CTBHHM: What about the Head Covering?

But this does raise an important point. Any time Debi addresses what should happen if God’s commands and a husband’s commands conflict, she assumes that it will work out because the husband will come around. Remember when she said a working mother who wants to stay at home with her children should simply convince her husband to buy a smaller house and take fewer vacations and so make it financially feasible, so he couldn’t say no? Read more

Business as Usual for IBLP

Oh dear. The Board of Directors for the Institute for Basic Life Principles, formerly run by Bill Gothard, has released a statement, and it’s not good. In fact, they can’t even bring themselves to admit what happened—and nor can Gothard himself. Read more

When Evangelicalism Makes Things Easy for Sexual Offenders—and Hard for Their Victims

Evangelical teachings on repentance and forgiveness create a tremendous problem when it comes to rape or other forms of abuse. If you commit a sin and repent of it, God forgives you. I remember hearing Psalm 103:12 quoted constantly: “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” Of course, this was always said in a positive way—isn’t it awesome that God forgives us no matter what? But it doesn’t must mean God forgives us. It also means God forgives rapists, child molesters, and so on—fully and completely. Read more

“Modest Is Hottest” and Girls’ Self-Confidence

Frankly, I’m conflicted. When I was a teen striving to dress modestly, I struggled with body image. I covered my body in baggy clothing. I felt unattractive, and that affected how I carried and viewed myself. So I like the idea that in many churches girls like I was are now being encouraged to think about fashion and dress in a way that makes them feel confident and good about themselves. That’s a good thing! However, a person is generally described as “hot” if they are sexually attractive, and the whole point of modesty as it is taught in evangelical culture is to not be sexually attractive. Read more

The Female Body, a Source of Contamination

People arguing in favor of modesty often put women’s bodies in the same category as drugs or alcohol. These individuals objectify women’s bodies and treat them as agents of destruction, discussed in the same sentence with alcoholism and drug addiction. More than this, they view women’s bodies as a source of contamination—“[boys] can’t un-see a girl’s body once it’s been seen barely clad.” In other words, women’s bodies have to be covered up lest they forever contaminate the minds of good, god-fearing young men. Read more

The Other Stories

Have you ever read a books where each chapter is written from the perspective of a single character? Some of the ones that are most well written are such that you start to notice inconsistencies, things that don’t quite fit, because what you are hearing is that character’s spin. I was reminded of this genre when thinking once again over the debacle surrounding the Leadership Journal’s decision to publish a convicted rapist’s story. Read more

Tilting at Straw Feminists

A couple of weeks ago I posted about seeing an offensive sexist shirt at my local YMCA, and then speaking with the staff about developing a policy on sexist, etc., messaging on clothing. As I read through the comments left by the variety of self-ascribed Men’s Rights Activists and their supporters that descended on that post, I was struck by how thoroughly they misunderstand feminists like myself. It’s almost like they’re too busy creating a straw-feminist effigy of me to actually read what I write. Actually, no, it’s just like that. Read more

What’s More Terrifying than Left Behind?

I remember the movie very clearly. We watched it some church event or other, which I can’t remember. But the movie—the movie I remember. It began when an angel appeared to a woman and told her the date and time she was going to die. The woman was a worldly woman who did not know Jesus, and the angel’s announcement of her time of death was meant to bring her to her knees and lead her to salvation. It didn’t. Instead of accepting the inevitable and coming to Jesus, the woman determined to do whatever she could to thwart death. Read more

CTNAHM: Women Are Cursed—Twice!

To recap the last few sections, Michael is talking about women obeying men. He shies away from the word “obey”, and instead uses subjugation, servitude, and under authority. But he means the same thing. Today’s section is all about the two-fold curse on women, thanks to Eve. Yes, ladies, you read that right. You’ve been cursed twice. Technically, I guess three times, since Michael is quick to point out how un-rational and over-emotional women are. Surely that’s a curse, right? Read more

That’s Not Good Enough, Christianity Today—Updated!

In the face of increasingly vocal calls to pull the rapist’s article (you can read my prior coverage here), the editors of Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal have stood firm and refused to take the post down. Instead, they have added an editorial note to the beginning of the article. It’s not enough—not nearly enough—and that the editors think it is shows just how deep the problem is. Read more

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