Tragedies Should Be Calls to Action


I'm hearing it again. Eighteen elementary children met pointless deaths today, and yet my facebook feed has lit up with cries that gun control doesn't solve anything and assertions that the problem is spiritual darkness, not things like guns or mental illness. Eighteen families have lost their children, and yet the cries of denial are loud already.I am a mother. I have children, one of whom is fast approaching elementary school age. I cannot imagine the grief those families in Connecticut … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: In Which Mike Spills the Garbage

spilled garbage

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 40-42Debi's goal in this passage is to show how thanksgiving produces joy. She starts with a story called "My Jolly Playmate." This story is sort of divided into three parts: the first part continues Debi's pattern of urging women to just be happy rather than actually dealing with things that irritate or bother them; the second part involves a heavy dose of gender essentialism; and the third part takes a bizarre turn as Debi makes light of the idea of marital … [Read more...]

How Sex Offenders Return to the Pulpit


I grew up in a large evangelical megachurch. I only ever heard of one sex scandal, and that involved a junior pastor having an affair with a secretary. The junior pastor left both his family and the church, the secretary stayed with her husband (I am not sure whether she kept her job at the church), and that was the end of that. So for a long time, I have been unable to understand stories like this one, reported as follows by blogger Incongruous Circumspection: Many of my readers may be familiar … [Read more...]

The Results of Homeschool Mis-Socialization


As I was thinking about homeschooling and socialization recently, I realized something in my experiences that at first seemed contradictory. You see, when I first started college I found frightening something as simple as walking through crowded hallways or sidewalks between class. However, I had never found walking through the crowded foyer in my parents' megachurch frightening in the least, even though most of those individuals were also strangers (that's generally how it is in a megachurch - … [Read more...]

How To Do Rape Awareness Right


**Trigger warning for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.**Reader Petticoat Philosopher just sent me a rape awareness ad aimed at teenagers. It's an excellent example of what rape awareness campaigns should focus on, rather than on things like how women dress.Petticoat Philosopher shared her thoughts as follows: There isn't anything about this that isn't perfect. Why can't we have campaigns like this!? I love it because, for one thing, it's targeted about people who might rape not … [Read more...]

Christian Patriarchy and Gender: Contentment v. Ambition


For as long as I can remember, I heard the values of contentment extolled. Contentment, contentment, contentment, contentment, contentment. Growing up in a family influenced by the Quiverfull and Christian Patriarchy movements, contentment was something preached on a daily basis. I learned very early that I must be content.But you know what? This isn't what the guys around me were being told. While I was being taught to be content, they were being taught to be ambitious. They had to find jobs … [Read more...]

Unitarian Universalist Music


Several readers have asked about what kind of music Unitarian Universalist services use. Of course, the quality of the music varies from one UU congregation to another. I'm lucky -- my local congregation has pretty good music.UUs have their own hymnal, with a mix of songs in it. Most are hymns I've never heard before; some mention God in one form or another, but most don't. Instead, most focus more on universal themes like nature, personal growth, love, and peace.Here are some … [Read more...]