The International Center for Home Education Research


Last year a group of scholars founded the International Center for Home Education Research. I am actually really excited about this development. For too long HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) has reined as the go-to organization for information about homeschoolers and homeschooling, and, well, let's just say that that's a major conflict of interest. They're an advocacy group. Next is the National Home Education Research Institute, which essentially functions as HSLDA's research arm … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Michael’s Meat, Sit Down and Shut Up, and It’s All in Your Head

ground beef

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 72-73Now that we're finally finished with Debi's scare tactics, we get another anecdote from the early years of Debi and Michael's marriage. I remember the night Michael and I married. My new husband decided we needed to go shopping and cook a meal before we went to bed. Remember that Michael and Debi married on a Sunday night exactly eight days after Michael's spontaneous and completely out-of-the-blue proposal (they hadn't even been dating, if you … [Read more...]

According to John Shore, I was never a Christian. Huh?


John Shore is a progressive Christian blogger who advocates for LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. He often gives advice to Christians struggling with what to believe about homosexuality, and has been featured on Dan Savage and published on the Huffington Post. I have followed his blog for probably a year, and appreciate his work to make Christianity more LGBTQ-rights friendly. And so I suppose I was a bit surprised to read the following in a recent post of his: As for Christians who renounced … [Read more...]

Everything I Never Knew about Judaism: Introducing a Panel and Calling for Questions


I grew up reading stories from the Old Testament about the Jewish conquest of Canaan and the wickedness of King Ahab, and stories from the New Testament about the Pharisees or Jewish dietary requirements. As a result, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about Jews and Judaism.At some point in college I put the label "tentative" on essentially everything I had thought I knew and set out to reexamine the things I'd been so sure of growing up. My knowledge of Judaism was one of those things, … [Read more...]

Why Sally Doesn’t Have a Bedtime


Would you believe that Sally doesn't have a bedtime? Well, she doesn't. She used to. We tried to put her to bed at 8:30 each night, and each night turned into a battle. "If you don't go to bed when it's your bedtime, you will be tired in the morning," we told her. "No I won't!" she insisted. So we would let her stay up, figuring that the next day she'd be tired and learn her lesson, and then she'd finally understand why she needed to go to bed at 8:30 each night. Except that it … [Read more...]

Conservatives’ Big Government Abortion Hypocrisy

transvaginal ultrasound

Political conservatives talk constantly about their desire to make government smaller. The less government the better, they say. Get the government out of our lives, they say. Cut regulations and let the free market have its way, they say. Except, it seems, when it comes to abortion.Did you know that eight states have banned private insurance companies from covering abortion in the policies they sell? Bans on insurance coverage of abortion didn’t really became a thing until recently. The va … [Read more...]

Smile! Your Mom … Had Sex?


"Smile! Your Mom Chose Life!" I found this slogan very compelling when I opposed abortion. I mean, think about it! If your mom had had an abortion, you would not exist! Would you like to not exist? I didn't think so! So how can you be in favor of keeping abortion legal without being hypocritical? And then one day I realized something. I wouldn't exist if my parents hadn't had sex either. Or if they hadn't met. Or if they hadn't been born. There are lots of things that might have kept me from … [Read more...]