Read more

I understand that requiring homeschool co-op instructors to have criminal background checks does mean paperwork. But shouldn’t it be worth a bit of paperwork to protect children from predators? Once again, HSLDA seems to care very little about the actual safety and wellbeing of homeschooled children. Read more

If we want to dismantle certain structures of oppression, we need to not reinforce other structures of oppression in the process. We need to take down all the structures of oppression, whether based on gender, race, class, sexual orientation, gender preference, or appearance. Read more

I was struck by a recent post by fellow homeschool alum Leon Brooks-West. Text here: The unexamined (internalized or otherwise) misogyny of ex-fundies or ex-homeschoolers as they create a stereotyped spectacle of “homeschool girls/moms” further isolates and alienates all those who identify or present as women or girls within the fundie homeschool system, many of whom are subject to a high level of abuse and control. The denim skirts and scrunchies are not the problem. Your notion that women ought to… Read more

I’ve said it before on social media and I’ll say it again here. The mocking of Duggar children is not something I can get behind. Criticize the Duggar parents for what they’re doing to their children, criticize Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josh for their anti-LGBT activism, that’s fair game. Mocking the kids isn’t. Read more

Donna Farris establishes as follows: She spent the night in bed with her boyfriend; she drank herself silly at a party; and she called into work sick as a result. We are also told that she is an ace investigator who is “tough as nails,” but we watch her put off investigating a Priority 2 child abuse report. Farris establishes Stephen as is a soon-to-be lawyer who is given to partying, has daddy issues, and comes from old money. Finally, Farris establishes Blackburn as primarily concerned about maintaining his office’s top rating and winning another “Top Child Advocate” award. Read more

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