Child Brides, Teenage Sluts, and Roy Moore

Maranatha was 13-years-old when Matthew Chapman first approached her father. She was married when she was 15 and Matthew was 28. This age difference may seem appalling to those in secular circles, but within conservative evangelical circles it made sense. At 28, Matthew would be able to provide for his wife. And by marring at 15, Maranatha would avoid any potential sexual sin she might encounter if she did not marry until her mid-twenties. Click through to read more! Read more

Voice in the Wind: A Religion of Rules

What’s weird, here, is that Hadassah is a literal slave, but the questions being grappled with are the same. When should a slave/wife obey her master/husband, and when is it okay for her to disobey? What if her master/husband orders her not to go to church? I want to see Hadassah grapple with what she should do if her master ordered her to cease her prayers and worship all together, but Rivers decided to opt out of resolving that one. Click through to read more! Read more

Woman Accuses Alabama Judge Roy Moore of Sexually Molesting Her When She Was 14

The Post has obtained confirmation of Corfman’s story from her mother and from several friends who knew Corfman at the time. In addition, the Post has spoken with three other women Moore dated around the same time; each woman was between 16 and 18 (one of the women was only 14 when Moore first approached her, and 16 when he asked her out). Click through to read more! Read more

TTUAC: Dogs Get a Pass, Kids Don’t

Why does Michael show more understanding of his dog’s disobedience than he does of children’s disobedience? Michael understood that his dog was distracted. What about times when a child might be distracted? Would the child get the same hearing? To answer this question, let’s look at another passage from earlier in the book. Click through to read more! Read more

Reminder: Hillary Clinton Received Three Million More Votes Than Donald Trump

The postmortem conclusion appears to be that Hillary was a bad choice for the Democratic nomination. Given that she lost, I’m not going to disagree. My concern is that in focusing on failure, and on things we’ve done wrong, we’re forgetting to look at our successes, and at things we’ve done right. Democrats picked up six House seats and two Senate seats in 2016. They still ended up with a minority in both houses, but this focus on doom and gloom has gone so far I’m wondering whether anyone remembers that Democrats picked up any seats at all. Click through to read more! Read more

Why Penny Nance is a Terrible Choice for Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues

All of this—from Nance’s opposition to abortion and hormonal birth control to her belief that no-fault divorce should be eliminated and her focus on the importance of women being stay-at-home moms—would be a disastrous fit for an office that focuses on gender-based violence and women’s economic empowerment. Read more

Shifting Evangelical Views on LGBT Issues Leave Questions Unasked

Asking too many questions is perhaps why I am a lapsed evangelical. Still, what answers are there, besides “because God said so” or “because that’s just the way it is”? Even the more moderate evangelical position that gay and lesbian individuals don’t need to be cured but should live celibate lives still doesn’t answer the why. What is so wrong about loving relationships between individuals of the same sex? Click through to read more! Read more

Lesbian Duplex 144: An Open Thread

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! If you have a link or article or interesting thought that’s not relevant to an ongoing thread, you can share it here. If a conversation on another post has turned entirely off topic, you can bring it here also. Every so often, as the number of comments on a given Lesbian Duplex post becomes unmanageable, I put up a fresh post. Click through to read more! Read more

Saturday Link Love: Socialism, Title X, and Kevin Spacey

Saturday Link Love is a feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier. Click through to read more! Read more

Voice in the Wind: Marcus Gets Angry

Do you know what I learned from this passage? I learned that Marcus hasn’t done a lick to listen to or try to understand his sister in recent months. I mean for gracious sake, she’s now living in the house with them. Marcus was so cocksure Julia would refuse to ever leave Rome. Has he even talked to her since her return? Click through to read more! Read more

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